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Chicago Spring, finally...

I hope everyone had a great winter and most of you I have seen throughout the winter months working hard on your golf games indoors.  Below are some of the programs you can get involved in at Skokie CC this spring and summer.  If you have any questions about any of the programs or individual instruction feel free to email or call me in the golfshop.

Daniel Gray, PGA
Teaching Professional
Skokie Country Club


Advanced Men's Adult Program

This winter I started an Advanced Men's program and I will be continuing the program into the spring and summer.  This program is designed for single digit handicap players that are looking understand their game better.  These sessions will be a combination of technique, measured practices, and on course sessions.  Through a measured practice program I have designed we will be completing measured practices sessions and then focusing on the areas of technique where each player has the largest discrepancies.  These are very helpful sessions to help players understand where and what they should be practicing and focusing on during their individual sessions.


High School and College Prep Program

This will be the fifth season for the Prep Program at Skokie CC and the program has grown over the past few years.  Most of the players are year round players that desired to play high school golf and as for the college prep program they have desires to play college golf.    These programs are year round, but a new 4 month session is starting this May, if you are interested in getting you player involved please contact me and we can figure out the correct placement of your player.

Ladies 3 Day Golf Schools

This past fall I started offering 3 day golf schools for ladies looking to improve their skills.  This program has different ability levels each group typically has similar abilities levels in each school.  These schools are 3 hours each day for 3 days, either in the morning or in the afternoon.  There is a maximum of 4 players per group and the schools are tailored to match ability level of the group.  These sessions will be going on throughout the month of May and the first week on June, so if you have any interest in participating please contact me about the details.

How good technique and science can improve your distance?

Through some of the new understanding of center of gravity and how to maximize the ball flight through FlightScope and Trackman this could be the year to take a look at a new driver.  Taylormade has made large strides this year with the SLDR Driver to help us improve our fitting methods, up until this year, as fitters, we have struggled to fit players with adequate loft without maintain a spin rate that will maximize the distance of your driver.  Also through understanding the physics of how the golf club interacts with the ball to produce maximum launch conditions we are able to through a combination of technical work and proper club fitting gain considerable distance is some cases.  There are many factors a player can look at when trying to maximize the length of the tee shot, just to list a few:

1. Spin Loft:  The difference between the angle of attack of the club and the dynamic loft at impact of the driver.  Maximizing these two areas can ensure you are compressing the golf ball to the fullest and getting the most out of your driver.  Working through some of the technique can be very helpful in gaining these new launch conditions that are ideal for longer distances.

2. Club head speed:  I am hesitate to put this down, because most players can not add club head speed without loosing centerness of contact, so this is much more of a long term fitness project.  This is a program we can discuss as well to help with your clubhead speed.

3. Equipment:  This is where the physics and science can help us and Taylormade has put the best driver on the market to help maximize the correct spin loft.  The SLDR also helps to minimize the effects of negative effects of an incorrect spin loft or technique.  Check out the following video to get a better understanding of the new SLDR driver.

Loft Up+ Education


Golf IAT?

I am sure you are not familiar with the term Golf IAT and for good reason, I just started this about 5 months ago.  After reading about a Harvard study about peoples initial reactions to other situations I have applied this to golf and how players process their golf shots.  This is a quick 10 minute observation study I would like all of my players to complete.  This is a quick and easy way for me to analysis your shot processing skills.  All handicap levels are welcome and I would welcome anyone who has not completed the study to do so and also invite any other players you may know to help out and take 10 minutes of their time to complete the study.  This study will help me conclude how certain handicap players process certain shots and how players can become more efficient thinkers on the course.  Please go to the following link or have friends and student complete this study and I will send you the finding as soon as the program bears more information.  If you have any questions please contact me.  See the following link:

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