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PEI Advisory Council on the
Status of Women

E-News for Thursday
November 5, 2020

Table of Contents

PLEASE NOTE: Events listed below may get postponed or possibly cancelled. Please always check with the events directly for updated information. Thank you.

1) "Support Survivors" - ACSW Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence

In keeping with guidelines from the CPHO, the ACSW’s annual Purple Ribbon Campaign Against Violence Against Women has been adapted. Purple ribbons and cards will be replaced this year by buttons (badges), and the Teachers’ Guides and other resources will be available online only. And of course, we encourage you to wear your purple ribbon from years past with pride and conviction!

The PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women asks allies and supporters to distribute the buttons within their communities in support of survivors of gender-based violence. Packages of buttons are available now for contactless pick up on request. Please contact the Advisory Council to request your buttons:, 902-368-4510.


2) SHIFT - Education and Resources to Help Employers and Employees Address and Prevent Workplace Sexual Harassment

For Immediate Release
November 2, 2020

The PEI Human Rights Commission launches SHIFT, education and resources to help employers and employees address and prevent workplace sexual harassment.

Shift is a five-year project fully funded by the Department of Justice Canada and offered through the PEI Human Rights Commission. Through education and resource materials, Shift will help to prevent and address sexual harassment in Island workspaces.

“Creating and restoring safe and healthy workplaces, free of sexual harassment, is beneficial to all employees and the business itself.” Brenda Picard, Q.C., Executive Director of the PEIHRC.

The PEI Human Rights Commission noticed an increase in inquiries and education requests related to workplace sexual harassment after “#Me too.” Working with community partners, Shift strives towards an island-wide understanding of the issue, opening up the conversation and providing tools and guidance for employers, employees, and high school students entering the workforce. Registration is open for Fall 2020 workshops for employers, offered virtually and free of charge. This set of workshops is designed for employers, managers, and anyone who works in Human Resources.

“Preventing sexual harassment is a workplace safety issue. Training, along with sound policies and procedures, can mitigate the risk of harm to all involved. Shift can move your workplace into its best and most productive environment.” Laura K. Bird, Shift Project Manager

Shift works with community partners, including the RISE program offered by Community Legal Information.

Associated Links:
Shift Program 
Rise Program 

For more information or to request an interview, contact: Laura K. Bird, Project Manager, 902-368-4703,

Session and registration information is available on this webpage.

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3) Monthly Interfaith Virtual Devotional/ / Nov 06, 2020- "Reconciliation- Walking Together”

Greetings & Blessings,

Given the current affairs of our world today where millions of people around the globe are threatened by the growing spread of COVID 19 pandemic, we are in dire need of hope, love & faith. Although we cannot be physically present with one another, the power of prayer can unite, heal, and bring our spirits together. I would like to invite you to our monthly virtual interfaith devotional, scheduled to occur on the first Friday of every month at 7:00 p.m. (PEI-Atlantic Canada Time) for a duration of approximately one hour.  

We are hoping that this monthly space can serve as an opportunity to reflect on inspiring themes and common threads that tie us all together and as an ongoing effort to apply the principles of oneness in our daily actions. It is vital for us to come together with a unified vision of our essential oneness. We are in this together. Let us commit to the process of transforming our neighborhoods and communities through actions that promote unity and aim for the betterment of our societies.

We will highlight a specific topic/theme every month, accompanied by live music, audio-visual pieces, selections of writings from various faiths, philosophers, authors, leaders, and indigenous cultures, and inspirational stories from all over the world.
Below is the date & the details for the Upcoming Monthly Virtual Interfaith Devotional for Nov 06, 2020, on the theme: "Reconciliation- Walking Together"

Date: Friday, Nov 06, 2020
Time: 7:00 pm (PEI & Halifax time- Atlantic Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 899 9081 1038
Passcode: 1844

For local time zones in other regions:

I welcome your participation and your friends to pray together and invite others to pray with us for the betterment of the world.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.  
Peace & Blessings
Farahnaz Rezaei

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4) Webinar: How Dentists help protect smiles and possibly save lives: Knowing signs of abuse and working with multi-disciplinary partners

November 10, 2020

This webinar by Dr. Frank Stechey will help participants understand a dentist’s specific role in working with multi-disciplinary partners such as: shelters, police, children's aid society workers, fire & other judicial agencies. Learning objectives include:
  • Understand a dentist’s specific role in working with multi-disciplinary partners such as: police, children's aid society workers, fire & other judicial agencies;
  • Recognition of key signs / symptoms of suspected abuse on patients of all ages;
  • What is a dentist’s “Duty to Report”?
  • Know how and where to report your suspicions.
You can register for this webinar by clicking here.

