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PEI Advisory Council on the
Status of Women

E-News for Thursday
October 8, 2020

Table of Contents

PLEASE NOTE: Events listed below may get postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with the events directly for updated information. Thank you.

1) PEI Status of Women Releases Report on COVID-19 and Gender

Charlottetown, October 2, 2020 – October marks Women’s History Month in Canada, and today the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women is pleased to release a new report, Gender and COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island: In the Words of Women-Identifying Islanders, March to July 2020. The insightful report features poignant and political reflections on PEI women’s local lived experience of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stories, recommendations, and analysis come from over 20 participant women’s voices.

Advisory Council Chairperson Debbie Langston, says, “Back in the spring of 2020, Council members were checking in regularly throughout the lockdown, and we set a priority on sharing our stories about this historic moment we are all living in.” Later, she says, a public call from the Public Archives and Records Office for people to submit their stories from the pandemic cemented the Council’s commitment to putting something in writing.

Langston continues, “So often, the voices of women and marginalized groups are hard to hear in history. It is hard to find us in the archives. Our Council members wanted to find a way to ensure women’s voices were included in the history we are recording today of the global pandemic we are experiencing. It is such an extraordinary time.”

The report features brief interviews with each of the nine currently appointed members of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women and a summary of themes from a roundtable with Council members and staff that also includes points of view from interviews with nine past Council chairpersons. The report is now available for download at

The Gender and COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island report also highlights insights for policy that came out of the discussions. Langston says, “As important as it is to create a document for history, it is also important to us to contribute to decision-making today.”

She says, “As we look to ‘Renew PEI Together’ and recover from the social, economic, and health effects of the pandemic, we need to hear the experiences of all genders and groups that experience discrimination.” She notes the policy insights were submitted to the Premier’s Council for Recovery and Growth and the Minister Responsible for the Status of Women in September.

“The pandemic and the public response to it are affecting different genders differently, and unequally,” Langston says. “Participant after participant in this project observed ways women are bearing the brunt of the health and economic effects of COVID-19. They also identified the ways the pandemic has shed light on not just gender inequality, but racial and economic inequality.”

Langston concludes, “The stories and insights participants in this study provide tell us a lot about the gendered effects of the global pandemic. There is such a risk of losing ground on equality gains and going backward. We think telling women’s stories about their experiences can help shed light on the path we need to take for greater equality in the future.”

For more information about the report Gender and COVID-19 in Prince Edward Island: In the Words of Women-Identifying Islanders, March to July 2020, please leave a message at the offices of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women at or 902-368-4510.

2) Reminder: PEI Status of Women Bursary Deadline is October 15th!

Please share this information if you know of someone who is eligible and should be applying.

Forms | Formulaires (PDF)
Diane Kays Memorial Bursary
The Diane Kays Memorial Bursary is available to a woman-identifying student who is a resident of PEI and registered full-time at the University of Prince Edward Island, Holland College, or Collège de l’Île. The bursary is worth $500.

An eligible applicant
  • is registered full time at UPEI, Holland College, or Collège de l’Île - AND -
  • demonstrates an exemplary commitment to women’s equality goals (through personal actions, volunteer or paid work, or course of study) - OR - is pursuing training or education in a field which is not traditional for women and where women are under-represented - AND -
  • faces financial or other barriers to achieving her goals

A complete application requires
  • an application form with complete details (it is recommended after filling out the form you print a hardcopy and scan it to send as pdf by email or mail hardcopy). 
  • form submitted to the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women by the deadline of October 15
Diane Kays was a respected social worker, counsellor, and advocate. She was also a beloved friend, sister, daughter and colleague. Diane served as Chairperson of the Advisory Council on the Status of Women from 2011 until 2015. Throughout her career she focused on the prevention of violence against women and children, adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, and poverty and mental health challenges for women. She was a strong, wise, and persistent voice for vulnerable women and families on PEI.

Bourse commémorative Diane Kays
La bourse commémorative Diane Kays est remise à une personne s’identifiant comme une femme qui réside à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard et étudie à temps plein à l’Université de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, au Collège Holland ou au Collège de l’Île. La valeur de la bourse est de 500 $.

