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June 2014

XIV AIMC World Conference of Contemporary Mosaic
May 21 - 24, 2014 and the accompanying exhibition May 21 -25, 2014

From Edda Mally, president of the Congress                                                                                                          
Dear Mosaicfriends,

It was great pleasure for me to welcome you all in Vienna in occasion of the XIVth International Conference of Contemporary Mosaic and the accompanying exhibition.

There were over one-hundred inquiries of participation at the conference, and 37 lecturers nominated. Nearly all of them could be presented personally and can be looked up in  the catalogue.
A wide arch of themes were chosen as overviews of the development of mosaic in various countries, presentations of the artist´s own work as well as personal viewpoints regarding contemporary mosaic.
On Friday, May 23, 2014 a discussion with the theme: “Mosaic today” took place in the Hall “Podium” of the Architectural Centre, Vienna, where also the exhibition of “Contemporary Mosaic” could be seen. It could have been expected that a solution regarding this problematic nature was not possible. The art history is rich of examples of how standpoints and acceptance change while time is passing bye. When we go back only a 100 years, we find Klimt, Cezanne, Monet, Gauguin, Loos, Hoffmann and others in trouble of being accepted. And today - they are highly appreciated artists, masters of the classical modern period!
But someone can be happy, that people started thinking and talking about “what is Contemporary” and expressing their opinion in front of 40-50 people.
At the accompanying exhibition 64 artists of 27 nations participated.

The event entitled: “Mosaic in the Context of Contemporary Art” was inaugurated at the evening of May 21st 2014. It was the first exhibition of this kind in Vienna and Austria, as well as Middle and North of Europe. Circa 160 – 180 visitors followed the invitation. The curator of the exhibition, Edda Mally, was welcoming the guests. Jefferson Ramon ,Brazil, using traditional music, performed an old sword - dance of Mesopotamia,  where the first traces of mosaic were found. Nikos Tolis, AIMC President, addressed his best wishes of a successful exhibition to the visitors, followed by Mr. Achim Braun of the European Community, chapter Austria. He brought greetings of the European Community and mentioned the similarity between mosaic, consisting of many different materials and “tessere” and the European family consisting of many different nations.

To show that also the art of dance developed to an other style of expression, Jefferson Ramon performed a modern version of dance using also modern music. The exhibition was opened officially by Mag. Günther Schönberger, CEO Bildrecht.
The evening of the opening, visitors as well as artists were encouraged to vote for the 3 best pieces on show. Although there were no prizes available but only a specially created certificate, interest as to which piece should be chosen as best, was high.
In the evening of Saturday, May  24th the result of the voting was announced:
1st place for Dougald MacInnes , Scotland and his work “Fold”
2nd place for Luciano Petris, Italy and his work. “Do not pretend not to see”
3rd place ex aequo: Sonia King, USA and her work ” Coded Message” and
                                   Jo Kawamura, Brazil and her work :” Earth”.

In the following 4 days, May 22 – 25, .the exhibition was visited by almost 200 people, which is a very good result regarding the problematic subject of contemporary mosaic.
Now the mosaics are already at the Glass-Museum in Weigelsdorf, where the next opening shall take place on June, Friday 27th 2014. Unfortunately it had to be transferred back because of the opening of world championship in Brazil which would have been exactly the same day.
As it was mentioned several times already, it would be very beautiful to show the exhibition of contemporary mosaic also in other European countries, that means to work on a itinerary exhibition. But for this continuing project collaboration is absolutely needed. Who ever is interested in helping, please get in contact with me.
In the meantime please use my actual email address :
till a new website and address for the new project is created.
As planned, the first following exhibition after Vienna was inaugurated on Friday June 27th at 7:00 p.m.
Nearly 40 original mosaics of artists from 22 Nations remained in Austria, as well as 15 posters
Mrs. Hilde Kuchler, owner of the glass museum and her family, welcommed the guests, who for the first time saw contemporary mosaic. They were astonished about the different possibilities of expression. I am very pleased to send you all their full admiration and compliments.
Jefferson Ramon performed his old sword dance of the Middle East as well as a modern dance, also to show the visitors that on the base of ancient dances a contemporary variation of expression has developed. Again this was a good occasion to pay attention to the fact, that in innovative kinds of art, such changes of expression occur – like it happened with mosaics.
After sunset the buffet was served in the big garden. It was a warm and beautiful evening- another little festivity for our Contemporary Mosaic.
In the meantime the exhibition – now entitled “ Mosaic as Contemporary Art”- has received invitations to be shown in 6 different places in Italy. So please understand that these invitations now must be transformed into contracts and written conditions. Please accept that this procedure takes time! I shall inform you with definite news as soon as possible!
Lets hope to meet again. Then I shall be free of any official duties and offer more personal attention.
With cordial greetings, best wishes from Vienna to you all and thank you for coming and taking part of the exhibition!
You can find photos taken at the 2014 Conference by the “official AIMC Vienna Congress Photographer” Klaus Schuele, at the following web address:

