About "I'd Do That Too"

Moving right along, we're onto my third official release. It's crazy that this is really happening! "I'd Do That Too" is a pretty simple song. It started as an experiment in learning the 8-bar blues structure, and now here we are. I wasn't sure how to do this song with a band for the track, so I "borrowed" from one of my heroes and modeled the song after Nicki Bluhm's "Kill You To Call". The organ in this song is like the rug in the Big Lebowski, it really brings the song together. 

Musician Life

In other news, it's been about a year since I took steps to go "all in" on musician life. I quit my job last December and booked myself an insane gig schedule for the winter that about did me in. I played about 15 shows a month for three months. Most gigs were 3 hours long, and needless to say, by April I was exhausted. 

When I wasn't gigging, I was reading books, blogs, listening to podcasts, watching YouTube videos and consuming as much information as possible about how this whole thing works. How to make a living as a musician. How to produce and release music. How to copyright and protect my songs. 

I also learned how to make hard decisions. I had to decide what kind of musician I wanted to be. I learned to say no. That was big. I said no to gigs that didn't help me as an artist. I said no to well-meaning people who held me back. 

I went way beyond my comfort zone and took risks. I went to Texas for a songwriter conference and I didn't know a single person there. I went to the Moab Folk Festival by myself to volunteer and see what it was all about. I came away with new friends and mentors in the folk music scene who are now my bedrock of support and sanity. 

So it's been an intense year. I wake up many mornings stricken with self doubt and wonder what the hell I'm even doing. Each day I hope to get by and pay the bills, write new songs, practice, stay healthy, be a good girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. It's a constant balancing act, and I can only hope that I get better at it each day. 

That being said, I don't regret a thing... ok, maybe that I could have done this sooner! I look forward to making the most of 2019. I don't know what's going to happen, but I'm sure it will be exciting. 

Finally, I have to say thank you to the people who have had my back this year. Thanks to my partner Will; my fantastic family; my AMAZING bandmates Nick, Nick, and Pete; Meg for her vocal harmony prowess; my folk family (Song School, SWRFA, Moab, PC musicians, SLC Song Circle, IAMA and beyond); the crew at Melvin's for playing my singles over and over again; and all my friends for letting me be so absent this year and still liking me. And thank YOU for sticking with me on this adventure!

I hope you enjoy the new song. Happy holidays and may your 2019 be your best year yet. 

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Dec 21 // The Rockwell Room // 6:00 - 7:00 PM
268 Main Street, Park City, Ut

Jan 17 // Rye // Doors at 6:00 // Music at 7:00
239 S 500 E, Salt Lake City, Ut
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