(Source: PAC E-bulletin November 2020) 

5) Sirens is Launching its First Album, Boundless

Sirens is launching its first album, Boundless, virtually on Friday, November 13, 2020 at 8:00 PM.

This special event will include the world premiere of Katerina Gimon’s choral work “In Her Image,” with text by poet Lauren Peat. The virtual début of this piece will be presented through the work of Island filmmaker Millefiore Clarkes. Mille and her team recently spent a day with the singers in and around historic St. Mary’s Church in Indian River. She has created a visual story to accompany the composition, thanks to support from FACTOR, who also funded the creation of the album.
Be sure to join Sirens on YouTube from the comfort of your home.  Watch this special virtual launch on Friday, November 13, 2020 at 8:00 PM AST.
For more information, visit

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6) National Restorative Justice Week Virtual Event

National Restorative Justice Week is November 16 - 20, 2020. To celebrate National Restorative Justice Week, I'm pleased to announce our next Community of Interest for Restorative Justice event with Dr. Fania Davis who will present 'Restorative Practices: Disrupting the School to Prison Pipeline'. The virtual event will take place on Friday, November 20, 2020 from 2-4pm.

Dr. Fania Davis will provide an overview of restorative justice, including its origins, principles, practices and data, with a focus on its African indigenous roots and its intersection with racial justice, particularly the way it is being used in Oakland, California to interrupt racialized mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline.

Davis will also share the story of her personal journey to racial justice and restorative justice.

Friday, November 20 from 2pm – 4pm via Zoom.

How to register?
Email by November 16, 2020 to reserve your spot!
Zoom link will be provided upon registration.

And for those interested in attending the National Restorative Justice Symposium, please check out the following link:

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7) Announcing The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs AND Congratulations Money Moves Grads!

Here at FWE we have been working on our happy dances, because we have so much amazing news to share!  We are excited to share who our first cohort of Money Moves graduates are, to announce the launch of The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs which will make our programs even more accessible, and to share a fun update about Pitch for the Purse, with an important Save the Date!

Announcing The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs
We are thrilled to announce the creation of The Giustra Foundation Bursary Fund for Women Entrepreneurs, a multi-year $150,000 fund that will provide tuition bursaries to women entrepreneurs in financial need and women belonging to marginalized groups, supporting our commitment to leave no woman behind.  This fund will be available to offset tuition costs for any of FWE's programs, including Money Moves, and has already supported 37% of the women in our pilot cohort.
"I am grateful to be where success happens!  In fact, I can feel it coming.  Thank you for playing a role in my future success..."
Full Bursary recipient, Money Moves.

We are so grateful to The Giustra Foundation and Frank Giustra, Canadian business icon and global philanthropist, for this incredible donation.  Our gratitude as well to long time FWE supporter Lara Dauphinee.  We encourage others - individuals, corporations or foundations, to contribute to the fund so that it can continue to grow and serve women across Canada. Explaining why he is supporting the launch of this fund is none other than Mr. Frank Giustra himself. (To view video, click on the web browser version)
We are also pleased to have wrapped up the pilot cohort of our Money Moves program, a four-week program designed to educate entrepreneurs about the different funding options available to fuel growth. The inaugural class had an opportunity to hear from 28 speakers from across the country who walked us through all the capital considerations for growing a business.

Congratulations to all the participants who invested their time in pursuing the program.  And thank you to the business leaders and entrepreneurs who shared their time and wisdom.  It was a success, and you bet that we will be doing it again.  The next cohort is scheduled for early 2021, and you can add your name to the waitlist to be the first to hear about it.
"I just wanted to reach out to you as the last two weeks have been eye opening for me...I can't stress enough how much I am enjoying this class as I feel I have an outlet to a pool of knowledge that I was looking for in the last two years.  Thank you!" Money Moves participant

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8) PEIBWA Activities/News


9) Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2020 Virtual Event, November 23

The Policy Centre for Victim Issues at the Department of Justice Canada is pleased to announce that Victims and Survivors of Crime Week 2020 has been rescheduled to November 22-28, 2020. The theme for this year's initiative is Recognizing Courage, Renewing Commitment.

In light of COVID-19, Justice Canada will be hosting a virtual event to launch Victims Week on November 23, 2020, in lieu of an in-person federal symposium. This year's virtual event will include a keynote presentation from Benjamin Roebuck on Violence, Resilience, and Post-Traumatic Change. Based on research with victims and survivors from across Canada, this presentation will explore how people navigate the aftermath of violence, adapt in adversity, and change through the process. Further information is available at the registration link below.

