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Hi <<First Name>>!
Our behind-the-scenes work is finally ready for display. We've unveiled the makeover of our website! We've categorized our virtual library of articles so that they're much easier to find. We also have resources, reform progress, and a new blog! We'll be adding even more as we go along. We hope you like it!

Quick Updates

  • Our volunteer Dale Sheldon-Hess continues to lead our open source polling application. You can see and contribute code on our Github page here.
  • Unified Primary unfortunately fell short in Oregon on their petition drive for approval voting within a nonpartisan primary. They're still pushing forward for future projects, however.

Cool Content

Left Forum 2014 Panel

Our panel of experts came together to discuss plurality voting, approval voting, and proportional methods.

Let us take you on a tour of our new and improved site!

Presentation at Votenet

Learn why plurality voting is so bad with this presentation at Votenet.

What Is Approval Voting?

Know someone who hasn't heard of approval voting? Try sharing this video.

The "Center Squeeze" Effect

Ever wonder why plurality, runoffs, and instant runoff voting favor more extreme candidates?

Behind the Spoiler Effect

Learn how the spoiler effect works with plurality and instant runoff voting.

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