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Messaging and mobile platforms. Link

Podcast: the message is the medium. Link

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Yoox, which provides ecommerce and logistics for many manor luxury brands, merged with Net-a-Porter (owned by Richemont), one of the leading online fashion retailers. People used to argue that some categories would never convert to ecommerce - it looks like that was wrong, but it doesn't follow that they all work with Amazon's generic model. Some things need merchandising and curation. Link, and see also this great profile of Yoox from 2012. Link

Amazon launched the Dash, a cheap little BTLE button that connects to your smartphone and, when pressed, reorders a single product. You stick it onto a washing machine and press it when you need more soap powder, say. Interesting in lots of different ways: Amazon is trying to eliminate both vendor and brand decisions, and turning itself into a utility company - get your house connected to power, water, gas and Amazon. And choosing which commodity product you need is just another piece of friction to be removed by Amazon's kaizen. Link

Google is talking to Hutchison Whampoa, owner of the 3 mobile network in the UK and parts of Europe, to offer free roaming for its planned MVNO. Cheap roaming in Europe is old news, but not for Americans (though how many go there often wenough to care?) Link

Mikhail Fridman, a Russian telecoms and banking oligarch with an intimidating reputation, is planning a $16bn fund to try to shake up the telecoms business. Includes some interesting industry figures with a history of shaking things up, including Dennis O'Brien from Digicel and Julian Horn-Smith from Vodafone. $16bn doesn't necessarily buy you that much in mobile, though. Link

Blog posts

A new wave of Chinese Android smartphone makers for 2015. Link

Wired: designing the Apple Watch. Link

Google's Android security operation: 200m devices scanned a week, under 1% of devices with any malware. Link (PDF)

Using smartphones as a tool against domestic violence in the slums of Mumbai. The next billion are not like us. Link

Microsoft is 40 years old. Link


Mobile is now over half of all BBC iPlayer requests. Link

Pew: US smartphone use. Link

Criteo: the state of mobile commerce. Link

Akamai: Christmas 2014 ecommerce traffic. Link

Apple took close to 30% of smartphone sales in urban China. Link
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