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November 2015

Notes from the President

Dear AIMC members and friends, 

The 4th edition of the RavennaMosaico festival was concluded on November 8.
Many great events, many great openings, and one of the best international celebrations of the mosaic art. The AIMC again played a central role in this festival, with the Opere dal Mondo and other events.

1.Opere dal Mondo 

The exhibition of the works of AIMC members was presented as the main event at the monumental Palazzo Rasponi dalle Teste, the headquarters of the RavennaMosaico festival,  a unique building with a grand atmosphere.

2. Commemorative Plaques Presented to AIMC Honorary Members

Two very important commemorations in AIMC history took place during the Ravenna mosaic festival. Ceremonies were held to honor master mosaicists Sergio Cicognani and Santo Sparta, both exceptional mosaicists and the last of the old guard of the legendary Gruppo Mosaicisti.

                                                                                 The work of Sergio Cicognani


                                                                                        The work of Santo Sparta

Commemorative plaques were presented to each of them; the presentation to Sergio Cicognani took place during his Exhibition/Hommage at the Academy of Fine Arts:


Santo Sparta accepted his plaque during the annual AIMC dinner.
These ceremonies were in accordance with the AIMC bylaws,which provide that the title of honorary member is granted by the Board of Directors to those who render or who have rendered special services by promulgating the knowledge of mosaic in all its various aspects.

3. AIMC Showcase

A showcase window was generously provided to AIMC at the Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna, located in the Piazza del Popolo. There, the history of the AIMC was presented, together with a giant-sized mosaic members’ card.


4.  AIMC General Assembly

On Monday, October 12, the meeting of AIMC members took place at the MAR.

The minutes will be sent directly to the members.


5.  AIMC Dinner

On Sunday, October 11
 the AIMC dinner took place at the Passatelli Restaurant with 54 members and their friends attending. We enjoyed the local specialties and the tasty wine of the Romagna province, but above all, we all caught up with old friends and met new ones.


6.  Premio AIMC Studenti (PAS) AIMC Prize for Students

Senza titolo by Beatrice Battistini  

                                                                                                               Costellazione by Viviana Bertanza

                                                     Tutto Stella by Marica Pelliconi

November 6 - 24, 2015.
Academy of the Fine Arts of Ravenna
Via delle Industrie 76
On November 6, at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ravenna, the inauguration of the exhibition of the works of those who participated in the PAS competition took place.  At that time, the three winning works were announced, which are: 
Senza titolo by Beatrice Battistini: First Prize  PAS
Costellazione by Viviana Bertanza: Second Prize PAS
Tutto Stella by Marica Pelliconi: Third Prize
The three winners, in addition to receiving the award, will exhibit their works in 2016, at the  niArt gallery of Ravenna. 

Rosetta Berardi, Beatrice Battistini

Felice Nittolo, Rosetta Berardi, Viviana Bertanza             

                                                                               Patrizia Benvenuti Presidente FIDAPA, Marica Pelliconi

The works of all of the participants can be seen on the AIMC website. We congratulate all those who participated in this 1st Edition of the (PAS) AIMC Prize For Students, 2015.
                        XV AIMC CONGRESS - Spilimbergo

And now, after the festival, we turn our focus to the upcoming congress, May 18 - 21, 2016 in Spilimbergo, Italy, hosted by the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli. The title of the congress is "The Mosaic in Contemporaneity"All AIMC members current with their dues can atttend,  participate as a speaker  and may also send one work to be included in the members exhibition, which will take place at the impressive Palazzo della “Magnifica Thadea” of the 11th Century Spilimbergo castle.

Manfred Hoehn, will honor the congress by serving as its president. He and the organizing committee, consisting of Giovanni Travisanutto and  NikosTolis of AIMC, Alido Gerussi (Chairman of the Scuola) and Gian Piero Brovedani, (Director of the Scuola), guarantee attendees will have an unforgettable mosaic experience in Spilimbergo. The congress will take place on the Scuola premises.
If you want to attend, please send in your participation request,
 by November 30.
The number of the speakers is limited, so if you wish to participate as a speaker, please send your request as soon as possible. Here are the latest updates for the Congress. For more information please contact the Scuola
at: or visit the websites:

See you in Spilimbergo!
Nikos Tolis
AIMC President                                                                                                                    

News from the World


Retrospective Solo Exhibition 


A very important event took place on Monday, November 16, in Sofia, Bulgaria, at the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts:
The inauguration of Iliya Iliev’s retrospective exhibition, celebrating his 60 years of creations. Prof. Iliev, an AIMC member since 1989, was entitled last year as AIMC HONORARY MEMBER. Nikos Tolis responding to the most kind invitation of the professor, inaugurated the exhibition and offered to him the relative commemorative plaque, adding this special event to the AIMC history. It was an evening of deep appreciation and acknowledgement: Surrounded by his wonderful mosaics, in a space full of people,  Iliya was given, besides the AIMC plaque, medals from the Academy of Fine Arts of Sofia and from the Architects’ association of Bulgaria for his important role to the art and architecture in Bulgaria.

submitted by Artemis Klitsi

Jeroen Meijer


November 14, 2015 -April 3, 2016

Invitation here

submitted  by Jeroen Meijer

Magdalena Kracík Štorkánová

November 20, 2015 - January 5, 2016
Artist:  MgA. Magdalena Kracík Štorkánová
Co-presenter: Mgr. Jana Fořtová Torňošová

Opening on November 19 at 6:00 p.m.
Central Bohemian Museum in Roztoky

See full invitation here.

-submitted by Magdalena Kracík Štorkánová

Nathalie Chaulaic

November 23 - December 5, 2015
We invite you to discover a double exhibition, where Berling'Art Nathalie Chaulaic shows alongside the urban world of painter Michele Guilloteau.

Galerie des Carmelites,Toulouse.
Opening Tuesday, November 24 at 6:00 p.m.

-submitted by Nathalie Chaulaic

Ongoing Events

Iule Amado


October 31, 2015 - January 4, 2016
HAZEBROUCK: Centre Socio-éducatif,
Degroote Hazebrouck France
 IULE AMADO-FISCHGRUND Participation collective parrainée par Gérard BRAND
Le vernissage aura lieu le 31 octobre à partir de 10h à la galerie du CSE suivi à 11h du vernissage de l’exposition “Gérard BRAND” au musée des Augustins et à 16h de l’évènement “Autour de la Pierre Bleue” à l’église St Eloi. Les 3 lieux sont situés dans un rayon de 400 m.

-submitted by Iule Amado-Fishgrund 
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-submitted by Lila Abdul-Rahim
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