Women's History class at Colgate University reading Trying To Make The Personal Political: Feminism And Consciousness-Raising


We’d like to begin this December update by thanking everyone that came to see and support our work at the first Chicago Art Book Fair, and at the Rrréplica gathering in Mexico City. Both events were tremendously successful in very different ways. Chicago has long been a rich city for all kinds of publishing activity spread across many neighborhoods and populations. Our friends at No Coast demonstrated, with their impeccable organization of this event, that our pins on the artist publishing map are only growing and becoming ever more varied. 

To visit Mexico City is to see a place where all sorts of presses are chugging and banging away in open storefronts and public squares. In collective spaces and studios, RISO duplicators like the one we print on, are also in constant action. This was our second trip to Rrréplica, which is organized by Gato Negro Ediciones and Casa del Hijo del Ahuizote, and it was great to revisit Casa del Hijo del Ahuizote for this spirited event of mostly underground Mexican publishers. Far from being simply a book sale, Rrréplica featured many talks concerning everything from the impact of the recent earthquakes to publisher presentations and demonstrations of old mimeograph technology. Artist publishers were extremely keen to barter, and through an arrangement with the Joan Flasch Artists' Book Collection at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, we traded many of our books for over 30 publications from Mexico that will be added to the Flasch Collection, where they will be viewed by the thousands of students and visitors that pass through every year. 

One of the big reasons so many publishing events of this kind are happening, is due to the tremendous influence of Printed Matter, the long-running artist book store, publisher, gallery, and distributor that organizes the New York and Los Angeles Art Book Fairs. It’s hard to comprehend the impact that those fairs have had on our community. Beyond helping us distribute thousands of publications over the years, these fairs have helped us forge relationships with artist publishers from all over the world. It was at the Los Angeles Art Book Fair two years ago that we became instant friends with Gato Negro Ediciones, for just one example, which led to our repeat travels to Mexico City. 

We join Printed Matter, and many friends, in mourning the recent death of Shannon Michael Cane, who was a friendly organizing force at both of Printed Matter’s fairs. We have been great beneficiaries of his tireless efforts over the years. His warm presence will be missed at future fairs, and his legacy will live on through the many new art book fairs being organized in numerous cities throughout the US.

To close, thank you for valuing what we do. We hope to see you soon at an event, a reading, a book fair, a protest, or during one of our many trips to the post office. 

- Marc and Brett


Not on View: Re/Activating the Archive and its A/Effects, Guest Spot, Baltimore, MD, November 11 – January 6, 2018

A selection of our publications is included in this exhibition.
Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989–2017, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna, Austria, November 8 – January 28, 2018

This ambitious exhibition includes a copy of our newspaper Art Work: A National Conversation About Art, Labor, and Economics, 2009.
2017 Cincinnati Art Book Fair

We are excited that there are so many art book fairs popping up around the Midwest! We will be at this fair.



Library Excavations #7: VHS R.I.P.

By Marc Fischer / Public Collectors
Library Excavations #7 mourns and explores VHS tapes in the public library lending collection. In addition to text and photos from the collection and the discard piles, this booklet also contains reflections on the history of VHS at Chicago's Harold Washington Library Center by librarian Bob Sloane, and thoughts on the state of VHS relative to videos by artists from Abina Manning, the Director of Video Data Bank at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 
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Hardcore Architecture: 47 Years of Living / 1988 Playlist

By Marc Fischer / Public Collectors

Today is November 2nd and it’s my 47th birthday. Tonight I’m going to a punk show in Chicago, where I live, and the show is having One Page Zine Day. This idea is new to me. The invitation to make a one page zine to exchange with others is excellent. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the creativity of attendees who may not be musicians, but don’t just want to be spectators either. One double-sided page is an unusual format for a zine but in the 1980s, Mike Bromberg, who published the chaotic handwritten punk zine Bullshit Monthly from New York City, made at least one issue that was nothing more than a single 11 X 17 inch sheet. It was filled with energy and information and I hope this attempt feels as solid.
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Library Excavations Bookmarks (set of 10)

By Marc Fischer / Public Collectors
A new dimension in Public Collectors' Library Excavations project: a bookmark you can fill out to advocate for items that you don't want public libraries to discard.  Libraries discard a lot of material, but this process is not one that usually incorporates the public's input. Sometimes weeding, as it's called, is well justified in cases where a book is heavily damaged, or the library owns far more copies of a once-popular item than it needs. Other times material that one person might feel is outdated or no longer relevant, could be something that a patron considers historically important or newly relevant because of a recent development in a given field.
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Library Excavations: Set of Issues #1-7

By Marc Fischer / Public Collectors

Be a Library Excavations completist! Get the first seven issues from the Library Excavations booklet series by Public Collectors together as a set.
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Break Down Workbook #3—Sonic Meditations: Immersive Ecological Entanglement

By Brett Bloom
The third BKDN BKDN workbook is for facilitating Deep Listening sonic meditations with others to individually and collectively experience immersive ecological entanglement. The publication is a tool for sinking in to relationships you have with the world around you, helping to bypass the ways you have been taught to limit or ignore the subtleties of the more-than-human world you are immersed in. This workbook has been developed over the past decade through many experiments in Deep Listening sessions that I have facilitated. Since first being exposed to Deep Listening, I was interested in how it could create empathies with the environment that I was not capable of before.
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Deep Mapping

By Brett Bloom & Nuno Sacramento
This book develops and encourages you to inhabit — through narratives or spatialized experiences — Deep Maps of places you want to understand in a robust, inclusive, and expansive ways, which is not possible with traditional mapping. Maps tell you more about yourself, the narratives you construct, and the values you explicitly or implicitly hold, than they do about an actual place. To get an understanding of an actual place, one must inhabit its multiple overlapping contradictory stories simultaneously. To this end, we began to construct Deep Maps. We were inspired by the American author, William Least Heat-Moon’s book PrairyErth, and the way that he envisions a written or narrative Deep Map of a place.
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An Artist

By Malena Pizani
A very funny artist book that attempts to account for seemingly every conceivable type of artist in the world. Every example—and there must be over a thousand—feels accurate, no matter how hyper specific. Honestly, an instant classic.
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I Want A President

By Zoe Leonard

In addition to making new things that have never been published before, our friends at Gato Negro Ediciones in Mexico City always have a great eye for turning preexisting texts into new works that may not have ever been presented as stand-alone books. Printed in their usual ink-heavy manner with their typically strong sense of design, the power still radiates from this text, no matter the small printed format. From the inside front cover: "Written in the early 1990s, this poem-manifesto was first published in 1992, following the announcement of the poet and activist Eileen Myles as a candidate to the presidency of the United States."
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The Praise of Laziness

By Mladen Stilinovic
Back In Stock!
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Abandoned Signs

By Temporary Services
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Trying to Make the Personal Political: Feminism and Consciousness-Raising
By Women's Action Alliance, Lori Sharpe, Jane Ginsburg and Gail Gordon, Mariame Kaba, and Jacqui Shine
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Mapping out utopia: 1970s Boston-area counterculture (Book 1: Cambridge)
By Tim Devin
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FWD: Museums: small
By Museums and Exhibition Studies Program at University of Illinois at Chicago
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Break Down Workbook #1—Questions for evaluating art that concerns itself with ecology
By Brett Bloom
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At Work with Thomas Kong
By Dan Miller with illustrations by Ruby T
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