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Last month we talked about how hard it was for places like Lifehacker do their polling correctly. If you're using plurality, chances are it's not right. Let them know by tweeting to @Lifehacker. Tell them no more plurality polling!

While we're still doing the slow grind to get approval voting implemented for government positions in the US—Colorado seems to have the most fertile ground so far—we have seen approval voting used in issue elections. And Portland was the most recent.

Portland just proposed to use approval voting to select how to do its street fund. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see it in action as the issue was tabled. Interestingly, the entire state of Oregon used approval voting in 1990. Then, it gave voters five different options to vote on for school financing.

In additional news, we've put out our organization's strategic plan, which you can find on our transparency page. Feel free to check it out! It's a living document, so you'll see it change over time.

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Finally, we want to welcome our new co-lead developer on our approval voting polling project, Ashima Athri. Welcome to our programming team and we look forward to your leadership!


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