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As we wind down from our hectic and particularly eventful year at Azule, we want to take a moment to thank all those who have made our existence and expansion possible. We wish to serve the community and creativity in all its guises, and your participation is what makes that possible. From the items donated for the silent auction to the actual participation in the auction to the ongoing engagement at potlucks and other Azule events to the simple act of reading this newsletter, your involvement helps keep this marvelous place running. So, many Holiday greetings and great gratitude to you, friend of Azule, and see you next year with new adventures!
Visit our Azule Online Auction! Lasts through December 14th
We are very grateful to all our donors!

The following fine people have donated goods or services to our Azule fundraising event:

Alexandra Dewez
John and Gwen Clemmons
Jesse Ames
Alicia Araya
Bluff Mountain Outfitters
Cheap Joe' Art Supply
Continental Breakfast
Mary and Kevin Brooker
Meg Chamberlain - Fermenti Foods
B. Sheila Clandenning
Leigh Ann Culver
Cindy and Steve Dubose - Mountain Home Properties
Nancy Darrell
Pierce Edens
Dana Finimore
Michelle Ferland
Rebecca and Tom Gahagan - Dancing Sun Cabins
Ruth Gallager
Gwylene Gallimard
Andy Gordon
Andrew Hesed
Karen Llamas
Betsey Gravatt
Monica Hayden
Jim Hickey
Hot Springs Resort & Spa
Chris Howell
Iron Horse Station
Marie Joel
Mary Judy
Amanda Kendrick
Amanda Levesque and Tom Kilby
Nava Levenson
Carolyn Rose Llewelen
Beth & Jim Millar
Jarmila Moore
Mountain Harvest Organics
Karen Nagle - Mountain Magnolia Inn
Maryana Newton
Eric Olson
The Pink  House
Melissa Robinson - Marshall Container Company
Gary Roy
Morgan Santander
Hunter Savoy-Jaffe
Camille Shafer
Jeremy Smith
Wendy Stancil - Rising Flour Bakery
Spring Creek Tavern
Trillium Handwoven
Bill Weldner
Lynda Wheelock
Chad Wilderness - Natural Canvas Tattoo
Sherry Wilson
Zuma Coffee
Looking Back - The Azule photo archives provide a wealth of images that help us ponder the construction of a structure and a dream.  These photos in particular show different stages of a part of the architecture we know and love well: " It is not the beauty of a building you should look at; its the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time." - David Allan Coe
Channel 4 Asheville - Azule footage of the 80's - a fascinating view of part of the spirit that fueled the early days of Azule. Look to 1:50 for footage of Camille quilting! Look for Dave Shafer as well.
Azule Online Auction
In case you missed our silent auction event on November 5th, you still have a chance to bid on some wonderful items! We've hand-selected 20 items to go on our Azule online auction to be found here. From Broadway memorabilia to fine art, you still have a chance to secure that perfect gift at rock-bottom prices. The auction lasts through December 13th at 11:50pm, giving all recipients a chance to receive the item via the post by Christmas with standard shipping in the continental United States. You can immediately begin bidding on items at our Azule Online Auction portal here -

October Residents

 Alexandra Dewez came to Azule in October in search of inspiration for her photography. Though originally from France and England, Alex has been living in the Catskills area of New York, pursuing creativity through black and white digital photography and big charcoal drawings. She focuses almost exclusively on the figure, and in particular likes to marry the human form to scenes of abandoned urban blight. One of her favorite sets has been the grounds of the now defunct and abandoned Catskills Game Farm and Zoo, where she will occasionally pose herself in front of the abandoned fixtures and overgrown outdoor areas. Going into these sites by herself poses an inherent risk, something she acknowledges to be part of the artistic process. She does not see putting her own body and identity into her art as a part of an autobiographical statement in her art the way Frida Kahlo and others endelessly used their own image. She admits to using herself as subject due to not always finding models for her ideas, and adds, "once it is a photo, it's not me anymore." While at Azule, she collaborated photographically with Hunter Savoy-Jaffe.

