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june 2013

RavennaMosaico 2013
International Festival of Contemporary Mosaic

Ravenna promotes the third edition of the international festival of contemporary mosaic RavennaMosaico due on 2013 from 12th October to 23th November. RavennaMosaico presents itself as a showcase of the best contemporary productions and offers thoughts on the vocation of the city, in the light of the candidature of Ravenna as European Capital of Culture for 2019. The event will involve the entire city and cultural institutions in a program dedicated to the contemporary mosaic, proposing in the most beautiful places of the historical center, exhibitions of artists from around the world, urban installations, performances, concerts, conferences, workshops, meetings, and guided tours

Mosaic’s biennium of the
Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna

Learning mosaic in the mosaic’s city

Do you have an academic degree?
Mosaic’s biennium offers an unique training: creativity and research of contemporary mosaic, with infinite possibilities for architecture, decoration, design and restoration of contemporary mosaics. You will have job opportunities in collaboration with architects in urban design’s projects or making objects of design. The biennium is based on mosaic’s workshop, contemporary mosaic restoration, workshops hold by artists as micromosaic sticked on jewellery, or as the one is about the environmental development of mosaic intervention.

• From the deep knowledge of materials to the environmental mosaic design;
• jewellery design and micromosaic;
• contemporary mosaic restoration and workshops of old mosaic restoration;
• integration with architecture.

Stages. Students can have workshops in mosaic’s laboratories in Italy and outside. 
Partnership. Entrance to cultural exhibitions and public shows as: Mosaic’s biennale, Gold night Event, GAEM young artists and mosaics competition, Fondazione Ravennantica, CIDM international mosaic documentation centre, MAR.
Registration fees per year are 475 euro.

Presentation of artists

Venue: Palace of the Guelph, Florence
Date: 5th July 2013

Presentation Musiwa finalists, Master Giulio Candussio will participate with a lecture.

Venue: Impruneta IAC Arte Contemporanea

Marzia Dottorelli
Ilia Iliev
Fabrizio Petris
Luciano Petris
Luciano Romualdo
Antonella Sorrentino

Venue: Lastra a Signa Antico Spedale S. Antonio

Sonia Louro Do Rego
Manfre Hohen
Ilia Iliev
Marina Kassimi
Eleni Kechagioglou
Fabrizio Petris
Luciano Romualdo
Magda Roumelioti
Antonella Sorrentino

Venue: Pontassieve
Sala Eroine Palazzo Comunale CNN Pontassieve

Eftichi Finou
Artemis Klitsi
Mona Magdi
Lidya Nakapoulou
Loukia Orfanou
Vaso Spanou

Venue: Firenze Selection Musiwa 2013
Palagio di Parte Guelfa

Sergio Cicognani
Marco De Luca
Sonia Louro Do Rego
Marwa Farrag
Rosanna Fattorini
Elain Goodwin
Manfred Hohen
Ilia Iliev
Toyoharu Kii
Artemis Klitsi
Dino Maccini
Mona Magdi
Edda Mally
Giulio Menossi
Fabrizio Petris
Luciano Petris
Demetrio Piccoli
Marwa Qendell
Paolo Racagni
Luciano Romualdo
Nikos Tolis
Nane Zavagno

News from the world

International Mosaic Competition and Exhibition

Date: 29th October 2013

90 works, on the 90th year of the foundation of the Turkish Republic

Signaled by Suha Smerci
Ongoing Events
Personal exhibition of Sergio Cicognani
"Le temps suspendu"

Venue: Chartres, Chapelle Saint-Éman, France
Period: 8/06/2013 - 15/09/2013

Exhibition of the works of Sergio Cicognani, organized by Renée Malval and Gilles Antoine from Mosaïque Magazine and Patrick Macquaire, Les 3R.
The exhibition honours Sergio Cicognani of the Mosaicists Group of Ravenna and it presents his works where the mosaic is mixed with the fresco painting.

Signaled by Renée Malval
Time Sheet
An installation by Marcelo de Melo

Venue: Kortsluiting Expositieruimte, Eerste Schinkelstraat 16, Amsterdam, NL
Period: 5/06/2013 - 30/07/2013

In Time Sheet, bed linen and crushed mirrorglass seem fixed in a static composition. At the same time, different forces bring this precarious arrangement into motion. The force of gravity pulling the sheet down, creating folds. A game of light and dark, casting shadows and reflections. Allusions to the experience of time. Time Sheet will be installed at Kortingsluiting [exhibition space]  in early June and available for viewing until 30 July 2013. The installation is viewed from the street through a glass door. The space is lit daily from 10am to 10pm. Time Sheet was first featured at Begehungen 9 Contemporary Art Festival in Chemnitz, Germany 2012.

