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Our big content pieces this past month included our article on partisanship with plurality primaries. We also developed the first clear video on how instant runoff voting doesn't always let you fully support your favorite candidate.

We haven't lost sight of our biggest enemies though: plurality voting and plurality with a runoff.


Quick Updates

  • There is a ballot initiative in Oregon that will let voters choose whether they want to have an open primary using approval voting. Learn more about the Fair and Unified Elections Initiative HERE.
  • Our OneToday campaign with Google is live! We'll be using funds from that campaign to advertise our approval voting video.
  • We've signed up with OneCause. If you do your holiday shopping through them (includes Apple Store,, Gamestop, many others.) then we get a portion of what you spend. You can find us HERE. If you install their toolbar (which you can hide on your browser), then you can have your purchases applied without having to go through their site.
  • If you're going to holiday shop at Amazon, you may as well bookmark HERE. Go back to that bookmark when you shop and Amazon will donate a portion of your spending to us.


Cool Content

G.O.P. Struggles for Its Center

Can approval voting help the G.O.P. regain its balance and find its center?

Remembering Success Story at Harvey Milk Club

Last year the Harvey Milk Club successfully began using score voting for its endorsements.

Favorite Betrayal

Does instant runoff voting really let you give full support to your favorite?

Not Quite Approval

Sometimes voting methods get confused with approval voting. We're here to straighten it out.

One Today by Google

For every dollar donated through One Today, four people will watch our approval voting video.

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