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Industry news

Quartz launched a new 'news' app based on a bot UI model - ask it questions and it tells you the news. Clever. Link 

Opera finally got bought, by Chinese investors. Interesting journey from alternative PC browser to J2ME on feature phones to smartphones. Link

Chrome on Android will soon support interacting with Bluetooth beacons. An obvious way to solve the chicken-and-egg problem with beacons - you can only see something if you have the app, but have no reason to have the app. Link

Google is now allowing ad-blockers in the Google Play store after all. Link

Pandora may be for sale. Link

Yahoo is in play - Verizon might want to buy it to bolt onto AOL as an advertising move. Link

The Google IoT research prize. Link

Rakuten wrote down a bunch of assets, including its Kobo ebook business, based on slower than expected ebook adoption. Mirrors the broader story of plateauing ebook use. Link

Apple bought a vintage Fiat minivan. Because. Link

Mattel is making a $300 3D printer. Link

Blog posts

Free internet services >>> no internet. Link

Chinese mobile UI trends. Link

Smartphones are killing the fashion show. Link

Fascinating qual study on UK children's use of media and the internet. Link

Interview with Apple's Eddie Cue and Craig Federighi on software development and scale. Noted: there are 782m iCloud users, and iMessage peaks at 200k messages/second (which would make it 1/3-1/4 the size of WhatsApp). Link

Andy Rubin moves on to AI and robotics. Link

How to Snapchat like a teenager. A lot. Link

Moore's Law is starting to run out, if only because we're getting close to quantum effects. Really, though, the design effort shifted away from raw performance a decade ago. Link


82% of searches for things in the US 'Super Bowl' ads were done on mobile. People use 'mobile' when they're at home, more than anywhere else, and certainly not just when they're actually 'mobile'. Link

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