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Weekly Update for December 15, 2021


What would you do to get help for your child that was sick and near death? In John 4 we read about a royal official whose son was very sick. The royal official likely had exhausted his local contacts and resources to heal his son. He was desperate for help.
            This royal official was in Capernaum and heard about a man named Jesus who was doing miracles. Jesus was in Cana which was 20 miles west of Capernaum. It would take him seven hours of walking up hill to reach Jesus. (Capernaum was located 700 feet below sea level and Cana was at the foot of some mountains 300 feet above sea level.) The father was committed to finding help for his son.
            The royal official found Jesus and the text says “he went to Him and was imploring Him to come down and heal his Son” (John 4:47, NASB). When it says that the royal official was “imploring” Jesus this means that he was begging, asking, and pleading with Jesus to heal his son. Jesus briefly responds that the father was just looking for a sign and miracle like everyone else in order to believe Jesus was the son of God. The royal official asked Jesus again, “Sir, come before my child dies” (John 4:49). Then Jesus replied, “Go, your son lives” (John 4:50).
            The royal official started walking home and met one of his slaves who told him that his son was alive and healthy. When the father asked when the son’s health began to improve, the slave told him the time, which was the same time Jesus had told the father, “Go, your son lives.”
             Never underestimate the influence of a godly and faithful parent. I remember many times when I was a teenager and young adult in college when my mom gave me a Bible, Christian music CDs, Christian books, and other gentle reminders pointing me back to God. I know she prayed for me and did her best to guide me into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ. She was committed to me and encouraged me in my faith journey.
            Just as that royal official was committed to his son, how committed are we to the faith of our children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren? Not only was this young boy’s life saved, but he was given an example to follow. His dad walked for seven hours up hill to find a Jew he likely had never met hoping to heal his son. Now the boy knows what true commitment to family looks like. Furthermore, he learned what faith looked like too. John concludes this story with a note to us readers that because of the actions of this royal official and Jesus’ miracle, everyone in his household believed in Jesus (John 4:53).
            People have said, “I’d rather see a sermon than hear one.” And that boy—along with the servants—saw commitment that day. Psychologist and author James Dobson once wrote, “Children may not remember what you say, but they are usually impacted for life by what you do.”[1] Our children learn about our faith and commitment by what we do. How are our actions in faith guiding them to a relationship with God?    
Pastor Christopher

[1] James Dobson, Bringing Up Boys (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale House, 2001), 69.
-Wendy Mathia's dad, Jim
-Church missionaries: Nickel, Futch Family, Tice Family, and Noteboom Family
-Marci and her recovery
-Judy's sister, Orma
-Denny's comfort and strength
-First responders in our city, county, and nation. 
-Persecuted church around the world
-Joe and Judy who both are sick
-Healing for Kendra's mom, Vicki
-Kentucy tornado victims
-Pam's niece, Carol
-Church Board Nominations. If you would like to nominate someone please let the nominations committee know (Shirley, Carolyn, or Pastor Christopher.)
-Christmas Eve Service, 3pm. We will sing Christmas carols, light the final advent candle, read the Christmas story, and celebrate the birth of our savior Jesus Christ.
-Church Potluck, January 9. Please bring a dish to share and enjoy fellowship after the service.
-Annual Church Business Meeting, January 30. Details coming soon. 
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