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January 2015



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News from the World

Mosaico Oggi

          “Mosaico Oggi"                                                                                                                            
  Associazione Culturale
        Arte e Design                                                                                 Rome, 31/12/2014   
 Dear Colleagues,                                                                                                              
As we wish a Happy New Year to all, we are pleased to announce that the association,
"Mosaico Oggi” (Mosaic Today), with the participation of municipalities and interested bodies, has brought together the competition, "Mosaic Today", reserved for students in Italian and foreign mosaic schools, with the competition reserved  for artists who express themselves through the mosaic technique.  The terms of the consolidated contest will be published in upcoming days.
As with the prior contests, prizes for the winners include a workshop and accommodations in an art colony in Turkey (; and a workshop and accommodations in the art colony of Strumica located in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).
I expect (subject to change), that the event will open on May 1, 2015 at the
Cloister of Augustinians in Bracciano and, according to the current plan, the works selected by the Academic Committee, will be recognized in Rome, at the Galleria della Pigna in via della Pigna 13, on Saturday, May 23, 2015.
Pending the publication of the final rules of the contest, including eligibility terms required
for submission of works for participation and selection criteria, on behalf of the academic committee in charge, I send you all many heartfelt wishes.
                                                               Fernanda Tollemeto 
                                                               Prof. Fernanda Tollemeto
                                                               President of the Association "Mosaic Today"

“Mosaico Oggi” Associazione Culturale Arte e Design– sede legale: Via San Girolamo Emiliani, 15 -  00152 ROMA  Tel/fax:+39 06 9985236 - cell.+39 3687361558

Magdalena Kracik Storkanova

Ilumino Mio
Solo Mosaic Exhibition

January 14 - January 30, 2015

CZECH CENTER, Herengasse 17, Vienna, Austria

-submitted by Magdalena Kracik Storkanova
Ongoing Events

Art Gallery NiArt Cultura

INES MORIGI BERTI - 100 Years of Mosaic


The Mosaics of Ines Morigi Berti In Comparison With Those Of Her Students

October 18 - January 18, 2015



Details:  biography of Ines Morigi Berti
              press release

-submitted by Felice Nittolo

Edda Mally

                                                                 “Without Title” by Reneè Antoine Malaval


This touring exhibition, which began as the members' exhibition in Vienna during the XIV AIMC International Conference, continues with additional showings. Forty artists from twenty-two nations show a variety of expressions of contemporary mosaic.

    ”After the Rain” by Thomas Denker                                      "Garden without Rabbit” by Toyoharu Kii 

The above photos are from the exhibition at the “Museo del Fiume” in Nazzano. A ballot was offered to viewers, and their opinions were widely diverse.  Forty-four artists showed their work;  twenty-two of them were nominated for 1st place; thirty-four artists were nominated for at least one of the three places. Congratulations to the following artists (in order of appearance above):  3rd place to Reneè Antoine Malaval and her work “Without Title”; 1st place to Thomas Denker and his work ”After the Rain”; 2nd place to Toyoharu Kii and his work “Garden without Rabbit”.                     


Current Venue:  Cultural Centre of Terlizzi/Bari from December 12 to January 8, 2015 

See complete invitation/brochure:  page 1    page 2
Edda Mally's latest letter with continuing details of the touring exhibition, here.

-submitted by Edda Mally

Elaine M. Goodwin

Wolfson Gallery, Library, School of African and Oriental Studies,  SOAS, Russell Square, WC1H 0XG London, England. January 26 - March 26, 2015
Artist's Statement
‘There is an invisible creator in the desert - the wind - which forms landscapes of continual change . . . The realisation that nothing in this world is permanent is one which has absorbed my thinking for many years. I use the qualities inherent within my materials of gold and glass to manipulate light and to try to fix for eternity something which I know, no longer exists . . . This is the real meaning and lesson of the desert convince us of the only certainty -death -  while telling us that there is only life and perpetual transformation.'  Elaine M. Goodwin. 2014

-submitted by Elaine M.Goodwin

Closed Events

Loukia Orfanou



Solo exhibition of Loukia Orfanou
Estudio Gallery, Kifisia
Athens, Greece
December 12-16, 2014


Artist's statement:  "The question that concerned me in this work is the process of creating the "mosaic" of female presence and dynamics over time. This process is certainly not new, but has been constantly renewed for thousands of years. It remains for us to give to the image the measure of our time. Why the priestess of flamenco, Sara Baras, is nothing more than the form of Salome two thousand years later. We thus discover nothing new, but recreate what exists and try to give it new life. "

-submitted  by Loukia Orfanou

Isabel Ruas Pereira Coelho

Mosaics in the Architecture of the 50's

Book Launch, four modern artists in Sao Paulo
December 17, 2014
Fau Maranhão, Sao Paulo

-submitted by Isabel Ruas Pereira Coelho
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