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 Newsletter for September 2017


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How to Save Energy Without Spending Money


Pacific Autism Family Centre


4 Things Your Should Consider Before Replacing Your HVAC System


Stanford University Radiative Sky Cooling


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In this month's newsletter, we share some insights on how to save energy in your building without spending more money, an innovative new cooling system, along with four things you should consider before replacing your HVAC system.

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How to Save Energy Without Spending Money 

Each January, the largest air conditioning show in the world, the AHR Expo in Las Vegas promotes a large number of new products, the majority of them promoting energy efficiency. 

It’s generally accepted that you need to spend money to save energy. But what if you could save energy without spending money on new products? 


A new study indicates that operating your existing building infrastructure correctly can save energy. According to a study by Chien-Fei Chen, from University of Tennessee,

“Energy use in American residences increased by 24% from 1990 to 2009, even with the development of energy-efficient technologies, according to Chen’s research. Residents’ energy behaviours are responsible for about 30% of the variance in overall heating consumption and 50% in cooling consumption, she reported.”

This research corresponds to anecdotal evidence observed in the field.  Building owners often complain about increased energy use even though mechanical efficiencies and envelope construction has improved significantly in the last decade. 

Chen adds, “Simply changing residents’ behaviours can create 10% to 20% in energy savings, according to the research.”

What can be done? 

On buildings with simpler HVAC systems, such as warehouses and small offices, good building maintenance is essential in minimizing energy use in existing systems. 

For example, roof top units have an economizer function that uses outside air for free cooling.  However, if that economizer function is not working properly, the building could be unnecessarily wasting energy.

On larger buildings with building management systems (BMS), there is new software called Building Analytics that help automatically analyze energy saving possibilities. 

Building Analytics uses your building’s existing controls infrastructure to automatically identify potential energy and maintenance problem areas. 


Our past experience has shown that up to 83% of avoidable HVAC energy savings can be identified.

Before spending hundreds of thousands upgrading your building, it might be worthwhile to evaluate how your existing building is being operated and seeing what can be done to optimize the current system.

To learn more about how to optimize your energy savings, contact our Design team today. 

Featured Project

This month, BC Comfort is pleased to feature the Pacific Autism Family Centre design project in Richmond, BC.

In this 53,000 SF state-of-the-art facility, BC Comfort constructed a 4 pipe boiler/chiller system serving areas via radiant floor heating/cooling, including fan coils, and hydronic air handlers.

Also supplied were HRVs for supply/exhaust air and VAVs for air volume control, and full DDC throughout.

Click here to read more about the autism centre.


Discover more ways the design-build method makes great buildings even better.

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Industry Insights
A team from Stanford University have developed a roof-mounted system called radiative sky cooling that can cool a building using solar panel-like devices -- ones that don't require an energy source.

The Stanford system, which its developers call radiative sky cooling, first arose in 2013 as a step towards eventually cooling homes and buildings without using any external power source.


The system would draw thermal radiation out of the building and emit it into the sky at a wavelength that allows it to easily pass through the Earth's atmosphere and escape straight out into space.

To negate the incoming thermal energy from the Sun, the panel is coated in a multilayer optical film, which reflects 97 percent of the sunlight that hits it, allowing the system to still function on a hot, sunny day.

With applications ranging from data centers to commercial and residential buildings, this kind of cooling system could revolutionise energy usage. 




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