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Apple revealed the pricing of the watch: starting at $350, the lowest entry point of any new Apple product, up to $1,000 for the polished stainless steel version - and $10,000 to $17,000 for the gold versions. A high price for gold was expected and, also as expected, it startled a lot of people. I suspect the main motivation for Apple is marketing rather than actual sales at $17,000, but Apple is clearly breaking lots of rules in both tech and luxury goods for this product. Most interesting to me is how much the watch has ceased to be a technology product per se, instead being sold on delight and experience, not on the 'feeds and speeds'. This is part of technology outgrowing the tech industry. See my blog post here on pricing, and here from last autumn on the watch. 

Huge buzz (in the Valley at least) for Meerkat, an app that lets you live-stream video to your Twitter followers. Twitter shut off access to the social graph by the end of the week and bought Periscope, a similar app. Underlying points: mobile social is far from over, with new pieces of psychology able to drive huge and explosive growth, and if mobile operators think the bandwidth crunch is bad now, it's going to get a lot worse. Link

HBO is finally launching a direct-to-consumer offer, beginning with a three month exclusive on Apple devices. The US pay TV market is slowly unlocking. Link

DJI is on track to sell $1bn of consumer drones this year. Link 

Baidu gave up (again) on its custom version of Android. Link 

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