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Pictured: Evan Sofro, Farm Manager at Native Seeds/SEARCH Conservation Farm with an ear of Heirloom Corn.

Dear Friends of Queen of the Sun and Seed Family,

With the busy holiday season, we know many of you have been focused on family, celebration, relaxation and reverence for a sacred time of year. If you haven't had a chance to get to our previous e-mails we have something exciting to share with you.

We're making a new film. SEED: The Untold Story will reveal the awe, wonder and hidden beauty of seeds. The film will investigate the decline of seed diversity over the past century and the rise of a small number of corporations who control the majority of the world's seed supply. We will follow heroes working to preserve agricultural security and seed diversity in this uphill battle against high-tech industrial chemical companies. SEED will unearth an incredible new movement emerging all around the world to protect our shared rights to seed.

We are raising $50,000 through an online Kickstarter Fundraising Campaign to fund a large part of the production for SEED. As we send this e-mail, we have made just over $25,000. Thank you so much for those of you who have helped us reach the halfway point! Now, we need all of your help to get us over the hump and into the home stretch! Kickstarter is all-or-nothing,  if we don't make this goal, we don't get to keep any of the money we've raised so far, so it's vital that we get to our $50,000 goal so that we can continue shooting SEED to aim for completion by the end of 2013.

If you're waiting to donate until the end. We urge you to give now so we can see where we stand. You can always increase your pledge later, so if you are able, there's no reason not to give today.
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Your donations are tax deductible through our non-profit, Collective Eye Films.
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You are the reason we make films. We thank you for watching, sharing and supporting SEED and our previous work and we look forward to sharing the experience of making this film with you. We encourage you to share this campaign with your friends, family and community. We can't express enough how much it is YOU that are making this film a reality.
Happy New Year!
Taggart Siegel, Jon Betz & the Collective Eye Films Team

SEED: The Untold Story will unveil a David and Goliath battle for the future of our seeds.

As many irreplaceable seeds near extinction, the film follows heroic farmers, scientists, and seed collectors who are working tirelessly to preserve agricultural security and seed diversity in an uphbattle against high-tech industrial seed companies and an impending global food crisis. 
SEED will reveal the awe, wonder, and hidden beauty of seeds. It will ignite the imagination of audiences, inspiring them to be part of a new movement to help sustain seed diversity. We will unearth the resilience and power that all seeds have to sustain, enliven, and enrich our humanity.  Our goal is to make an inspiring, uplifting film that will encourage communities to take action and create positive change.

We're asking for your help to plant the seed for our next documentary by donating to our KickStarter Campaign. KICKSTARTER is all or nothing. If we don't make our goal we don't keep any of your pledges! Already, we've made great progress, and now we're seeking more funds to continue production. Any amount you are able to give helps. You may not think it's enough, but with hundreds of backers, it adds up! SEED addresses an urgent topic. Our goal is to raise $50,000 to continue production and complete the film by the end of 2013. 
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