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Hi <<First Name>>!

If you've browsed TedEd before, then you may have seen their "flipped" videos. These are educational videos and talks that include discussion and multiple choice questions integrated into the video. It's a great educational tool. Fans of our animated approval voting video will be excited to know that's the video we've "flipped". You can find our "flipped" video on TedEd HERE!

We'll be making an announcement once our charity auction goes live. President Jimmy Carter has added a signed picture to our memorabilia alongside signed work from author William Poundstone and academics Dr. Steven Brams and Dr. Kenneth Arrow. More soon!
Also, we've updated profiles for our awesome new board members Lauren and Steve. Take a peek: CES Board.

Quick Updates

  • Our open source software project continues to move on thanks to our volunteer lead developer Dale Sheldon-Hess. All you election reform programmers can head on over here! You can use Github's issues page to tackle a section of code.
  • Our YouTube channel now has close to 80 subscribers and over 11,000 views. Have you subscribed yet?
  • Colorado's legislation on approval voting got tabled indefinitely. Letting people vote honestly is apparently too controversial for Colorado. Disagree with their conclusion? Let the committee chair know through Twitter. You can also thank the League of Women Voters of CO for their support. 

Cool Content

How Voting Methods Affect 3rd Parties

See in this simulation how voting methods affect third parties.

Check out our classic interview with Stanford Professor Emeritus Dr. Kenneth Arrow, author of the Impossibility Theorem.

Presentation at Votenet

Learn why plurality voting is so bad with this presentation at Votenet.

What Is Approval Voting?

What? You haven't seen our flagship video on approval voting yet?

One Today by Google

For every dollar donated through One Today, four people will watch our approval voting video.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Want to see more content and action? You can join us by becoming a fundraiser!

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