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Mobile is eating the world - a new version of my presentation looking at the state of tech, machine learning and mobile. Link


Google released an API for its 'Assistant' voice-based assistant. There's a paradox here (and also for Alexa) - the more services you add the more useful it is, but without a GUI this also means more and more things you have to remember you can do.  Link

Apple is looking at paying for early access to Hollywood releases. Collapse of windowing continue apace but hasn't quite crystallized. Link

Microsoft will try again to put Windows onto ARM, in partnership with Qualcomm. ARM is the future of all personal computing devices for all sorts of reasons, and x86 the past, but I think I hear the dread word 'emulation'. Link

Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn closed. Lots to work to do. Link

Companies with permission to test AVs in California. Now including Nvidia. Link

The Outline: new tech news site. Link 

Spotify now won't buy SoundCloud (upload and stream music you create), putting it back into play. Link

Blog posts

Google makes so much money it never had to worry about discipline, until now. Link

The current state of Apple's machine learning research (includes, yes, cars and LIDAR). Link

Long-term effects of mobile money on poverty. Link

Survey of the current state of planning & control techniques for autonomous vehicles (PDF). Link

Is it a good time to start a software company? Link


Apple App Store sales passed a new record, apparently. Link

Apple says it's seeing record sales for the Apple Watch. The new version is better, as is the software, but this might just be a steady burn.  Link

Facebook may be WPP's second-biggest supplier after Google next year. Link
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