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God's Covenant and Our Duty by Samuel Willard - Covenant Theology that's Practical and Powerful!

At A Puritan's Mind we love to publish books on covenant theology. This one is with a twist - it demonstrates the practical side of living in God's Covenant, and the responsibilities of children in the covenant after baptism.
This book by Samuel Willard teaches Christians about God’s condescension to us by way of His covenant, and in light of that, how we are to live before Him. Willard covers the basics of the Covenant of Redemption, Covenant or Works and Covenant of Grace, to more fully explain and teach the biblical mandate and obligation to perform our duty in God’s covenant.

Christians cannot just profess that Christ is Lord; their outward actions must demonstrate the reality of the Spirit’s work in their daily lives. He covers what it means to “keep covenant” with God, what a covenant breaker is, how covenant mercies are 
applied to Christians, and how we are to use the covenant promises found in Scripture for our sanctification. In the second half of the work he applies the uses of this teaching to both adults and to the children of believers, and how each of them are obliged to keep covenant before God in specific ways.

Also added to this work is a covenant renewal sermon called, “The Necessity of Sincerity in Renewing Our Covenant,” which shows that it is not enough to go through the motions before God in living before Him, but to have a right heart in engaging with God through His 
covenant promises. This is an exemplary work of the highest caliber on Covenant Theology holding such a high practical aspect to the teaching, as well as the foundational biblical truths concerning Christ’s work and merit on behalf of His people.

Samuel Willard (1640-1707) was a reformed preacher of the Gospel in the old South Boston Church in New England, president of Harvard University, and one of the great Calvinistic teachers of his day.

Atheists Buy Books from the Puritan Shop.

The traffic from the atheists on You Tube is a result of their outrage at the new children's books from A Puritan's Mind.
With almost 5000 views on You Tube in just one week, the atheist community is actually going to the Puritan Shop and out-buying Christians on the new children's book "The Cage" simply because they can't believe someone teaches Christ's biblical doctrines of original sin, being born again, and hell.  Go figure - they have bought more copies of the book than the Christian community. As a result, there was a virus attack on our Facebook Page. The hatred that people have of Jesus Christ and his teachings will continue to afflict the church-militant until Christ returns in glory. Yet, even now, we press on to continue bringing the Gospel to as many people as we can across the world.

For a limited time, you can "beat the atheists" and support A Puritan's Mind by purchasing all three children's books at a huge discount in a single download. They are virtual eBooks for PC and MAC, as well as in High Res PDFs for any eReader. Click here for more information on the fully illustrated set.

Sophia and the Umbrella - Teach Your Children About Original Sin and Justification

Most adults have a hard time understanding original sin, justification and the doctrine of imputation. This new children's book will help both adults and children understand a critical doctrine easily.
This full color children’s book completely in rhyme, appropriate for children from 5-10 years old, is about Sophia – a little girl that is constantly soaking wet. She lives in the city of Drown where the rain never stops falling. There is nothing in the town that can stop the rain, and there is no place she can go to get dry. No matter what she tries, she is always soaking wet. Then one day she meets a man standing on the street corner on a wooden box with a special gift just for her. He shows her why the rain keeps falling from the sky, and how to get out of the rain to get dry.
This book is a lesson to help children understand the bible’s teaching of justification, and the work that Jesus Christ accomplished on behalf of his people, "...the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7). It also has listed at the end of the story a study aid to help parents teach their children the major themes found in the book.

Virtual eBook and PDF here at the Puritan Shop.

Fully Illustrated Print Version Here.

God's Afflicting Providence, by Francis Roberts - A Puritan You Ought Not to Miss

This publication by Francis Roberts is only the first of a number of great works we are going to Publish. He is one of the greatest Puritans you will ever read.
In these works, Francis Roberts is at his best. They demonstrate three topics covering the sanctification of the Christian in the providence of God, the Christian’s contrite and humble spirit, and the advantage of the Christian in both life and death. These are some of the best works on these biblical subjects ever written in print, and Roberts handles them with pastoral sensitivity and theological accuracy. Roberts is a “must-read” puritan and these works are examples of some of his best writings.