Pour être admissible, une candidate doit
  • être inscrite à temps plein comme étudiante à l’Université de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, au Collège Holland ou au Collège de l’Île; ET
  • faire preuve d’un dévouement exemplaire en matière d’égalité des femmes (par l’entremise d’actions personnelles, de bénévolat, d’un travail rémunéré ou d’un programme d’études) OU suivre une formation ou un programme d’études dans un domaine non traditionnel pour les femmes et dans lequel les femmes sont sous-représentées; ET
  • faire face à des obstacles financiers ou autres dans la réalisation de ses objectifs.

Pour être valable, une demande doit
  • comprendre le présent formulaire et celui-ci doit avoir été entièrement rempli;
  • être soumise au Conseil consultatif sur la situation de la femme de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard au plus tard le 15 octobre

Inge Blackett Memorial Bursary

The Inge Blackett Memorial Bursary is for a woman-identifying PEI resident who entered Canada as a refugee and is pursuing further education. The bursary is worth $500.

An eligible applicant
  • has been granted refugee status in Canada
  • faces financial or other barriers to achieving her goals
  • is pursuing educational / training opportunities towards meaningful employment

A complete application requires
  • an application form with complete details  (it is recommended after filling out the form you print a hardcopy and scan it to send as pdf by email or mail hardcopy). 
  • form submitted to the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women by the deadline of October 15
Inge Blackett’s contributions as Council member and Vice-Chairperson from 1998 to 2002 were significant. Her commitment to women’s equality was always present. Inge shared her knowledge and experience on many of the Advisory Council's issues including seniors, health care, and education. Her compassion for others was reflected in her tireless volunteer efforts in the community. Inge Blackett died in December 2002.

Bourse commémorative Inge Blackett
La bourse commémorative Inge Blackett est remise à une personne s’identifiant comme une femme qui réside à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, est entrée au Canada en tant que réfugiée et poursuit des études ou une formation. La valeur de la bourse est de 500 $.

Pour être admissible, une candidate doit
  • avoir reçu le statut de réfugiée du Canada;
  • faire face à des défis financiers ou autres dans la réalisation de ses objectifs;
  • faire des études ou suivre une formation en vue d’obtenir un bon emploi.

Pour être valable, une demande doit

comprendre le présent formulaire et celui-ci doit avoir été entièrement rempli;
être soumis au Conseil consultatif sur la situation de la femme de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard au plus tard le 15 octobre.

(Source PEI Status of Women Bursary webpage)


3) Fast Facts - October 2020 / Faits saillants - octobre 2020

Le français suit.

National Crime Prevention and Indigenous Policing Services is pleased to present to you our October 2020 edition of the Fast Facts.

Given that many are now navigating back-to-school procedures, we have returned to the regular edition of the Fast Facts. In this edition, we have shared a current National Youth Services resource, special upcoming dates, training and funding opportunities, upcoming awards, as well as educational virtual activities and resources.

We encourage you to share this edition with parents, educators, and anyone else working with youth and young children. If you are aware of other resources and activities that might be beneficial for the Fast Facts, please do not hesitate to share them with us for our upcoming editions.

May everyone stay healthy and well during these unique times.

Thank you,

Centre for Youth Crime Prevention | Centre de la prévention du crime de la jeunesse
Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Gendarmerie royale du Canada
Twitter: @rcmpgrcpolice | @grcrcmppolice


Prévention nationale du crime et Services de police autochtones est heureux de vous présenter notre édition d'octobre 2020 des Faits saillants.
Étant donné que de nombreuses personnes naviguent maintenant dans les procédures de retour à l'école, nous sommes revenus à l'édition régulière des Faits saillants. Dans cette édition, nous avons partagé une ressource actuelle des Services nationaux de la jeunesse, des dates spéciales à venir, des possibilités de formation et de financement, des prix à venir, ainsi que des activités et ressources virtuelles éducatives.
Nous vous encourageons à partager cette édition avec les parents, les éducateurs et toute autre personne travaillant avec les jeunes et les jeunes enfants. Si vous êtes au courant d’autres ressources et activités qui pourraient être bénéfiques pour les Faits saillants, s’il vous plaît n’hésitez pas à les partager avec nous pour nos prochaines éditions.
Nous espérons que tout le monde restera en bonne santé et en bonne santé pendant ces moments uniques.
Centre for Youth Crime Prevention | Centre de la prévention du crime de la jeunesse
Royal Canadian Mounted Police | Gendarmerie royale du Canada
Twitter: @rcmpgrcpolice | @grcrcmppolice