-submitted by Artemis Klitsi

Discussion on the topic:  “AIMC and Mosaic

On May 23rd at the 2014 AIMC conference,  a discussion among members
relating to the topic,  “AIMC and Mosaic Today” took place at the conference
exhibition venue.
Surrounded by colorful mosaic work,  the following artists stated their
opinions  and exchanged views on this subject:  Nikos Tolis,
Manfred Hoehn, Giovanni Travisanutto,Bruno Zenobio, Elaine M. Goodwin,
Thomas Denker, Arianna Gallo, Helle Scharling-Todd, Rosanna Fattorini,
Safaa Abd El Salam, Milun Garcevic,Olivera Gavric-Pavic,
Fernanda Tollemeto, Christina Nakou, Stefan Wolters,
Magdalena Kracik, Edda Mally, Silvia Colizzi, and Lissi Maier-Rapaport. 

This discussion was intended to be the first of others to follow.

To hear this lively discussion, go to this link:

and here for a key identifying each speaker:

-submitted by Artemis Klitsi
XV AIMC World Conference of Contemporary Mosaic 2016

Next AIMC Conference
The next Conference and accompanying exhibition will be in 2016, in Spilimbergo, Italy.  At the 2014 Vienna Conference General Assembly, the Scuola Mosaicisti del Friuli,  proposed  to hold the next AIMC conference in Spilimbergo.  The proposal, made by the director of the school Gian Piero Brovedani  and presented by the member Giovanni Travisanutto, was accepted by the assembly with enthusiasm. We look forward to Spilimbergo!

-submitted by Artemis Klitsi


Click here for photo array: 1  2  3  4 

Felice Nittolo on his own path. by Patrick Macquaire.

-submitted by Felice Nittolo

Black and White

International Exhibition of Contemporary Mosaic, Paray le Monial, France

July 5 - September 14,  2014
Artists: Karen Ami (US), Filippo Bandini (it), Jo Braun (US), Lynne Chinn (US), Jérôme Clochard (F), Sophie Drouin (Can), Sandrine Farget (F), Takako Hirai (Jpn), Samantha Holmes (US et It), Kokomosaico(It), Anne-Cécile Lopez (F), Matteo Randi (It), Andrea Sala (it), Georgia Severi (It), Elisa Simoni (it),Mosaïzm interna􀆟onal, Matylda Tracewska (Pol), Sonya Louro de Rego (Afrique du sud). Special invitation: Toyoharu Kii (Japan)
Curator: The Association M comme Mosaique
Every artist will exhibit one mosaic under the theme "Black and White".  Kii, as invited artist, will exhibit 14 mosaics.
-Submitted by Toyoharu Kii

Sculpture and Mosaic:  from Fontana to Pietro  D'Angelo


 The Metamorphosis of the Tessere in Italian Sculpture during the Twentieth and 
Twenty-first Centuries
Opening of the Exhibition:  Saturday, June 7 at 11 am
Sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts and the City of Ravenna
from June 8 to September 21, 2014

Curated by Alfonso Panzetta
An event supported by Toscanaincontemporanea2013 is dedicated to the relationship between sculpture and mosaic in ‘900, from Fontana to Mirko and then, to the most recent research.

A journey of 50 works starting from the late thirties of the last Century and continuing up to the latest experiments of the younger contemporary artists.
From the pre-Columbian sources to the protagonists of the last three decades; among them, from Ravenna: Marco de Luca, Stefano Mazzotti, Giuliano Babini, Felice Nittolo, Francesca Fabbri, and Dusciana Bravura.  From the latest generation: CaCO3, Roberta Grasso, and Silvia Naddeo. A beautiful catalog.
Sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts and the City of Ravenna.

Brochure of the exhibition

-submitted by Maria Rita Bentini


Contemporary Mosaic Art Summit
in Oregon - USA

October 3 - October 6, 2014

    Venue: All over the city of Ashland, Oregon, USA.

