Take Ten #1
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Welcome to the Tenner Challenge 2016!

We are so excited to see what your students can achieve with just £10. The Challenge kicks off on Monday 22 February and our Tenner Thursday Newsletters will keep you up to speed with what other teams are up to across the country, how to take part in the weekly competitions and other useful information.
Hopefully by now you have all received your tenners and logged in to your unique area of the Tenner website, where you can access additional resources and monitor your teams’ progress. 
Don’t forget to share your unique web address (which can be found in the email you received entitled ‘Important Tenner Details’) with your participants so that they can register their teams and manage their own Challenge.

Weekly Competition 1

Take a photo of your company logo and upload it. Some points to consider:
  • Make it fun!
  • Be creative - is it unique?
  • Make it stand out
  • Does it relate to the product or service you offer?
Deadline: Friday 26 February, 5pm
Format: jpeg
For further details about all the competitions please look in your online ‘Toolkit’. If you have any problems entering the competition please contact us

Guidance - week 1

The Idea
Decide if you are going to give the pupils free-rein over the product/service idea, or whether you would like to steer them in a certain direction.
  • Who will the main customers be?
  • Introduce the rules and health & safety
  • Give examples of things that they could do
Company Name & Logo
Teams will need to decide on a company name and logo:
  • Explain that they need to give their company a name
  • Introduce the need for a good business name
  • Explain that every business has a logo
For full guidance, please see ‘Getting Started’ in your online ‘Toolkit’.

New Resources

This year we’ve got a brand new optional theme on sustainability. We’ve got teaching resources and activities to help students think about business and their economy in a completely different way – from a throwaway society to one which re-purposes, recycles and redistributes resources for as long as possible.
As well as helping students understand green issues, reusing materials also helps students to make their tenner start-up capital go that much further. You can access the new resources in your online ‘Toolkit’.


Before you get started, please ask your students to complete a pre evaluation questionnaire which is available in their unique area of the website and will only take a couple of minutes to complete.  It is really important that we have this information so we can ensure Tenner is as effective as possible and so we need all participants from every team to complete a questionnaire.
If your participants complete their pre & post questionnaires by Thursday 31 March 2016, your school will be entered in to a prize draw to win a FREE Young Enterprise secondary class based programme!  To view the full terms and conditions please go to your online ‘Toolkit’.
Mary who launched her dress-making business through the Tenner Challenge

Tenner News

The Daily Mail recently featured some of the businesses previous Tenner participants have run. From pop-up restaurants to bee keeping, the variety of their exploits have been impressive and many have continued their businesses even after the challenge ended. You can view the article on the Daily Mail website here.

We want to hear what you are up to!

Please send us photos, case studies, good news stories via email or on Twitter using #tennerchallenge so we can showcase your brilliant work! 

Tenner is run by Young Enterprise. We are the UK’s leading charity that empowers young people to harness their personal and business skills. We offer practical programmes, from one day masterclasses to year-long projects to help young people develop skills they cannot learn from a textbook. You can find out more about our Secondary Programmes on our website.

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