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Get the Print Version HERE.
Francis Roberts (1609-1675), was a Presbyterian and Reformed Calvinistic Puritan. He was an eminent theologian in his day and widely known for his theological works.

Robert's works are not available yet, except for this first volume. Puritan Publications is working to publish all of Roberts’ works. His key works are: 1. Clavis Bibliorum, the Key of the Bible. 2. The Believer’s Evidence for Eternal Life. 3. The Communicant Instructed. 4. Mysterium et Medulla Bibliorum, or the Mystery and Marrow of the Bible. 5. The True Way to the Tree of Life. 6. God's Afflicted Providence. And, 7. His most popular work was not a book, but a chart called “A Synopsis of Theology or Divinity," available HERE.
Watch the video for more information about this title.

Teach your Children about Sin and Hell with "The Cage."

The Atheist and the Christian community at large hate the doctrine of original sin, and are mocking The Cage. Let Christ be glorified by His word nonetheless!
Little children ought to learn all the teachings Jesus taught about in the Bible. 1/6th of everything Jesus taught about was on judgment and hell. That is a huge amount of teaching on the subject! But how do we teach our children such a hard biblical idea appropriately?

In this tastefully illustrated work that is completely in rhyme, the Bible’s teaching about hell is outlined in a very easy to understand manner. 
It concerns a young boy who we find is trapped in a cage called “Big Sin” and can’t escape on his own. The cage is suspended by a chain that is rusting and could break at any moment. What will our young friend do? What is he thinking about as he stands there locked away? He sees others in cages as well, some who don’t escape, and some who jump to safety as their prisons doors are opened by a mysterious key. Will our young friend get out? How will he escape THE CAGE?
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Watch the video below for more information about the book.
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Confessions of the Reformed Churches Audio Series are on Sale.

Our First Illustrated Children's Book - Umiko and the Mask

There is a great void in children's books from a Reformed Perspective. Puritan Publications is working to fill that void, and the first concerns Regeneration and Conversion.
Puritan Publications' first children's book.
How do you teach young children about being born again (John 3:3), and conformed to the image of Jesus Christ (Rom. 8:29)?

This is the children’s story of Umiko, a daughter born in the ugly town of Minikui, just below the beautiful mountain. She always thought she was ugly, and her parents even told her she was. But one day the Emperor’s son Kioshi came to town to choose for himself a bride. But Umiko thought she was too ugly to ever be chosen by the Emperor’s son, and the town was filled with daughters far more lovely than she was. And so she hid herself behind a mask.

This is the first fully illustrated children’s book by Puritan Publications teaching the doctrine of conversion to young children. It also includes a Bible study section at the end of the work for adults to aid them in teaching their children the major themes of the book. Its on sale at a discount right now in both print form and eBook form.

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The Reformed Apprentice Workbook Volume 3: The Doctrine of God Now Available!

How well do you know the one, true, living God? How well could you explain the Trinity? Or the doctrine of the Son of God? Or the Bible's teaching on the Holy Spirit?
This is the third volume in the Reformed Apprentice workbook series, teaching Reformed Theology in a simple but interactive manner. This workbook covers the biblical view of Doctrine of God, extensively quoting the early church fathers, the Reformers, the Puritans, and Reformed theologians from various ages. This third volume helps the Christian understand how the Bible teaches us about who God is and what God has done. It covers God’s divine attributes, the Trinity, the divinity of the Son, the divinity of the Holy Spirit and the decrees of God.
There is nothing like this series of interactive workbooks anywhere in the Christian community. They are unique workbooks designed to bring Reformed Theology to students of the bible in its various facets. 

The electronic download at the Puritan Shop offers a special VIRTUAL BOOK for PC and MAC users included in the zip file (see screen shot above). It acts like a virtual book on screen for a heightened reading experience. Just double click the included file for your PC or MAC and it will automatically launch the self-contained program.

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The God of All Grace Comes to Save Sinners Through His Covenant!

