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Looking forward to Spring

The last month of Winter is generally a fairly slow time in which we wind down from Winter's cold and inaction and look forward to the tiny green shoots of our growth efforts that will take off during Spring. 

Some notable happenings on the Azule front during these past months have been a media nod from our local arts weekly, applying for an Alternate ROOTS grant, and further engagement with residents, skillshares, and guests.

Residency and workshop requests have increased from this time last year, so as such we see that, nautilus-like, Azule is embodying growth in a way that will unfurl like newly-sprung seedlings, come March.

We welcome all the growth and opportunity that will fully flower come Spring in the coming year, and hope that you will all join us!
We're in the news! Here's an article that appeared on Azule at local arts alt-weekly, the Mountain Xpress.
Looking Back
Looking Back - Two events from Azule's past of community gathering and fun-creating. The one on the left from a gathering in the 90s, the one on the right from a quilt exchange potluck in the 80's. "A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living."  Rudolf Steiner
Tad Stamm presenting his street photographies from the 70's. AZULE 2013. Discussion with Donna Cooper Hurt.

February Resident

Brian Hayden's pen and ink whimsical and lovely illustrations.
Brian Hayden 

 Brian Hayden was our artist resident for the month of February. He is a computer Analyst at the University of Minnesota by day but a gifted illustrator by night. His remarkable work with ink brushes and India ink generally start life out as free-flowing visual improvisations that then begin to take more concrete shape as Brian develops them, in an organic and free flowing fashion. In contrast, some of his larger pieces start out more intentionally and more planned, consisting of thousands of tiny brush strokes that fill in a general predetermined shape. This punctilious and at times pointillist process gives his subject matter (usually animals of late) incredible depth and texture. 

Brian is one of a small cadre of incredibly talented but entirely self-taught artist residents to come to Azule, when, through a wish to connect with his children and impart to them some life skills, he undertook a strenuous and rewarding drawing instruction process. "I wanted to give my kids an example of what it meant to work and keeping at something, so I set myself a goal of drawing every day - I went for about 3 or 4 years where I was doing something literally every day, following a lot of books and instructional videos." He continues to draw and by now has definitely found his voice and medium. Though he is happy continuing his 'day job', his undoubted talent and dedication have vetted him some shows in Minneapolis, as well as opportunities to sell his work.

Brian has great advice for those of you looking to rekindle an old creative hobby, or learn a new creative skill, be it learning to play the violin or learn to paint or any other enterprise that most grown-ups deem themselves too set in their ways to accomplish:

"It's a question of accepting that it's not going to be what you want at first - I mean, you're not going to have something in your head and then make that if you don't have the training and have never tried it before, but every time you learn a little bit more. Just find what resources you can - I mean, it's totally different now than it was 20 years ago because there's now a million artists on youtube doing how-to's and things like that, so there are resources out there - just resolve to put the time into it."

For more info on Brian's astounding work, please visit his website.

Au Revoir, Arlette! Potluck

AZULE held, on February 4th, a potluck to bid adieu to Camille's sister, Arlette Vaccarino. As is her wont, Arlette spent a chunk of the winter holidays 'across the pond', visiting Camille from France.

While here she got to meet our art residents, see Azule in its snowy goodness, witness the building of the new porch roof, visit with local friends, and make good friends with some local donkeys. Some of the images she took can be seen below.

 Arlette has been a great intellectual and financial supporter of Azule. She has led a remarkably interesting life and at age 81 is not slowing down. After her stay at Azule she set off for a tour of Europe's major capital cities, and one of Auschwitz, because, as she says, "we must never forget these tragic moments in our collective history."

Our potluck was fun, and provided with some of us a last opportunity to interact and communicate with this remarkable woman.

February Skillshare

The Azule/ New Danger Skill Share returned to Azule on February 16. This 3 -day extravaganza brought together a large collection of artists, spoken-word artists, poets, and activists to Azule, to laugh, learn, share skills, creativity, and togetherness in this space that has seen so many dynamic and socially and creatively engaging things take flight. 

Friday contained a poetry slam team scrimmage between New Danger Azule and Upstate Say What (From Greenville SC), and the night turned to a 'Slamber Party' (poetry slumber party). Many enticing and powerful words and ideas were exchanged in a spirit of spirited community.

The activities scheduled on Saturday with The Moreno were writing labs with poets from The Watering Hole, and a 'FINDING your Voice/ Superpowers and Dance steps' session that promised to help folks find ingenious ways to tap into their creative potential. From then on, after community dinner and a movie, more opportunities for learning and creating abounded in this excellent longstanding Azule institution. A Sunday bruncheon wrapped up this Skillshare.

We hope more folks will attend these truly dynamic and eye-opening Skillshares into the future. 

Exciting Upcoming Events!

Rhythm, Relaxation, Rejuvenation - Drumming and Movement

Saturday, April 28th 1-5pm

Early bird Registration $30 Ends April 23rd
Registration Fee $40 At the door
Feeling overwhelmed? Too busy? Exhausted? Stressed? Hopeless? Longing for meaningful connections with yourself and others?

Join us for a powerful, yet fun and invigorating rhythm workshop. In this workshop, we will use movement, dancing and drumming to ground ourselves and connect deeply with others.

You do NOT need to be a dancer or drummer to attend. We are simply using these tools as a means to ground ourselves and let go of what we no longer need.

Join us! Get your tickets early and SAVE. Click on tickets above to register.

Drums will be provided, and no drumming or dance experience is necessary to have a wonderful time.