The summit for mosaic artists (no CMA membership required) has been organized by Pam Givens (founder of Contemporary Mosaic Artists, CMA: and a small team of CMA members (John Sollinger, Tina Ellis and Jill McAlvage Smith).There will be 2 mosaic exhibitions, an invitational and all-registrant's show, at the Illahe Gallery and Belle Fiori winery, respectively. There will be a mosaic marathon, where participants will collaboratively work on and complete a mosaic during the Summit. There will be six workshops with four regionally-, nationally-, and internationally-renowned instructors. We will offer a hike on Pacific Crest Trail, a downtown Ashland mosaic walk and tour, and an Applegate Wine-Tasting tour.

Ashland is a small town surrounded by forested moutains and is best known for its 9-month Shakespeare Festival.

For more information, go to:

-submitted by John Sollinger
Doggerel Dreams
Solo exhibition of Pamela Irving

Period: 02/09/2014 - 02/11/2014
Venue: Montsalvat Gallery, Melbourne, Australia

Pamela Irving has been invited to have a very large solo exhibition at Montsalvat Gallery, public gallery, established in 1934, in Melbourne, Australia.The exhibition is titled “Doggerel Dreams”. It will contain both paintings and mosaic sculptures.

-submitted by Pamela Irving
Ongoing Events


Comune di Ravenna
niArt Gallery
Οn March 29, 2014 in Ravenna, a series of events entitled, "Ines Morigi Berti - 100 Years of Mosaic" began. It is a tribute by the city of Ravenna in honor of the most long-standing mosaicist in mosaic history, who turned one hundred years-old on April 20, 2014. The program consists of multiple events taking place throughout Europe.

The events are accompanied by a bilingual publication, Italian and English, with texts of the mayor and the councilor for culture, of Maria Rita Bentini, of  Linda Kniffitz, of Marcello Landi, as well as with numerous other testimonials.

The publication (publishing house Stear, 150 images, 156 pages), in Italian and English,  describes and documents the life of Ines Morigi Berti, who in a hundred years has produced thousands of mosaics distributed on the four continents.

Coming events
21 - 28 July venue House of Contemporary Mosaic, Paray – Le - Monial (France)
Training workshops and conference.
July 21 to September 6 venue House of Contemporary Mosaic, Paray – Le -  Monial (France)   The Zodiac - exhibition of mosaics of Ines Morigi Berti.
Attached is the  detailed schedule  of all the events that will take place, starting in the Municipal Hall of the city of Ravenna on March 29, 2014 and concluding in Chartres on January 18, 2015.

-submitted by Felice Nittolo

Exhibition of Graziano Guiso and Enzo Tinarelli  
In the Quarry, in the Heart, Views and Reflections on Marble 

Works in mosaic and mixed media 
June 27 -August 2, 2014
“In Beccheria” via Beccheria 4b – Carrara - Italy 
Part of the events of Carrara Marble week 2014
See the attached press release (in Italian)
-submitted by Enzo Tinarelli
Closed Events

Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna

Invitation from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna

- Opening show of mosaic work done at the Academy of Fine Arts as part of the Bicentennial celebration of the Carabinieri:  Thursday, June 5th, 2014 at 11 am at the Franciscans Cloisters, Via Dante Alighieri Ravenna.
- Open day at the end of the academic year, Friday, June 6 at the Academy.

-Submitted by the director of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna, Mirella Borghi

Mosaici contemporanei in
Antichi Contesti  

Giovanna Galli - Mosaics
Exhibition promoted by RavennaAntinca

Period: 05/04/2014 - 08/06/2014
Venue: Cripta Rasponi e  Giardini Pensili del Palazzo della Provincia, Piazza San Francesco, 1 - Ravenna

The exhibition project "Mosaici contemporanei in Antichi Contesti" aims to realize a series of  events where contemporary  mosaic works and installations are set within a venue rich of suggestions as Cripta Rasponi and Garden of the Province of Ravenna is, in order to establish a dialogue between the ancient mosaic and the artistic expressions of our days. 

Each exhibition find its inspiration in the theme of four seasons and the works exhibited enter in the permanent collection of Tamo Museum. 
This is the turn of the mosaicist Giovanna Galli, born in Ravenna, living in France. Her works are strongly influenced by the technique of Ravenna school. 

Ticket price: 2€
Reduced ticket: groups (15 persons at least): 1€ ; school groups: 0,50 €
h 10 am - 6.30 pm (Thuesday - Sunday)
Piazza San Francesco, 1 - Ravenna
Phone: (+39) 0544.215342
Cripta Rasponi e Giardini Pensili della Provincia di Ravenna
-submitted by Rosetta Berardi
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