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 Newsletter for May 2017


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How the New BC Energy Step Code will Affect Your New Building


Vector Aerospace

6 Ways to Improve The Efficiency of Construction


Trump's Plans for the Energy Star Program


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In this month's newsletter, we share some insights on how the BC Energy Step Code will affect your new building, Trump's plans for the Energy Star program, and six ways you can be part of the construction efficiency solution. 

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How the New BC Energy Step Code Will Affect Your New Building
Effective April 7, 2017, the 2012 BC Building Code was amended to include the BC Energy Step Code. What is this amendment, and how does it affect future construction projects?
Energy Performance Targets

The Step Code is an energy code that sets performance targets rather than the traditional prescriptive approach.  In other words, the code requires an energy use target, rather than a certain type of envelope construction or mechanical system type. This gives designers and contractors more flexibility and innovation potential to achieve the desired target.


For example, under step 2, the code requires a building envelope energy demand of less than or equal to 45kWh/m2-year. Only performance targets defined, instead of prescriptive targets, like insulation values.

The Step Code is a voluntary code from the province.  Cities can choose to adopt the code at their discretion.  

However, the code is also binding.  Cities no longer have the legal authority to set technical building requirements.  If they want to implement a requirement, it must be in the form of the energy step code.
Note that the City of Vancouver is exempt from the code as Vancouver has its own Building By-Law.


The Step Code is meant to be adopted in “steps”.  The first step, enhanced compliance” will be to use energy modeling to comply to current BC Building Code requirements.  The end goal is to transition to net zero buildings by 2032 in BC. 
For more information on the BC Energy Step Code and how it affects your current or future project, please contact BC Comfort at 604-439-3344.

Feature Project

The new Vector Aerospace Helicopter repair facility at the Langley Airport is currently under construction and will be completed at the end of August.  The facility is approximately 65,000SF and will consolidate multiple smaller facilities into this new, larger one.

The facility features VRF air conditioning in the offices, gas-fired radiant tube heaters in the shop area, and also has specialty ventilation systems for various industrial process exhaust.

Source: Shaping The Future of Construction - A Breakthrough In Mindset and Technology - Click here to access the report


Industry Insights 

President Trump's budget calls for eliminating the Energy Star program which has been in existence for 25 years.

Several US companies are protesting the cuts to Energy Star - more than 1,000 of them urged Congress to preserve the program.

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BC Comfort recently put together a white paper that explains the benefits of Planned Maintenance. Click here to learn more


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