Access to Healthy Food is a Human Right! 

In the wake of looming famine and hunger due to climate chaos and the conflict in Ukraine, WGEF's agriculture and food production initiative is expanding to avoid dire predictions for much of the Global South. Here are two highlights: 

WGEF Supporting Fish Farmers
To address nutritional deficiencies and impending food shortages for women and children, WGEF is supporting 60 women, 4 groups of 15, to begin local fisheries. Women have been trained and supported to enhance and expand local markets, and feed their families and communities while generating monthly income. 

Each group owns 3 fish ponds, which are fully stocked and harvested every 6 months. Here is a quote from a WGEF member: 

"The biggest benefit from my fish pond is that my family can now eat fish at least once a week. This has boosted the immunity of our bodies, and my children look healthier. I can't wait to reap more profits when we harvest." 

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543 New Farmers Preventing Hunger and Food Insecurity
WGEF is focused on food security in lite of looming famine. Local food economies are the answer to providing healthy and affordable food in the face of food insecurity and global food shortages. 

These new farmers are focused on growing sunflowers to address the global shortage; maize and cassava to replace the lack of wheat, and other crops to challenge climate changes. It is this holistic and sustainable approach that holds the most hope to avoid massive human suffering. Join our local food revolution! 

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What's Happening At Gulu Women's Resource Centre? 

Women leading for peace and equality is the focus of Gulu Women's Resource Centre (GWRC)! The only community center in the region, GWRC is the hub for dialogues, resources, information, and mobilization! In the first half of 2022, GWRC served thousands of women, families, and community members, here are a few highlights. 

  • Our Access to Justice Office received 711 cases, with an additional 128 referred by other community partners, including FIDA Uganda, Uganda Policy, Legal Aid, and coalition members to end domestic violence. Many of these cases relate to domestic violence, early or forced marriage, and land disputes.
  • The GWRC hosted 26 community meetings including international events such as International Women's Day and Menstrual Hygiene Day.
  • 984 people utilized our on-site Community Resource Library; many university students, training colleges, and private research take advantage of this resource.
  • The computer lab receives an average of 35-42 users each day, serving approximately 4,500 individuals; including students, researchers, and community members. The Center provides introductory computer training courses, graduating 327 young women in 2021, improving their knowledge and skills in the changing economy.
  • 28 peer counselors received training in Community Resource Monitoring, Self-Reliance, and Advocacy to improve their techniques and leadership skills.
  • 175 newly elected women councilors were trained in leadership, lobbying, and public speaking equipping them with skills to present community issues to the district and to fully participate in budgetary allocation, monitoring and advocating for gender
  • Over 965,000 information materials were distributed with messages educating the community about health, justice, and critical community and regional challenges. 
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Statement on the Supreme Court
Decision Overturning Roe v Wade

The right to full reproductive health care is the fundamental human right of all women and pregnant people. The need for sexual and reproductive health care is universal and the decision by the US Supreme Court takes away the right of women to control their fertility, the right to privacy, and the right to determine their own futures. This decision gives politicians power over women’s bodies.
Women’s Global Empowerment Fund will stand with our global community to ensure all women, girls, and pregnant people, have access to full reproductive health care, human rights, and gender justice.
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