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WhatsApp will now allow companies to send messages to its users, and will connect WhatsApp accounts to Facebook to facilitate advertising. Baby steps towards revenue. Link

The new iPhone will be announced on September 7th. Going by the leaks - similar design, new camera based on mutisensor tech that could produce far better images (and potentially 3D capture). No more headphone jack. And faster, better battery, of course. Hints of moves towards VR would be interesting (all about the GPU). New version of the Watch also possible. Link

Apple will add support for FeliCa, the Japanese payment-and-train-tickets NFC standard. This was probably always a matter of time: Apple will allow API access to the NFC radio that's used for Apple Pay, but slowly(/carefully) and with specific use cases in mind. Link

Apple has signed a deal to bundle Apple Music for subscribers of EE, the largest UK mobile network. Mobile bundles have been a big deal for Spotify - interesting to see Apple using them, relaxing its normally total customer ownership. Economics probably less important - Apple Music is more about driving iPhone sales than stand-alone revenue, I suspect. Link

Samsung is shutting down its streaming music service. Just because you can pre-load something onto hundreds of millions of devices, that doesn't always mean people will use it. Link

Facebook is open-sourcing some of its image-recognition software. Link

Rumour: Intel wants to be manufacturing Apple's ARM-based Ax chips for the iPhone and iPad by 2018. How the world has changed... Link

The EU is having another go at telling Google to pay publishers whose content is linked in Google News. Idiotic, and backwards-looking. You can tell Google not to link to you, but you can't dictate the revenue model if it does link. Link 

Blog posts

Long access-based feature on AI at Apple. Short version - yes Apple is using machine learning a great deal, but may not really be doing the most cutting-edge work, partly because it limits how much researchers can publish, and of course how much user data they can access. Not yet clear how much that matters. Subtext - autonomous cars need a LOT of machine learning... Link

Paper: speech entry is 3x faster than typing on mobile (of course, you do have to speak in complete paragraphs). Link

Good summary of the potential impacts of electric vehicles. Link

Good generalist discussion of the state of machine learning from the LRB. Link


Comscore thinks Pokemon Go has 55m users. Unprecedented growth. But then, there are 2.5bn people with smartphones now. Link

BCG study on internet in rural India. Link

Wikipedia has a new page showing device and browser stats for the site. Link
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