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Happy holidays!

Last month we visited Glendale, CO for the Free and Equal event on voting methods and election integrity. This month, we took on online polling and did a fun podcast interview.

Our choose-one voting method unfortunately has a knack for placing itself where it doesn't belong. And internet polls are not beyond its reach. Entertainment Weekly, Mashable, and even Lifehacker all use polling incorrectly. See our article to help set the record straight with online polls.

Our executive director recently gave a talk at a local Maryland Green Party event. We encourage all parties to consider approval voting for their internal elections. This speaking engagement also led to a fun interview on the Hal Ginsberg Morning Show (starts at 16:38).

Additionally, we'd like to thank the Branscomb Family Foundation for their donation of $1,000. Thanks for your generous donation!

We have a number of upcoming projects ranging from university outreach to a new forum. This past year we've been able to speak at a number of conferences where talk on approval voting would have otherwise been absent. And we increased our website's content with material you can't find anywhere else. We also brought in a world-class advisory board. If you find our work meaningful, please join others in continuing to support us with a year-end gift. You can make your tax-deductible gift here. Thank you!


  • Want to help us throw the CES brand on online polling? Join us at our Github page here.
  • You can find other opportunities at our volunteer page. We're focusing extra hard at recruiting for accounting as well as university student group coordinators.

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Listen to the interview with our executive director. (Starts at 16:38)

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