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We're glad to have you with us for September's newsletter. Our analytics showed people receiving this newsletter were three times more likely to click on the articles than the industry average. We're excited that you're so engaged!

Besides some more cool content, we've also started our peer-to-peer fundraising project using StayClassy. That means you, our supporters, can help us grow. Several have already signed up. One supporter, Jameson Quinn, managed to raise over $400 already. Great job, Jameson!

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Quick Update

We've filled our board chair position with co-founder and recent board secretary, Clay Shentrup. Clay is a software engineer with many years experience focusing on voting theory problems. We're glad to have a board veteran take this spot.

Latest Articles

Approval Voting Breaks Duverger's Law

Executive director Aaron Hamlin takes jabs at Duverger's law in his recent article at Independent Voter Network.

Brams' Approval Voting Talk in Spain

NYU political scientist and CES supporter Dr. Steven Brams gave a technical talk on Approval Voting while in Spain.

Egypt Didn't Want This

Supporter and blogger Dale Sheldon-Hess looks at the Egyptian elections. The voting method played its role in what happened and what could have been.

Approval Voting Info

Your number one spot for Approval Voting info.

A Voting System Built for Warfare

CES director Eric Sanders shows how Plurality will be causing a mess in the NYC mayoral election. Fortunately, he also shows how to keep the peace.

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