(Source email notice)


4) Celebrating Canada's 1970 Abortion Caravan

In honour of International Safe Abortion Day (28 September), a collective of Canadian feminist activists shared a project called "Then and Now: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the 1970 Abortion Caravan". The Caravan was a seminal public action that fostered broad-based support for abortion when it was illegal in Canada.

To commemorate this lesser-known moment in Canadian history, feminists from across the country produced a set of position papers that collectively showcase the past, present and future of abortion rights organizing in Canada.

You can read these papers individually or as a whole, which are available for download here. Please feel free to share widely! Thank you.

Joyce Arthur, Executive Director
Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada (ARCC)
Cell phone: 1-604-351-0867

(Source email notice-e-news

5) Register today! ACIC Symposium 2020

You’re invited!

We're very excited to announce that registration is open for Atlantic Council for International Cooperation’s annual 2020 Symposium! This year the Symposium will take place online. This has created wonderful opportunities for us to open up registration to all (and not just those able to come to the Atlantic) and to have a great variety of both local and international speakers! This is a great opportunity to connect with others in the Atlantic, in Canada and around the world. As speakers are confirmed we'll update the website with details.

WHEN: Wed. Oct. 21, 1-4pm Atlantic and Thurs. Oct. 22, 1-4pm Atlantic
Full symposium details can be found HERE. We have a variety of panel discussions, Q&A sessions and keynote presentation for you to participate in.

Keynote confirmed! We're very pleased to have Dr. Ingrid Waldron speak at our Symposium. Join Dr. Waldron as she discusses environmental racism as exemplified through the case of Nova Scotia, its impact on communities in the province and Atlantic Canada. We will also look at actions The ENRICH project and communities have taken to address the issues. See more HERE.

Just Climate Action | Gender, Democracy and Local Movements features a variety of keynote speakers and panelists from around the world, with diverse perspectives, as we reflect on dimensions of justice as we take action towards a sustainable future. The ACIC Symposium will unpack and explore various dimensions of justice and action regarding climate change, at both a local and global level. This includes exploring aspects of gender, democratic, and legalistic justice, rights-based approaches, citizen-led approaches, advocacy and social accountability, and local/global conceptions of justice. These are at times complementary, and perhaps more frequently in tension as the youth, grassroots movements, Indigenous people, business, INGOs and multinationals grapple with (or increasingly deny!) the reality of a changing world. In times of intense reactions and counter-reactions, complements and tensions need to be identified and discussed to fully realize the challenges and opportunities we face in a world that will soon be uninhabitable for many.

In this year’s Symposium, we will discuss what justice means in the context of climate change, how we as citizens can develop local and global strategies to counteract it, and the structural inequalities that must be transformed for a just climate transition. We encourage participants to consider how climate change and justice are related to their work – both programmatically but also in terms of greenwashing, intergenerational equity, organizational reactions to climate change (carbon offsets, advocacy, etc.), and more.

We're excited to have you attend. REGISTER HERE for free TODAY!

Janelle Frail

(I use she/her pronouns)
Training & Development Manager
Atlantic Council for International Cooperation
210-2099 Gottingen St., Halifax, NS B3K 3B2
Join us: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn Newsletter

(Source email notice)


6) COVID-19 Alert App Now Available for Islanders

Islanders are encouraged to download the COVID Alert app, which is designed to let Canadians know that they may have been exposed to COVID-19, as the province goes live with notifications. 

“As Islanders continue through the ‘New Normal’ phase, the app is another tool that is useful in supporting our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 in our province. The more Islanders that download the app, the more helpful it will be in preventing future outbreaks. It is a quick and easy step to take to further protect yourself and others.” 

