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Hi <<First Name>>!
This month we ventured out to Eugene, Oregon for the Equal Vote Conference (see our Board Chair, Clay Shentrup, on right). Thanks to the organizers for inviting us!

Our chair did a talk on evaluating voting methods while our executive director participated in a debate on approval voting and instant runoff voting.

We'll be sharing more material from the conference as it becomes available. We were also picked up in the local press. See here and here!

We're not done with the the conference circuit either. November 15th, we'll be in Colorado at the Alternative Voting Methods Symposium, which was recently handed over to the organizers at Free & Equal.

We're also proud to announce that we've adopted our first board of advisors: Dr. Steven Brams is a world-renown expert on game theory and independent developer of approval voting. Dr. Jean-François Laslier teaches at the Paris School of Economics and is the chief editor for the journal Mathematical Social Sciences. Dr. Marc Kilgour teaches mathematics at Wilfrid Laurier University in Canada and edited the Handbook of Group Decision and Negotiation. William Poundstone is a best-selling author and wrote what is likely the best lay-friendly, introductory book on voting methods, Gaming the Vote. We welcome them all! You can learn more about our advisors here.


  • We still have an exciting open source project at our Github page here.
  • Lots of other opportunities at our volunteer page.

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