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Newsletter for September 2015


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How Building Owners Can Retrofit Through Energy Savings

Need Better Ways to Make Your Building More Sustainable?


10 Reasons Building Owners are Switching to Wireless Controls


An Overview of Steel Grease Interceptors


Van Gogh Designs



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Welcome to the BC Comfort Air Conditioning Limited Insights Newsletter for September 2015. In this edition, we share some ideas for financing retrofits through energy savings along with more sustainable building strategies to consider. 

We encourage you to visit our blog and LinkedIn Page for more information on improving energy efficiency along with some of our insights on Sustainable Design and Mechanical Systems. 

If you would like advice for your next building design project or to learn more about how we can help you to save energy, please contact us today.


How Building Owners Can Retrofit Through Energy Savings

Rising energy costs are becoming an increasing concern for building owners. This is especially the case for older facilities that consume significantly more energy than buildings constructed today. Yet new buildings aren’t the only ones that can be sustainable.

A smart way to finance capital improvements is to consider a retrofit project that focuses specifically on energy efficiency, so that the energy savings generated are sufficient to finance the full cost of the project.

Over time, it's been proven that reduced energy costs that come from a more sustainable building can finance the retrofit project, renew your facility and save you even more money in the long term. The benefits don't stop there. It can also make your building more appealing to tenants and more valuable should you choose to sell it.
Smart Retrofitting Boosts Savings

With intelligent retrofitting, older buildings can become highly energy efficient. The key is to start by evaluating your building and its energy usage thoroughly. Typically, facility owners will choose to make one building improvement at a time. By assessing all aspects of a building's energy usage and areas for improvement, however, you can save significantly more.

Retrofitting an entire building at once, rather than one piece of technology at a time, is also much more cost-effective. Features to consider include all mechanical systems, heating and air conditioning, lighting, water, window insulation, and roof materials. Take the time to assess how all of these could be improved and the savings each one would provide.

Measuring Energy Savings

In order to determine whether a building retrofit will be financially beneficial and to know how much you will save, you’ll need to measure your future energy savings. Again, your first step will be to measure your current energy usage and cost.

Of course, this can be difficult to estimate accurately. You’ll need to take into consideration any future changes in the building occupancy or usage. Consultation with energy experts or the use of computer simulation can help you to estimate your savings accurately and determine whether you can fully finance a building retrofit.

If you don't have the resources in-house, working with a turnkey service provider, like BC Comfort, to develop with a comprehensive set of energy efficiency measures that demonstrate the savings produced by a project can be the most efficient and effective way to move forward. 
To gain an accurate estimate of your energy savings and to design a plan for a smart retrofit to improve your building's energy performance, contact our Design Team today.


Feature Technology

BC Comfort is pleased to feature informative videos that showcase ideas for creating more sustainable buildings. 

Did you know that a high quality, well designed grease trap can improve the overall environmental performance of commercial kitchen facilities and restaurants by reducing the levels of solid organic waste, grease and fats from discharging into the local sewer system?

In this video, you'll see a great demonstration of how a steel grease interceptor is installed. Click here to learn more. 


Need Better Ways to Make Your Building More Sustainable?

Did you know buildings account for 40% of the world’s energy use? Not only that, your building's energy consumption and overall performance has a big impact on your business.

The only way to ensure that buildings don’t waste energy is to equip them with the latest building technology, and making sure that all mechanical systems are operating efficiently and interdependently.

In many buildings, outdated installations and equipment are a major cause of high energy consumption and harmful climate emissions.


BC Comfort has the necessary expertise to help you assess and manage your commercial building needs and, in many cases, offer sustainable building improvements that pay for themselves.

We're continuously striving to find new ways to make buildings work better and offer solutions that help you: 
  • Reduce operational and energy costs
  • Increase overall building comfort and productivity
  • Improve performance and sustainability 

To learn more about how building improvements can help you to achieve your energy savings and sustainability goals, contact our energy services team today.


Upcoming News

Join us in Toronto next month for the Canadian Design Build Institute Conference - Design Build: Evolving to Meet the Challenge. We will be presenting on "How to Build Powerful Mechanical Performance Specifications." 

To learn more about the conference, click hereTo view the conference agenda, click here. 

Press Release

BC Comfort Delivers Construction Cost Savings Using Design-Build

BC Comfort Air Conditioning Limited has helped building owners achieve an average capital cost savings of 32% using the design-build delivery method for construction projects.

Compared to traditional construction, BC Comfort’s design-build team works under a single contract with project owners to streamline the delivery of building design and construction services. This turnkey approach optimizes the construction process, helping building owners to successfully complete projects faster, more cost efficiently and with less change orders.

Recently, BC Comfort worked with a car dealership to construct a new 165,000 SF building. The overall capital cost savings were $500,000, or 30% compared to the original project budget, and the annual equipment maintenance cost savings were estimated at $15,500 per year. BC Comfort estimates that the dealership will also see a 20% savings in annual energy costs.

Compared to the original project construction budget, a recent hotel expansion also yielded $500,000 in capital costs savings, along with a senior care facility yielding $350,000 in cost savings using BC Comfort’s design-build services.

BC Comfort has a long history of providing complete mechanical design-build solutions for a range of buildings and specialized facilities. To learn more, call 604-439-3344 or visit

Feature Project 

BC Comfort recently completed Van Gogh Design’s new 90,000 SF facility in Surrey.  The facility includes their offices, a large 10,000 SF showroom, and also large manufacturing/warehousing areas.  Mechanical systems consisted of roof top units for office/showroom areas, and gas-fired and electric unit heaters for the manufacturing areas.  


To learn more about Design-Build,
visit our Projects Gallery below.

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