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Hi <<First Name>>!
We now have our talk from Votenet Solutions up on our YouTube page. Plus we put up a video of our chair Clay Shentrup speaking on approval voting and Bayesian regret.

And thanks to all of those who supported us for our year-end campaign! Your donations help push us through the year. Special thanks to Mark Frohnmayer and the Oregon Community Foundation for supporting us with a $5,000 general purpose grant!


Quick Updates

  • The push for approval voting in Oregon's primaries successfully gathered its first round of signatures.
  • Our OneToday campaign with Google continues to help us promote our approval voting video.
  • Our YouTube page is approaching 10,000 views!
  • Colorado introduces legislation on approval voting which passes its first committee.
  • We've started our open source software project to create approval voting polls online. Thanks to Dale Sheldon-Hess, our volunteer lead developer!
  • We're voting on two board positions this month. Interested in applying or know a good candidate? See here for more. Three candidates have already shown interest.

Cool Content

Executive Director Aaron Hamlin Talks at Votenet

Can approval voting improve elections at the organizational level?

We don't stop at theory. We're in action, too.

Talk by Chair Clay Shentrup

In this earlier talk, Clay describes how to evaluate voting methods using Bayesian regret.

Simulating Voting Methods & Evaluation Criteria

Here we use a simulation tool to evaluate different voting methods using various criteria. 

One Today by Google

For every dollar donated through One Today, four people will watch our approval voting video.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Want to see more content and action? You can join us by becoming a fundraiser!

Our work can only continue with

your support.

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