You can now purchase tickets directly from our website here:

Coming Soon! Eco Dye Workshop -  Delaney Smith, who runs a natural dye studio in Marshall on the Island, is gearing up to hold a natural dyes workshop at Azule, during her own residency here.

Delaney's studio is called Eyeland and she is teaching wonderful classes there on how to eco dye baskets, books, fabric, and any other number of materials of everyday use that we are at this stage of life too accustomed to purchasing at retail venues with factory-made dyes and harmful chemicals.

From her website: Delaney Smith created Eyeland in 2017 with dual goals in mind–to create small batch handmade items using consciously curated materials, and to host events that support the community. Eyeland pulls inspiration for design from the inherent qualities of material, and believes in the importance of tactility in everyday life. 

We are so lucky to have her in our community.

Delaney, joined by local gardeners and nature lovers, will forage for natural dyes in the area, expound on the different dyeing and chemical properties of flowers and plants readily at hand, and speak to the issue of how we can source our own dyes within our community.

With the above workshops and others, we are going to begin creating this sort of woven labyrinth that will grow with all of our workshops and expand as Azule expands. 

To see more about Delaney Smith's great work, her website is here and her facebook page here.
Stay tuned for more info!

Artist Opportunities!

From the North Carolina Arts Council, here are a few samples from the following link which provides many interesting and potentially profitable opportunities for artists:


Mary B. Regan Community Artist Residency Deadline: March 15
For more information:

Folklife Internship.Deadline: March 6
For more information:



Craft Emergency Relief Fund
CERF+ emergency relief assistance includes grants, no-interest loans, access to resources, waivers and discounts on booth fees, and donations of craft supplies and equipment.
For more information:
Studio Protector Online- The Artist’s Guides to Emergencies:



South Arts
Seeking submissions for the Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers. Honorarium.
Deadline: January 31, March 15, March 31, April 15
For more information:



Cold Mountain Review, Boone
Seeking submissions for the RT Smith Prize for Narrative Poetry. Entry fee, cash awards and publication.
Deadline: March 15
For more information:

Eastern Iowa Review
Seeking submissions for the Mary Hunter Austin Book Award. Entry fee, cash awards and publication.
Deadline: March 31
For more information:



NEW!  Engage Art, Charlotte
Seeking visual art, music and video submissions for juried exhibition. Cash awards.
Deadline: June 30
For more information:

AZULE Portrait Project 

All these years you have been part of the ongoing 
AZULE Portrait Project

Hundreds of these portraits are now on canvas and ready for you to sign. The AZULE PORTRAIT PROJECT is for us a way to parallel the continuity that Camille has shown in her building Azule - the place.

Representing you, participants to the Fall event, and asking you to sign and add a memory or thought to your picture is deepening your and our relationship to Azule in Bluff, Hot Springs, Madison County, North Carolina...


Thank you so much for helping AZULE board members and volunteers to move AZULE on its necessary journey.

Come, visit and participate. Invite your friends! THANK YOU:

Valerie Molnar
Maxine Dalton
Sherry Wilson
Gwylene Gallimard
Linda Scott
Arlette Vaccarino
John Malpede
Olivier Rollin
Karen Handsen
Frederike Gravenstein
Lisa Mount
Katharine G Hastie
T Bright Williamson
Gary Allen Davis
Geraldine Barraco
Harold Finley
Barbara and Tom Moloney
Lynda Wheelock
John and Gwen Clemens
Nancy Darrell
John Kraus
Anne McLaughlin
Dennis and Patty Turner

Barbara Quigley
Gary And Vivian Roy
Sue Schroeder
Randy Bell
Elmer Hall
Christopher Jayne
Kevin Duckett
Rebecca Gahagan
Bluff Mountain Nursery
Ashley Minner
Lady Spirit Moon Cerelli
Natalie Hesed
Christopher Jayne
Kate and Fairman Jayne 
Barbara Hill
Riverfront Cabin
Cindy and Steve Dubose
Clotilde Crouillebois
Sherry Wilson
Carolyn Stewart
Adam Hesed
Carolyn and Donald Varno

You are all invited!

AZULE may bring you the opportunity to meet great artists, attend a SkillsShare or learn about a traditional Appalachian Skill, experience a rejuvenating space for residencies, retreats, staff or wellness meetings. Come and visit, give us a call.
Apply online -
For more information, send us an e-mail
Supporting AZULE can happen in many ways!  CHECK OUT OUR WISH LIST:

Tiles of any sort
Folding Chairs
Electric Heaters
Filing Cabinet
Clips on Lamps

Folding Tables
Musical Instruments
CLICK HERE to make a financial contribution to AZULE
For a visit of AZULE: call Camille at 828-622-3533 
For information on AZULE's programs, to make a proposal, to apply for a residency or retreat, to book AZULE or to register for any of our offerings, visit AZULE website and e-mail us at 

(image courtesy of
Britney Penouilh, past Azule resident)
190 Rabbit Den Rd
Hot Springs, NC 28743

FOR A VISIT, call CAMILLE 828-622-3533
FOR INFORMATION, on any of our programs call
GWYLENE 843-607-5811

For New Danger RSC Skill Share, call OMARI 803-378-2616

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"The transformation that occurred within our group could not have manifested as graciously had we not been in the beautiful and deeply accommodating environment of AZULE. This place has nourished me and allowed for a sweet opening of my mind and heart. Thank you." Liana Johannaber from GO, Green Opportunities, Asheville, NC.
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