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The Future Of Construction 


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To our customers and industry associates, we extend our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year.

In this holiday newsletter, we share some insights on the future of construction, some energy saving tips, along with a special company announcement. 

We encourage you to visit our blog and LinkedIn Page for more information on improving energy efficiency along with some of our insights on Sustainable Design and Mechanical Systems. If you would like advice for your next building project or to learn more about how we can help you to save energy, please contact us today.

The Future of Construction 

In October, we shared an article on how buildings are getting smarter, and the next generation of green buildings are expected to do more than ever. In this article, we share some futuristic building technology and materials that will change the way we construct buildings in the years to come.


1) 3-D Concrete Printing 
In the last few years, several new applications in the world of 3D printing have emerged.  The 3D printing industry has now discovered a way to construct buildings. Potential advantages of this process include quicker construction, lower labor costs, and less waste produced.
Click here to read an article on the world's first 3D printed apartment building in China. 

Click here to read an article on a 3D printing machine that can build a 2,500-square-foot concrete house in just 24 hours.

2) Graphene

Graphene, a substance made of pure carbon, has been called a "miracle material" because it's thin, strong, flexible, conducts electricity, and its nearly transparent. 

Some are calling the Graphene 'the new steel' of the future. Graphene is a one-atom thick layer of carbon that is said to be lighter than a feather, more conductive than copper, and stronger than steel. It is thin, strong, flexible, conducts electricity, and is virtually transparent.  

It’s potential uses in construction include LEDs, impermeable paint, corrosion-proof steel, interactive panels, spray on solar-panels, and self cleaning concrete.



3) Self Healing Concrete 

When it comes to building materials, the great downfall of concrete is unavoidable cracking, caused by exposure to water and chemicals.

A new development from a team in the Netherlands could extend the life of concrete, by infusing it with bacterial spores that patch up cracks when water seeps through. The bacteria is activated by water, and produces calcite, a component of limestone, that fills the crack completely. Click here to learn more. 



4) Super Waterproof Material

Imagine a super water-proof material makes drops bounce. A new super-hydrophobic surface, created by a team at Brookhaven Laboratory in New York, is unlike other water-resistant material because it can stand up to conditions of extreme temperature, pressure, and humidity.

The material made up of tiny cones not only repels water, it can stand up to extreme changes in temperature, pressure, and humidity. The water droplets bounce off, carrying dirt with them, making the material antibacterial. 

These surfaces not only don't get wet, but would stay cleaner since the water droplets carry dirt with them as they roll off. The material would be useful for preventing ice or algae build-up or even as an antibacterial coating.


To learn more about how to save time and money on your next construction project, contact BC Comfort's Design Build team today. 


Feature News

We are pleased to announce that Porsche Centre Langley won best Retail/Automotive at the Fraser Valley Commercial Building Awards. BC Comfort was the mechanical contractor for this project.
Click here for more details. 

BC Comfort is also pleased to announce the launch of our new website. We officially go live next week. Please stay tuned and visit to let us know what you think.


To discover a range of projects that have benefited from our streamlined construction method, visit our Projects Gallery below.




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