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Last month we went to Eugene, OR. This month, we visited Glendale, CO for the first Voting Methods and Election Integrity Symposium.

We have the fine folks at Free & Equal to thank for organizing it. It also aired on Free Speech TV, which is available to 37 million homes. To the right you can see (left to right) Free & Equal executive director Christina Tobin, ballot access expert Richard Winger, CES executive director Aaron Hamlin, FairVote board member Bill Redpath, and FairVote executive director Rob Richie on the screen.

A special thank you to Frank Atwood for being the catalyst and starting the initiative for this event. Thanks, Frank!

It was also election time this past month, which meant we had our eyes on a lot of races. We wrote about how plurality voting locked independents out of the election.

Our other article described Maine's gubernatorial race as a bizarre train wreck. Plurality voting gave the independent Eliot Cutler less than 10% of the vote. Yet, polling data strongly suggest that he could have beaten either of his major party candidates one-on-one. And he would have been the approval voting winner.

Our adviser and best-selling author William Poundstone also added an article this month. Be sure to check out his article, Worrying About the Right Things. In an environment with so many election issues, it's essential that we stress the importance of the voting method.


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Worrying About the Right Things

With so many election issues, are you worrying about the right things?

Another US election, another disenfranchisement for independents under plurality voting.

Maine's Train Wreck Election

One of the worst misrepresentations under plurality we've seen.

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