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Hi <<First Name>>!
Welcome to the October newsletter. We hope you enjoy what we've put out this month along with our updates. Our big content piece this month is our interview with Dr. Kamenova & Dr. Goodman on the citizen jury process. Be sure to check it out!

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Quick Update

We've filled our board secretary position with long-time supporter Jameson Quinn. Jameson is a programmer and statistics Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University. Welcome aboard, Jameson!

Latest Articles

Approval Voting Breaks Duverger's Law

We're now hosting our article on Duverger's Law on our website. You won't find this insight from anywhere else.

Citizen Jury Interview

We're joined by Canadian academics Dr. Kamenova & Dr. Goodman to learn about the citizen jury process.

Approval Voting: A Voice for Independents

Here's one of our archived classics on the role of Approval Voting for independents.

Our YouTube Page Wants Your Views!

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A Voting System Built for Warfare

Our article on the NYC primaries and Approval Voting is now hosted on our site!

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