- Chief Public Health Officer, Dr. Heather Morrison

Starting today, individuals in Prince Edward Island who test positive for COVID-19 and have downloaded the free app can receive a one-time use key from public health that they can enter into the app to activate the notification function. Those who have been in close contact with this individual (for more than 15 minutes, less than two meters apart, in the past 14 days) and have also downloaded the COVID Alert app will receive an anonymous alert through the app indicating that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. 

Islanders who receive a notification through the COVID Alert app should immediately visit a Drop-in Testing Clinic to be tested, and remain at home until they receive their test results. 

The COVID Alert app, which can be downloaded through the App Store (link is external) or Google Play (link is external), uses Bluetooth signals to exchange codes with nearby phones that also have the app installed. COVID Alert does not collect any personally identifiable information like your name, location, address or any health information.

The COVID Alert exposure notification system does not replace the manual contact tracing that is required under the Prince Edward Island Public Health Act. Public health nurses perform contact tracing for all positive cases of COVID-19 detected in the province. Through contact tracing, public health nurses work with individuals who test positive to identify close contacts and then notify those individuals who are likely to have come into close and prolonged contact with a positive case beginning 48 hours prior to symptom onset (or 48 hours prior to testing for cases without symptoms).

For additional information about the COVID Alert app visit: COVID Alert App.

For the latest information about Prince Edward Island’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including testing and travel information, visit: COVID-19 (coronavirus) in Prince Edward Island


The Chief Public Health Office continues to work closely with the federal government, provincial and territorial counterparts, government departments and Health PEI to monitor the pandemic situation and prepare for all COVID-19 related impacts to the province, including health, social and economic. The public health risk of COVID-19 is continually reassessed and Islanders will be updated as new information becomes available.

Everyone is encouraged to follow routine prevention measures:

  • Washing hands frequently with soap and water
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow or a tissue
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well
  • Limit touching your eyes, nose and mouth
  • Keep your circle of contacts small
  • Wear a mask in closed, indoor public spaces
  • Maintain a distance of two meters from others as much as possible
  • Don’t share items like drinking glasses and water bottles
  • Frequently clean surfaces like taps, doorknobs and countertops

Media Contact:
Samantha Hughes
Health and Wellness (link sends e-mail)

(Source PEI Government News Release)


7) COVID Alert is Canada's Free Exposure Notification App and How the COVID Alert Works

Together, let's limit the spread of COVID-19 and prevent future outbreaks.

COVID Alert helps us break the cycle of infection. The app can let people know of possible exposures before any symptoms appear.

That way, we can take care of ourselves and protect our communities.

On this webpage:
  •     Your privacy is protected
  •     How it works
  •     Provinces where you can report a diagnosis
  •     Other provinces and territories
  •     One part of public health
  •     How many people are using the app
  •     Printable digital products and videos for understanding the app
  •     Digital products to share on social media
  •     Built in the open
  •     Contact us
(Source: Government of Canada webpage)


How the COVID Alert App Works

Check out this webpage for a video and transcript of how this app works.

(Source Government of Canada webpage)

8) PEIBWA Activities/News


9) “Registration is Open” KAIROS Blanket Exercise Teaching & Sharing Circles

‘Building Positive Relationships between Indigenous & non-Indigenous Peoples’

Led by Indigenous Knowledge Keepers with extensive experience facilitating the KAIROS Blanket Exercise (KBE), these interactive Zoom-based sessions aim to build positive relations between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people through truth, sharing, and open dialogue. Based in Indigenous worldviews and using Indigenous teachings and protocols, this new series addresses both historical and contemporary topics in an honest and personal way.

The topics have been selected to complement the KAIROS Blanket Exercise and can serve as an introduction before your group experiences the in-person or virtual KBE, or enable you to delve more deeply into specific topics after the KBE.

Ideal for schools, educational institutions, and organizations committed to the goals of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission of Canada, this new program blends historical data and facts with personal accounts and stories, thus providing a deeper and more meaningful way to learn about truth and reconciliation.

The series is offered either through individual registration (see the Fall 2020 schedule on this webpage) or can be custom delivered to your organization/group.