God condescends to save sinners through his covenant. Henry Newcome, the Prince of Preachers, explains this with Puritan precision and clarity.
Henry Newcome (1627-1695) was known as the Prince of Preachers in Puritan England. He was one of the most famous pastors in his day, and droves of people came out to hear him preach the word of Christ.

In this mighty work concerning the Covenant of Grace, Newcome centers in on God being the, “God of all grace,” from his main text in 1 Peter 5:10. He shows that we have a description of what God is in and of himself, he is the God of all grace; and what he has done for us, he, “hath called us unto eternal glory by Christ Jesus.” The doctrine he teaches is that it is the great comfort and advantage of a true Christian, in all his 
addresses to God, to look upon him and go to him as, “the God of all grace.” The Christian, in understanding this central biblical doctrine, will find a deeper understanding of favor with God, and that God bears a special favor to his own people above all others through the Savior Jesus Christ.

Get the eBook here at the Puritan Shop      Get the paperback here.

Possibly the Best Puritan work ever written on Christ's Ascension

We always think about the cross. How much do you think about the ascension of Christ?
Henry Pendlebury (1626-1695) was a greatly beloved Puritan and esteemed theologian with great ministerial abilities. He was one of the most learned nonconformist Puritans of his day.

This treatise on Christ’s ascension is one of the best treatments of the subject in print. Pendlebury works from John 14:2, “I go to prepare a place for you,” and demonstrates that these words are the living speech of a dying Christ to his dear apostles; and, in them, to all his people even to the end of the world. The doctrine which he expounds is that Jesus Christ is gone to heaven for all true believers. He went in their name, and his business was for their happiness.
It is uncommon for Christians to think about the application of Christ’s ascension, and instead, they concentrate solely on Christ’s crucifixion and death. But there is no help for the Christian in a dead Savior. Christ must be seen as risen from the dead and ascending to the Father in order to send the Spirit to his people in power, and aid them in their spiritual walk here on earth. We must, then, look from the cross to the throne room of heaven, and set our minds on Christ there, seated at the right hand of God for his people.

eBook version at the Puritan Shop       Print Version

New T-Shirts at A Puritan's Mind

New silhouette T-shirts of Edwards, Calvin, Spurgeon and Luther.
What do Edwards, Luther, Calvin and Spurgeon have in common? They are all part of the signature series of fancy T-Shirts, mugs and more at A Puritan's Mind Cafepress Shop. Take a minute to browse around.

McMahon's New Book Analyzing John Calvin's View of God's Love and Reprobation

How do we reconcile Calvin in his Institutes, and his other tracts on God's predestination and secret providence? How does Calvin see God's love and hatred?
A central theme of Christian theology is not only the orthodox doctrine of God as Triune, but the manner in which this Triune God works in the hearts of men as Sovereign Ruler and Supreme King. This work deals with understanding the relationship between God’s love and the reprobation of the wicked, aiding the reader to understand more simply the view of the Reformation’s brightest Reformer, John Calvin (1509-1564), within an otherwise daunting topic.

In this analysis of John Calvin’s view of God’s love and the biblical doctrine of reprobation, C. Matthew McMahon (A Puritan’s Mind Founder) explores Calvin’s thoughts concerning reconciling 
God’s love and the damnation of the reprobate. McMahon explains Calvin’s doctrine of accommodation, centering on understanding the difference between the will of God’s decree and the precepts of God’s word. Also analyzed is Calvin’s view of God’s providence as Supreme Ruler over creation, Calvin’s view of hardening the reprobate’s heart, and his view of the Gospel call when the reprobate are called to repent and believe the Gospel.

Annexed to this analysis is an overview and introduction to Calvin’s treatise on reprobation, initially published in 1558 as, “Concerning the Secret Providence of God,” (contained as an appendix to this work) demonstrating articles that Calvin refuted against Sebastian Castellio (1515-1563) who attempted to revile the Reformer and the biblical position of predestination.

Get the eBook here for mobi, EPub and PDF. Get the Print Book here (and use the coupon below).