From her website bio:

"For the past twelve months I have been drawn to a more classical representation of my thoughts. Working now with charcoal and pastels on paper, on a large scale, allows me to continue to sculpt, as I blend, crush and spread my materials across the page, but to do so in a more subtle manner. I use elements of realism, light, and composition, to present the creatures in my dreams and facets of my personality that fight for a place outside my head in a new manner.

My photographs, both the determined staged compositions and spontaneous captures, which nevertheless involve a "choice", are an extension of my investigation of how better to communicate with the world around me. Using images influenced heavily by classical imagery I can interpret situations and emotions that I find difficult to understand or express otherwise. It has also further allowed me to feel connection, and explore what it is to live in a world populated by endless others, as I begin to collaborate more and more with models other than myself."

images of Alex's work taken from

 Hunter Savoy Jaffe was our other photographer resident for the months of October and November. Recently relocating back to her native Western North Carolina/East Tennessee roots, she spent some weeks at Azule during the transition, pursuing photography and assisting us during the Silent Auction. 

She expresses her vision primarily through large-format black and white darkroom photography, photolithographs and silver gelatin prints. Unlike Alex, she does not use herself as a subject matter, but does like to photograph others. One recent series has involved photographing long-haired men who adorn themselves either through piercings or tattoos. As well she relentlessly explores her own past and her volatile family history which involves lawbreakers and the wilder elements of Southern Appalachian society. Visual themes emerge, such as her grandmother's hammer, in order to commemorate this harsh yet resilient woman who did what she could to create a life for herself and her family. Mug shots of other family members fill her compositions, juxtaposed with the sometimes bleak abandoned landscapes of the rural and impoverished roads of the Tennessee backwoods. It's good to commemorate this history, she says, "it's part of the bloodline."
For a look at Hunter's work visit this Indie Go Go campaign:

"As a place of deep mystery, contradictory politics, and social cruelties – The American South offers itself as a platform for shadows and lawlessness. Hidden within the mountains is a book of history written by moonshiners, outlaws, victims, and sinner citizens. During the 70s, an Uncle of mine decided to break from the structure of the family home, and offer himself to the complications of living on the open road. Quickly, he became a runner and an outlaw – hopping trains as a broke man looking for the next bank to rob. Decades later, after incarceration, physical damage, betrayal of his own blood, and fleeting encounters with the law; traces of his past resurge within his behavioral patterns. Memorabilia and ephemera from life as a bank robber are closed into neatly confined binders and placed on the shelf, but the person who he is so consciously leaving behind cannot be fully discarded. Strings of this lawless energy tie together throughout the family blood, and evidence of this resistance is evident in the stories and documents of persons within the same immediate side of the family, whom loomed and doomed in The South. "
Karen Kaye Llamas was our graphic artist resident come to Azule from the hustle and bustle of New York. She came to Azule to work on illustrating a graphic novel she was contracted to write. She also spent much of her time at Azule assisting us in preparing for November's Silent Auction by creating signs in her inimitable calligraphy, and creating lovely origami flowers and birds.

Besides her work as an illustrator, Karen dedicates much time and skill to the Japanese art of origami. She says it is a good stress release: "it's very monotonous and you can turn your brain off." She has also used her origami skills in art installations throughout New York and elsewhere, more notably in her participation in Carla Rae Johnson's Reciprocity of Grace and Gravity installation which commemorated the dead in 9/11 with one paper crane representing each person who died in that terrible tragedy. She singlehandedly, within the space of a month, produced half of the thousands of cranes for that exhibit which can now be seen at the Chappaqua Library Gallery.

More on Karen and her work can be seen here.
Karen Kaye Llamas, Azule resident for October - November, explains her origami process

Azule Auction!

November 5th Silent Auction - Our silent auction was a huge success! The attendance went far beyond all our expectations, and the funds raised put us well on our way to the halfway mark of what we wanted to raise for the initial stage of the building process. Pierce Edens rocked the house, Wendy and Kat constantly provided delicious food every second of the day, Alicia read tarot, and other spontaneous performances mushroomed up throughout the evening. A presentation detailing the history of Azule helped contextualize where we all came from and where we are going at Azule. And of course, plenty of goods exchanged hands! We are so grateful to everyone in the community for helping make this wonderful event possible, and we are looking forward to our next big event!
Azule T-Shirts still for sale!

