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This past month, Dr. Nicole Goodman, an assistant professor at McMaster University in Canada, invited our executive director to give a virtual guest lecture. The topic covered democratic deficits, particularly democracy deficits which are not obvious. It was a pleasure, and thank you to Dr. Goodman for inviting us!

We're also planning for an online charity auction around late March. Currently, we have memorabilia provided by Nobel Laureate Dr. Kenneth Arrow, approval voting pioneer and political scientist Dr. Steven Brams, and bestselling author William Poundstone. Be sure to tell your economist friends about this one as there will be some very rare big-ticket items involved! Have a piece of memorabilia you'd like us to include in the charity auction? Let us know!
We've filled two board positions this month. Welcome, Lauren Payne, our new vice chair! Lauren is a California-based attorney with a background in developing ballot initiatives. She's been working in the background with us for some time. And welcome to Steve Cobb, our new treasurer! Steve is a Germany-based business analyst who was active in helping with New Hampshire's legislation on approval voting. Welcome aboard!

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