Each of these 2-hour Zoom-based, interactive sessions are led by an experienced KBE Indigenous facilitator/Knowledge Keeper. The cost for registering is $25 per session. Elders may attend these events free of charge (please select “Elder” when you register). Registration is limited and so please register early to ensure your spot. Please see below for the registration links.

For more information, please contact Carole Umana, at 

(Source KAIROS e-news/webpage)


10) Emergency Community Support Fund Round 2 - Call for Applications

A second call for applications for the Government of Canada’s $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) will be available from October 5 to October 30th. The Government of Canada has released the balance of funding for ECSF which is being administered in collaboration with United Way Centraide Canada, Community Foundations of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.
The United Way of PEI and The Community Foundation of PEI will be accepting applications for the second round of the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) to help charities serve and support vulnerable Islanders during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, community-based charities and non-profit organizations have been working tirelessly to provide emergency support of all kinds—in particular, to individuals and communities experiencing continued or heightened vulnerability. Demand for their services has increased dramatically. The Fund is designed to help organizations carry out their vital work in the coming months to ensure no one is left behind.
Types of services funded:
  •     Food Security: prepared meals; delivery service; hampers/baskets
  •     Financial Wellness: financial literacy or coaching; access to income supports
  •     Home Care or Personal Support: for seniors, Elders, and persons with disabilities
  •     Health & Hygiene: health info; medication; personal hygiene & medical supplies
  •     Information & Navigation: providing information; navigating supports
  •     Legal Support: tools & resources; legal clinics, etc.
  •     Mental Health & Wellness: peer support; crisis support
  •     Shelter: housing; crisis support
  •     Personal Safety: info.; violence & abuse support; violence & abuse prevention
  •     Social Inclusion & Learning: friendly conversation; social activities; learning
  •     Transportation: access to safe transport to essential appointments and errands
  •     Other

Who will be granting funds:
The United Way of PEI    
Will accept funding applications from charities and other qualified donees. Total fund requested must be above $20,000
Click Here to Apply

The Community Foundation of PEI    
Will accept funding applications from charities and qualified donees. Total fund requested must be
up to $20,000
Click Here to Apply

Canadian Red Cross
Will manage a granting stream for non-profits and a Preventing Disease Transmission Training & Equipment Program for registered charities, qualified donees and non-profits.
Click Here to Apply

For questions not addressed in these resources, please contact:

United Way of Prince Edward Island
Cecilia Jorge, Data Specialist / Admin Assistant
Office mainline: 902-894-8202 / Toll Free: 1-877-902-4438

Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez présenter une demande de financement au Fonds d’urgence pour l’appui communautaire en français, veuillez communiquer avec nous à Jill Chapman:

(Source Sector United Connecting PEI's Nonprofits October 8th, 2020)


11) PEI Status of Women Teleworking Re: COVID-19 Response

To contribute to PEI's collective effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, and in light of our caregiving responsibilities, staff of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women will be tele-working as much as possible. This may affect when and how we are able to respond to requests. Thank you for your patience.

Afin de contribuer à l'effort collectif des insulaires de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard pour ralentir la propagation de COVID-19, et tenant compte de nos responsabilités pour aider les enfants et les aîné(e)s de nos familles, le personnel du Conseil consultatif sur la situation de la femme de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard fera du télétravail autant que possible. Cela peut affecter quand et comment nous sommes en mesure de répondre aux demandes. Merci de votre patience.
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PLEASE NOTE: Some of the events listed below may be postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with events directly for updated information.
Our E-Newsletter with community events and notices is forwarded to you by the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women for your information and interest. The PEI Status of Women cannot guarantee the accuracy of notices or control re-postings, does not necessarily endorse every notice or event posted; and reserves the right not to post any notice for any reason. For further information or questions specifically relating to any notices or events, please contact the individual or organization hosting the community event.
The E-News will be sent out on Thursdays. The deadline for receiving notices/events to post is by 4:00 pm on Wednesdays. 

Please send your event notice in text format and an image (if available) to: The links to the current and previous E-News (viewable in your browser) will also be posted on our website, .  

Note: We cannot attach pdfs, flyers, brochures, or registrations forms.

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