Registration is required for the virtual event. Registrants will receive an email in advance of Victims Week, which will contain a link to view the live event. The deadline for registration is November 18, 2020, at 4pm. To register, please click here.

(Source: PAC E-bulletin November 2020)


10) National Survey on Harassment and Violence at Work in Canada

The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children at Western University is working with researchers at the University of Toronto and the Canadian Labour Congress to launch a national survey on workplace harassment and violence.

Violence and harassment at work remains a major social problem in Canada. The survey will shed light on the prevalence of violence and harassment in our workplaces. It will look at how workers who are marginalized due to their social location and/or their precarious employment status are uniquely impacted. It will examine the links between sexual harassment and other forms of violence in the workplace.

If you are 18 years of age or older and have been employed in the past 12 months, you are eligible to participate. The survey will take approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. You can access the survey by clicking here.

(Source: PAC E-bulletin November 2020)


11) Excellent Tool for Breast Cancer Patients, Family Physicians, and Oncologists

I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Anna Wilkinson, a Ottawa Family Doctor/Oncologist, on the recent CSBI video regarding optimal breast cancer screening.

She recently asked for help in promoting this survivorship tool to doctors and women – it is good for oncologists, breast surgeons, GPs and all women with breast cancer. Also good to take to appointments.

Here it is: The Breast Cancer Survivorship Tool was developed as a national, evidence-based care guide for family doctors and patients to ensure women get the right care after treatment for breast cancer. CFP article: Breast Cancer Survivorship Tool
Facilitating breast cancer survivorship care for family physicians and patients - link
Also Dr Wilkinson did a super informative video – she starts at the 9 minute mark - she spoke to family doctors but it is for the public also - particularly women with breast cancer.  Please feel free to share. Thank you so much,
Jennie Dale
Dense Breasts Canada

(Source email notice/CFP article)


12) Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat Newsletter / Bulletin du Secrétariat fédéral de la lutte contre le racisme

We are delighted to provide all of you with our brand new Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat Newsletter.

You will find out about the Secretariat's work to combat systemic racism, racial discrimination and hate. You will also learn more about Canada’s Anti-Racism Strategy, 2019–2022. We also invite you to visit our new website:

We are committed to working closely with you to build a fully diverse, inclusive and equitable society.

An HTML version, fully accessible, is also available on the Web.

Peter Flegel
Executive Director, Federal Anti-Racism Secretariat

Nous sommes très heureux de vous faire parvenir à tous et toutes aujourd’hui notre nouveau bulletin du Secrétariat fédéral de la lutte contre le racisme.

Vous en apprendrez plus sur ce que fait le Secrétariat pour combattre le racisme systémique, la discrimination raciale et la haine. Vous obtiendrez également plus d’information au sujet de la Stratégie canadienne de lutte contre le racisme, 2019-2022. Nous vous invitons également à consulter notre site web au

Nous sommes déterminés à travailler de prêts avec vous pour bâtir une société diversifiée, inclusive et équitable.

Une version en format HTML, complètement accessible, est aussi disponible sur le Web.

Peter Flegel
Directeur exécutif, Secrétariat fédéral de la lutte contre le racisme

(Source email notice)

13) New Displaced Left Turn Intersection in Charlottetown Videos

The displaced left hand turn at the intersection of the Charlottetown Perimeter Highway and St Peters Road will open to the public in mid-November.

It's the first of its kind in Canada, and is intended to help alleviate the traffic congestion at this busy intersection.

It has been successful in North America as a solution to high volume traffic areas experiencing congestion. The project is another phase in the East Royalty Transportation Plan with the goal of easing traffic concerns for the growing area.

Please view the instructional videos at this link to help navigate this new intersection.

(Source PEI Government webpage/Facebook post


14) PEI Status of Women Teleworking Re: COVID-19 Response

To contribute to PEI's collective effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, and in light of our caregiving responsibilities, staff of the PEI Advisory Council on the Status of Women will be tele-working as much as possible. This may affect when and how we are able to respond to requests. Thank you for your patience.

Afin de contribuer à l'effort collectif des insulaires de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard pour ralentir la propagation de COVID-19, et tenant compte de nos responsabilités pour aider les enfants et les aîné(e)s de nos familles, le personnel du Conseil consultatif sur la situation de la femme de l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard fera du télétravail autant que possible. Cela peut affecter quand et comment nous sommes en mesure de répondre aux demandes. Merci de votre patience.
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