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Global Fund Advocates Network

GFAN Call: World AIDS Day - updates, planning and strategizing to use WAD for GF Replenishment campaigning

Join us! Thursday October 22nd at 10 am ET (Washington)/4 pm CET (Geneva)/5 pm EAT (Nairobi)/9 pm ICT (Bangkok)

Join Civil Society colleagues and representatives from UNAIDS and the Global Fund Secretariat to get updates on activities and messaging for World AIDS Day. We will also discuss what gaps in analysis or research that we might need to fill and whether there are collaborative actions as GFAN or otherwise we can take around WAD to further our collective advocacy on GF replenishment.

We would ask everyone to consider the following actions/questions prior to the call next Thursday:
  1. What activities are you planning – prepare a short message to the GFAN listserve as there wont be time for every organization to provide an update
  2. What gaps in research or analysis are needed for effective advocacy messages? Is there anything your organization can/will be preparing that will help fill those gaps?
  3. What should be some of our key messages and what is our target audience for WAD?

Agenda for the call:
  • Introductions and Context
  • Key Themes and Audiences to link WAD to GF Replenishment advocacy
  • Updates on messaging and activities from UNAIDS and Global Fund Secretariat
  • Key CS activities and intelligence around WAD planning
  • Discussion about what collaborative action we can take as GFAN, what gaps in analysis or research may exist, what our key messages are/should be and what our target audience is
An Outlook Meeting Request will be sent with the details following this email.

If you cannot join via the web on our Ready Talk GFAN platform and do not have a toll-free number in the attached and cannot incur the charges to join the call, please email me (Katy) here by COB on Wednesday October 21st and I will dial you in. 






Local time

10:00 EST

16:00 CET

17:00 EAT

21:00 ICT

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Download the list of local call numbers to join!
Please also save the date for another upcoming call: 
  • Monday November 9th: Update from Civil Society Conference and Symposium in Japan on link(s) between Universal Health Coverage and Global Fund (and WAD update).
    • We will discuss the outcome document and actions resulting from that meeting and what it means for our GF advocacy leading up to the Preparatory Meeting and UHC conference in Japan in December.
    • We will also check back in on World AIDS Day planning. 
    • This will be a 1 hr and 15 minute call.
    • Times for this call will be: 8 am ET(Washington) ~ 2 pm CET (Geneva) ~ 4 pm EAT (Nairobi) ~ 8 pm ICT (Bangkok) ~ 10 pm JST (Tokyo)
A more detailed invitation will be sent around shortly.