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Podcast (with Connie Chan and Chris Messina): Bots and beyond. Link

The best is the last. Link

Industry news

The EU competition investigation of Google has added another level, now looking at Android and the way Google tries to control Android OEMs. As Microsoft discovered, these cases take a long time, get progressively more painful, and have little-to-no connection with what engineers on the west cost on the USA think the law should be (also - before talking about protectionism, ask European telcos how friendly the EU is to them). Market definitions are the key - if the regulator's market definition only covers your product, then you have a monopoly ipso facto. Still, whether this will have any more effect on Google's dominance than it had on Microsoft's is a different matter. Link, and FT analysis

Apple hired an engineering VP from Tesla. Link

Intel is cutting 11% of its workforce. PC CPUs are an ex-growth business that will move to profit-harvesting mode. Link

nVidia has made a deep-learning chip with 15bn transistors - the most ever made (it says). Link

Skysafe: where there are drones, there are countermeasures. Link

The $100m hack of the Bangladesh Central Bank involved second-hand $10 routers with no firewall. Link 

Microsoft's patent income from Android is falling because the market mix is shifting to cheaper devices. Link

Apple's iBooks and iTunes Movies has been shut down in China. Because. Link

The Skim launched a content-based calendar app. People are finding lot of back-doors to engagement on smartphones (keyboards are another big example). Link

Blog posts

Wired profile of Magic Leap, augmented reality leader (and a16z investment). Link

The first rule of pricing: don't talk about pricing. Link

'Infighting slows Apple's cloud efforts'. Link

Bots won't replace apps (correct). Link

How to build a better bot. Link

The smartphone supply chain eats the market for $5,000 (sic) hearing aids. Link

Vogue's multi-channel strategy. Link

How the internet changed small-town isolation in North Dakota. Link

Not mobile but fascinating: digital management of London's $21bn Crossrail project. Link 


Ofcom's annual media & tech attitudes report. Very useful. Link

Low-income Americans are increasingly likely to have internet access only on their smartphones. Link

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