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This month we tabled and presented at Left Forum. While we are nonpartisan, this conference happened to be left oriented.

We wanted to give attendees a feel for how approval voting worked compared to plurality, and so we presented a mock election. (See below.) Mind where the sample was taken, of course. Still, we see an interesting effect with approval voting. The clear winner is the same under approval voting versus choose-one plurality, but we see a neat effect among the other candidates.

Under approval voting the other candidates are able to demonstrate support that wasn't visible with plurality voting. This is quite significant for Gary Johnson and Jesse Ventura. We're also seeing a little bit of wildness due to the low sample size. If you were curious, the average number of approvals per ballot was 2.125.


Quick Updates

  • As we mentioned, we did our panel at Left Forum. We covered plurality voting, approval voting, and proportional methods. Thanks to Dr. Steven Brams and Dr. Jack Nagel for their expertise and joining our panel!
  • We also did a fun memory trick with a deck of cards..
  • Our volunteer Dale Sheldon-Hess pitched our open source polling application at Alaska Hakathon. You can see and contribute code on our Github page here.
  • Unified Primary released a new video to push their approval voting ballot initiative for primaries in Oregon.

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