Take Ten #3
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Welcome to the Tenner Challenge - week 3!

We hope your Tenner businesses are thriving and that your students are enjoying the Challenge. For the first time ever this year, we have challenged adults to also try their hand at the Tenner Challenge and to put their entrepreneurial skills to the test! Here at Tenner HQ we are also taking the Challenge and have set up a tea making business, pop up restaurant, tuck shop and a card business. If you have any tips for us please do send us a tweet and we’ll let you know how we get on!  

Logo Design Winner & Runners-Up

We received over 600 entries for last week’s competition and are delighted to announce the Winner and three Runners-Up!
Name: Mintique
School: KD Grammar School for boys
Area: North West
First Runner-Up:
Name: MotherLove
School: President Kennedy School
Area: West Midlands
Second Runner-Up:
Name: Makes and Bakes
School: Hershel Grammar School
Area: South Central
Third Runner-Up:
Name: 4 in a million
School: Bridgewater School
Area: North West

Congratulations! The above winning entries will be displayed in the gallery on the Tenner website.

Reminder - Weekly Competition 2

Sales Pitch
The deadline is Tomorrow, Friday 4 March at 5pm. Please upload your entries using MP4 or JPEG format.
We will announce the winner and runners-up in next week’s edition.

Weekly Competition 3

Promotion for a product or service can take a variety of different forms – from print advertising to online.  Produce an advert of your choice (eg. poster, flyer, radio commercial, TV advert) and upload this to enter. The TV or radio ad should be no longer than 1 minute.
The deadline is Friday 11 March at 5pm.
Please ensure all files are saved as JPEG or MP4. For further details about all the competitions please view your online Toolkit under Important Resources. If you have any problems entering the competition please contact us as soon as possible.

Guidance - Week 3

Marketing is all about telling people about your business and persuading customers to buy your products (or services).  Teams should think about:
  • What adverts can they remember?
  • Why is that advert memorable?  Was the product unique or did it have a catchy slogan, song, character or was it funny?
  • What is the best form of advertising for their product?  TV, radio, poster?
For full guidance, please see ‘Getting Started’ in your online Toolkit under Lesson Activities.

Don't forget!

Please ask your students to complete a pre evaluation questionnaire. These are available in their unique area of the website and will only take a couple of minutes to complete. Each participant from every team must complete the questionnaire.
Remember if your participants complete their pre & post questionnaires by Thursday 31 March 2016, your school will be entered in to a prize draw to win a FREE Young Enterprise secondary class based programme!  To view the full terms and conditions please go to your online ‘Toolkit’.

Tenner News

Springfield School in Portsmouth ran a one hour trading event to kick-start their Tenner Challenge. Using pretend money, students bought materials to make unique bracelets which they then sold. At the end of the event, the pupils were pledged with £10 and were ready to start setting up a business and trading for real. Participants will be free to keep their profits, which most will donate to a charity of their choice.
Don’t forget to share your photos and good news stories with us so we can showcase your brilliant work on our website. Email us at: or send us a tweet (#tennerchallenge). Please make sure you have consent for your Tenner photos – a form can be found in the online toolkit.

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