Thomas Jollie's Astounding work on Being Heavenly Minded

Where is your real focus? On things on the earth, or with Christ, who is seated at the right hand of God?
Few of Jollie’s works survive today. This puritan gem on heavenly mindedness is exceedingly rich with Scripture, and dripping with praise to Jesus Christ. Jollie covers in this work the primary doctrine that, “the saints’ holy calling out of the world, and their afflicted condition in it is, that they are heavenly both in profession and practice.” His text is Hebrews 11:16, “…they desire a better country.” He shows that it is the good pleasure of God to appoint this course for his saints though their lives might be filled with suffering and affliction.

Jollie teaches that Christians should learn this duty: that we freely subscribe and faithfully hold steadfast to God, no matter what our condition may be, and 
that we ought to drink down this bitter cup, knowing God will supply the needed grace.

There is no Christian that has ever lived that has been removed from suffering or affliction in their life. Such a view supposes that manifold dangers and necessities, temptations and tribulations, attend the people of God in this world. But with the Lord is plenteous redemption. Knowing this, we should keep in mind that it is the good pleasure of God to work all good to his people in such a way and manner as may be, “to the praise of the glory of his grace.”

eBook is on Sale at the Puritan Shop Here     Print Book is available here.
Thomas Jollie (1629-1703) was a zealous puritan preacher with superior abilities, an active spirit, and humble disposition. He was held in high esteem and influence in the churches of Christ, which he directed to the general good and the glory of God.

He was extremely popular in his day, and crowds of people would gather to hear him speak in his own church, and throughout the countryside where he lived. He was a sufferer for Christ and glorified the Lord throughout his life.

Brand new Covenant Theology Poster from A Puritan's Mind

A 3' x 4' monster poster that you can download as a PDF or get it printed to hang on your wall.
Everyone has questions about covenant theology. It's one of the biggest theological sections of A Puritan's Mind. In aiding Christians to come into a deeper relationship with Christ, visual aids are often very helpful - and in years past our smaller learning charts did the trick. The Puritans (like Francis Roberts and William Perkins) made many 
charts, even in their day, to aid church members to understand and memorize Scriptural truths. In this way, creating visual aids to help Christians understand a broad range of necessary biblical ideas is an important venture. That is why I created the Covenant Theology Poster. This is a 3' x 4' monster poster that covers all the important aspects of covenant theology at a glance. This high resolution poster is ready for you to download at the Puritan Shop. It is on sale at 15% off right now. 

Help Expand the Kingdom of God - Support the Vision Behind A Puritan's Mind

Our desire and goal is not only to bring you the best in puritan books, but also to bring 3rd world countries the best reformed and puritan material that we can, in updated form. Will you share in our vision?
Last month we reached 30,000 people through A Puritan's Mind in....CHINA. Can you imagine that? After the US, China is the second in our reach through our site. This has been a growing trend over the past year. We are reaching Christians all over the world, and receiving requests by third world countries for Reformed and Puritan books. 

We are working diligently to bring the Christian Community the best Reformed and Puritan works, updated in a form that is readable in both print, and eBook, (unlike books that are published as scans or facsimiles).  But we need your support. We are not asking you to
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Help us in our desire to bring glory to Jesus Christ around the world through the best expositors of the Word of God - the Reformers and Puritans. We want to see a new revival today, a powerful outpouring of the Spirit both in the US and around the world; and that will only happen if the true Gospel is preached and distributed to the ends of the earth.

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Is Religion Your Business?

Westminster Divine Herbert Palmer takes us on a journey of sanctification in this newly published work on Making Religion One's Business. Check out the video and book below...
Herbert Palmer (1601-1647) was an important Westminster divine, powerful preacher, studious Christian and a pastor’s theologian. He was such an intense Christian that some said he was sanctified from the womb, like that eminent and faithful servant of the Lord, Jeremiah. Even at a young age, when Palmer was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he constantly replied that he would be a minister of Jesus Christ.