Signaled by Marcelo de Melo
Mosaics of contemporary artists
curated by Enzo Tinarelli

Venue: Art Space “In Beccheria” via Beccheria 4b-Carrara-Italy
Period: 28/06/2013 - 10/08/2013
Vernissage: friday 28th June 2013 h 6.30 pm

Signaled by Enzo Tinarelli
Personal Exhibition of Felice Nittolo
Meccaniche della meraviglia 9

Venue: Isola del Garda, San Felice sul Benaco
Period: 15/06/2013 - 30/09/2013 
Vernissage: saturday 15th june 2013 h 5.30 pm
Segni dei Tempi - Mosaici is a site specific installation realized by Felice Nittolo within the context of the nineth edition of Meccaniche della Meraviglia

Signaled by Felice Nittolo
L'incertitude minérale
Personal exhibition of  Pascale Beauchamps

Venue:  Chappelle des Ursulines
Quartier Rohan - Avenue de la Davrays - 44150 Ancenis
Period: 29/06/2013 - 25/08/2013
Vernissage: 29th June 2013 h 11.30 a.m.

Signaled by Pascale Beauchamps
Closed Events
Tempo e Frammenti
Personal Exhibition of Felice Nittolo

venue: Museo Civico San Rocco
Via Monti, 5 - Fusignano (Ra) 
Date: 23th June 2013 h 09.00 pm

Finissage of the personal exhibition of Felice Nittolo Tempo e Frammenti.

The catalogue of the exhibition, texts by Daniele Torcellini and Maria Luisa Amaducci, photographs by Stefano Tedioli, Stear Publisher, will be presented.

An original exhibition of Felice Nittolo where the mosaic goes beyond the technique and it invades the contemporary art language. The project has been developed in collaboration with teachers of the elementary and middle schools in order to realize workshop and laboratories for the students.

Signaled by Felice Nittolo

Contemporary Brazil Baroque & Roots
Art Exhibition at UN - New York

Venue: 1st Avenue and 46th Street - United Nations visitors entrance New York
Period 18 - 21/06/2013
Vernissage: 18th June 2013 h 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Pregnant Woman - Welcome to the World, a work in mosaic realized by Eliana Corinti Jordão will be exhibited.

Signaled by Eliana Corinti Jordão

Homage to Byzantium
Personal Exhibition of Elaine M. Goodwin

Venue: 32, Galerie Mona Lisa, Rue de Varenne, Rive Gauche, 75007 Paris, France 
Period: 21/05/2013 - 1/06/2013
Vernissage: thursday 23rd May 2013 h 6.00 - 8.30 pm

The exhibition is a dream come true for the artist. The third and final exhibition under the title Homage to Byzantium. The opening exhibition was held in the galeries of the Château de Bourglinster, Luxembourg, The second in Anna Fietta’s Space, Ravenna and the current exhibition in Paris in the prestigious gallery on the Left Bank - Galerie Mona Lisa. 
To have her work in mosaic accepted by an established Fine Art Gallery in the famed Beaux Arts Quartier of Paris. A gallery, which has shown the work of Delaunay and Picabia  and the Dadaists. About 35 new works will be on exhibition - illuminating the artist’s response and her subsequent exploration of light - first understood in when looking at the mosaics  in Ravenna.

Signaled by Elaine M. Goodwin
Personal exhibition of Stefano Mazzotti
Mosaici Contemporanei in Antichi Contesti
Venue: Cripta Rasponi and Giardini Pensili of the Province Palace of Ravenna
Period: 30/03/2013 - 2/06/2013
Vernissage: saturday 30th March 2013 h 6 pm
The exhibition of the mosaicist Stefano Mazzotti entitled Western Autumn is the fifth appointment of the project "Mosaici Contemporanei in Antichi Contesti". The exhibition will be open until June 2 2013 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. closed on Monday.
Ticket 2 euros (ordinary fee for the entrance to the Cripta Rasponi and Giardini Pensili); reduced ticket 1 euro (for groups of at least 15 persons); 0,50 euro for classes.

Fondazione RavennAntica
via Gordini, 27 
casella postale 423
48121 Ravenna
Tel. +39 0544 36136
Fax. +39 0544 242634

Signaled by Rosetta Berardi
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