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16 Mobile Theses. Link

Podcast: 16 mobile theses. Link

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Amazon may be looking at getting an airforce - leased Boeing cargo jets to optimise its delivery network. Link

Apple reshuffled its management team, promoting a COO, hiring a new marketing head, moving the app store from Eddie Cue (iTunes and services) to Phil Schiller (developer relations and marketing) and promoting the head of the chip unit to the exec team. This last clearly reflects how important its own chip capability is at Apple now, giving it a real competitive advantage in performance and power consumption (as well as enabling things like Apple Pay and the watch). But the shift in app store responsibility is fascinating too: should an app store be about AI and machine learning (as Google would say), or part of user experience (reporting to Ive), or product marketing (which is also user experience) and developer relations? One could make a case for all 3, but Apple has already chosen not to do personalised analysis of your behaviour, which leads to the third option. It's also clearly time for new thinking in app stores in general, now that they've scaled well past the point they can be browsed. Finally, there's a story to be written about Apple feeling its way from a piecemeal legacy technology stack for services, evolved bit by bit from the old iPod music store of a decade ago, to an actual new unified platform, something that it is apparently building. Link

Apple launched Apple Pay with UnionPay in China. Link

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The take-off of VR. Link

Contextual run-times. Link

'My Samsung fridge won't sync with Google Calendar anymore' - IoT and the challenges of adding software to things that aren't designed or managed as computers. Link

Waterstones holds off Amazon and ebooks: curation and retailing. Link

WhatsApp and mobile powers small business in India. Link

The CIO of the World Bank: BYOD, cloud and mobile, amongst other things. Link

Nieman Labs on the (re)take-off of podcasts. Link

Branded content at the NY Times. Link

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