Many of the t-shirts designed by Megan Ransmeier are still available for purchase. Sizes range from extra-large men's through small women's - scoop-neck and v-neck also available. $20 will get you this fabulous shirt.

Please contact Azule via this email or call 828 622 3533 to come get one, or to order one and have it shipped.

Artist Opportunities!

From the North Carolina Arts Council, here are a few samples from the following link which provides many interesting and potentially profitable opportunities for artists:


NEW! The Carving Studio & Sculpture Center, West Rutland, VT.
Accepting applications for one and/or two person exhibits for the 2018 season.
Deadline: March 19
For more information:


NEW! Long Leaf Film Festival
Seeking films made in or about North Carolina. Entry fee and cash awards.
Deadlines: December 1, February 1, March 1
For more information:


Port City Playwrights, Wilmington
Seeking one-act submissions for Resilience: 3 Plays about Women. Cash award and production.
Deadline: December 22
For more information:

Jacar Press, Durham
Seeking submissions for their award winning lit magazine One.
Deadline: December 31
For more information:


NEW! Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, New York, NY
The Archives Research Travel Fund is an opportunity for researchers and scholars interested in visiting the Rauschenberg Foundation and its archives.
Deadline: December 15
For more information:

AZULE Portrait Project 

All these years you have been part of the ongoing 
AZULE Portrait Project

Hundreds of these portraits are now on canvas and ready for you to sign. The AZULE PORTRAIT PROJECT is for us a way to parallel the continuity that Camille has shown in her building Azule - the place.

Representing you, participants to the Fall event, and asking you to sign and add a memory or thought to your picture is deepening your and our relationship to Azule in Bluff, Hot Springs, Madison County, North Carolina...


Thank you so much for helping AZULE board members and volunteers to move AZULE on its necessary journey.

Come, visit and participate. Invite your friends! THANK YOU:

Maxine Dalton
Sherry Wilson.
Gwylene Gallimard.
Linda Scott.
Arlette Vacarino.
John Malpede.
Olivier Rollin.
Karen Handsen
Frederike Gravenstein
Lisa Mount
Katharine G Hastie.
T Bright Williamson.
Gary Allen Davis.
Geraldine Barraco.
Harold Finley

Barbara Quigley.
Gary And Vivian Roy.
Sue Schroeder
Randy Bell
Elmer Hall
Christopher Jayne
Rebecca Gahagan
Bluff Mountain Nursery
Ashley Minner.
Lady Spirit Moon Cerelli.
Natalie Hesed
Christopher Jayne
Kate and Fairman Jayne

You are all invited!

AZULE may bring you the opportunity to meet great artists, attend a SkillsShare or learn about a traditional Appalachian Skill, experience a rejuvenating space for residencies, retreats, staff or wellness meetings. Come and visit, give us a call.
Apply online -
For more information, send us an e-mail
Supporting AZULE can happen in many ways!  CHECK OUT OUR WISH LIST:

Tiles of any sort
Folding Chairs
Electric Heaters
Filing Cabinet
Clips on Lamps

Folding Tables
Musical Instruments
CLICK HERE to make a financial contribution to AZULE
For a visit of AZULE: call Camille at 828-622-3533 
For information on AZULE's programs, to make a proposal, to apply for a residency or retreat, to book AZULE or to register for any of our offerings, visit AZULE website and e-mail us at 

(image courtesy of
Britney Penouilh, past Azule resident)
190 Rabbit Den Rd
Hot Springs, NC 28743

FOR A VISIT, call CAMILLE 828-622-3533
FOR INFORMATION, on any of our programs call
GWYLENE 843-607-5811

For New Danger RSC Skill Share, call OMARI 803-378-2616

See you on FACEBOOK

"The transformation that occurred within our group could not have manifested as graciously had we not been in the beautiful and deeply accommodating environment of AZULE. This place has nourished me and allowed for a sweet opening of my mind and heart. Thank you." Liana Johannaber from GO, Green Opportunities, Asheville, NC.
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