There is a great gulf fixed between being religious and being a Christian. Are you a Christian? Or, are you just religious in some way, even with great intensity? What if true religion became intertwined with real Christian piety? The outcome
would be a real passion for the things of God and the glory of Jesus Christ. In essence, Palmer shows that true religion and Christian piety are one and the same for the believer.

Palmer’s desire in this written work (quite popular in his day), is that Christians would be glad to see written down a pattern for their hearts and lives before Christ, and also strive to make it their own in Christian practice. He penned this list of remembrance to quicken and push to action, what he called, “…his own frequent dullness.” He desired, “to have his affection all molded by religion, and towards it,” and that we in turn, in following his directions, would remember that, “religion is the end of our creation, and of all the benefits, not only spiritual, but temporal, which God bestows on us.” If this aim is met, then religion would be our, “intense happiness, even for the present, though derived from eternal happiness, which is now laid up for us, and to be hereafter possessed by us in heaven.” To harness Palmer’s work is to make religion our business. It is not simply to be a religious zealot, but a true Christian.

eBook at the Puritan Shop        Print Version - Puritan Spotlight

Study Covenant Theology at its Best in the Covenant of Redemption

Samuel Willard's "The Covenant of Redemption" is a wonderful exposition of the covenant made in eternity past between the Father and the Son through the power of the Holy Spirit.
Samuel Willard (1640-1707) was a reformed preacher of the Gospel in the old South Boston Church in New England, president of Harvard University, and one of the great Calvinistic teachers of his day.

Read more about Willard at A Puritan's Mind. There is a bio-page under the Puritan Favorites Section specifically on the work that Willard accomplish and his influence on Christian doctrine.  CLICK HERE

There is no better topic on understanding salvation than by studying the Covenant of Redemption between the Father and the Son in the power of the Spirit.

The unparalleled and incomprehensible love of God to sinful man, displayed in the wonderful affair of his redemption and salvation, is the great thing celebrated throughout the Scriptures. This work is found in the covenant between the Father and the Son, called in theology, “The Covenant of Redemption.”

Willard clearly and biblically explains the Covenant of Redemption dividing the entire treatise into two general heads in order to explain the glorious mystery of this covenant. 1) The provision which God made for our deliverance before time in eternity, and 2) The things which are done in time for its actual accomplishment. From these two main points he covers a right understanding of what a covenant is, how the covenant is found clearly in Scripture, how this covenant was necessary in relationship to man’s salvation, and lastly, what the influence is which the covenant of redemption has to the covenant of grace, which is made with us. His final two chapters cover application by way of exhortation and consolation.

eBook Version at the Puritan Shop     Print Version

Edmund Calamy's Covenant of Works and Covenant of Grace

After reading Samuel Willard's "The Covenant of Redemption," continue your study of Covenant Theology with Calamy's masterpiece. CLICK HERE for the eBook

WARNING: Studying the History of the Covenanters will Radically Change Your View of the Christian Walk

OR...learning more about the Covenanters will help you to appreciate the time in church history you currently live in to better glorify Christ. 
This work concerns the covenant-keeping history of the able men and women of Scotland who gave their lives to the service, “FOR CHRIST’S CROWN AND COVENANT.” Suffering at the hands of tyrants and kings who were pawns of the Devil, the Covenanters demonstrate a tearful but God-glorifying journey in the Scottish Presbyterian movement of the 17th century. The Covenanters of old were concerned with keeping their lives and doctrine pure in accordance with the God’s revealed will in the Scriptures, and to worship Christ freely being bound together by the National Covenant of Scotland. 
They would have rather died than deny Jesus Christ; as the Apostle says, “If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him; if we deny Him, He also will deny us.” And as the author of this work states (which was the sentiment of the Scottish Covenanters and many of the members of the Westminster Assembly), “Covenant-breaking is, possibly, the most dangerous sin.”

This new version brings some of the language up to date, and has been carefully transcribed from the original work (it is not a scan or facsimile). It also includes more than 50 illustrations, many of which were taken and enhanced from the original work published at the turn of the century.

eBook Version          Hardback Print Version
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