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November - December 2012

NEW DANGER RHIZOME of Alternate ROOTS RSC Presents...

January 18 to 20, 2013 ONLY at AZULE! We ARE BACK with a Passion-
SKILL SHARE / Cultural Organizing weekend
New Danger, RSC (Resources for Social Change) series at AZULE

"Hello Hot Springs, friends of Azule, and “French” allachians, Omari Fox here, new to the board and I’m feeling kinda blue. I hope to see you all in the next New Danger, RSC (Resources for Social Change) series at Azule. We have assembled a host of new and seasoned facilitators to lead skill-shares and workshops on a variety of subjects and techniques and certainly the immediate area is welcome to be on board.
We practice Open Space Technology, meaning, if the will of an individual or the collective has a desire to add a workshop to the offerings we will by temperature of the room vote to adjust the schedule, still being mindful that the announced times have to be honored for anyone who may show up at a set time for a particular workshop. However…The goal is to graduate to possibly one skill share a month, but a minimum goal for 2013 is a bi-monthly series for sure. If you have an offering you wish to lead or ask for help in facilitating, please let us know and we will rally our network the best we can. Our RSC rhizome has a particular style and camaraderie we have developed but if there is something you would like to see please release it to our blue wishes list, everything, every dream is possible.
The world would call me African-American, American of African descent, but in my mind I’m officially blue. The developing retreat series will always be open to the public, and free for the immediate AZULE area as well, and for those coming from beyond no one is ever turned away for lack of funds.
Some workshops may require some support for supplies and travel so donations are encouraged to support our workshop leaders as much as possible. Please pay it forward, invite friends, families, and other colors like purple, and green, to the facility and join our facebook page. You don’t need a facebook account to do so, we have been good as of late for keeping our events up there but you can always call, and let us know the best way to contact you and promote. Good places for flyers, email lists, or a knock on your door, whatever the best way that you wish to be reached.

Till we meet again."  Omari the “BLUE FOX”

Arrive Friday evening January 18 or when you wish.
The whole day Saturday Workshop is $15; the 2/3 day Sunday Workshop is $10.

Payment arrangements may be made,


Sunday, NOVEMBER 4, 2012

"After a great potluck dinner, "the best food in town", the guests were invited to the performance stage where they were entertained by some amazing artists.

Elise Witt with Thomas Vinton called the audience. Elise’s passion for music and languages has led her to take her concerts and workshops of Global, Local & Homemade Songs™ across the United States and literally around the globe. Elise is also a highly regarded vocal teacher, and is famous for transforming any group, self-professed “non-singers” included, into an Impromptu Glorious Chorus™. She will offer a week long of workshops at AZULE in the fall of 2013. Thomas and Flo Vinton, and Swani, and Tifenn, have created the Muse Circle, an arts education business specializing in language and culture. Londi, a singer and lyricist with roots in S. Africa and an advocate for the rights and treatment of women, sung a tribute to the struggles of her home country. Taye Beasley, an up-coming star, and teacher, performed her special brand of hip hop, getting close and dancing into the audience to their complete delight! She received an outrageous round of applause for her performance. Omari Fox and Raysean Love shared some of their words in poetry. I was, as always, wanting to hear more from these two word-wise and witty artists!

In addition to the performers, the Artists of Spring Creek, a group that has been together for several years, shared some of their paintings, which were hung on stage.  One of the paintings being shown was done by Barbara Quigley.  She painted under the instruction of the great watercolorist, John Gaddis and also taught watercolor herself.  She was hired by the Navy years ago to do portraits of the ships for the captains.  We were honored to have her painting "Point Loma" on display, as she rarely shows her work anymore. Sherry Wilson, an artist and art teacher from the Charlotte, NC area, presented current work in clay- sculpted figures and small intriguing Raku boxes. Louise McLaughlin presented a complex tack-weld iron sculpture of flowers and other earth elements.
And thanks Jarmila for your help to decorate the place." Lynda Wheelock
All pictures are from the Annual PORTRAIT COMMUNITY PROJECT, that was started by artist Bernard Crespin in 1977. You wish to hear the story? Come and visit!


AAC in Kansas City

"The Alliance of Artists Communities is an international association of artists’ residency programs – organizations that provide artists of any discipline (visual arts, writing, music composition, dance/choreography, architecture, filmmaking, etc.) with dedicated time and space for the development of new work. These residency centers serve as research-and-development labs for the arts, providing critical support for the generation of new art and ideas that are essential to human progress. There are 500 such programs in the U.S. and more than 1,500 worldwide.

Each year, the Alliance of Artists Communities convenes an international gathering of arts leaders, cultural policymakers, funders, artists, and others to address the ways in which we support today’s artists and the role that artists play in creative placemaking and community development." This year it was held October 30 - November 2 in Kansas City. Gwylene, AZULE's chair, was invited to attend by The Joan Mitchell Foundation through an Alternate ROOTS partnership. AZULE is part of the Emerging Members of the Alliance and looks forward to learn from and be active in a lively network. Visit the site at


We wish you all a great year!

Azule may bring you the opportunity to meet great artists, attend a skill share or workshop, experience a rejuvenating space for artists' residencies, retreats, staff or wellness meetings. Come and visit, look at our website, give us a call.
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"The transformation that occurred within our group could not have manifested as graciously had we not been in the beautiful and deeply accommodating environment of AZULE. This place has nourished me and allowed for a sweet opening of my mind and heart. Thank you." Liana Johannaber from GO from Asheville, NC. "Improving lives, communities, and the health of the planet through innovative green collar job training and placement programs."

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