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Partners Resource Network TEAM Project is one of three Texas Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) funded through the Department of Education.  We provide free information, technical assistance and ARD support to parents of children with special needs.
Our mission is to empower parents of children with disabilities to be effective advocates for their children and to promote positive parent/professional partnership.


Dyslexia: Myths, Realities, and Diagnostic Best Practices

Accommodating students with dyslexia revolves around understanding what the disability is (and is not), how it presents, and how to work with students to develop alternate means of accessing information. For many teachers, identifying students in need of formal assessment is more challenging than they’d expect. Read more...

Good Grades Matter—but My Daughter’s Self-Esteem Matters More

When my daughter with ADHD struggled in a school system that wasn’t designed for kids with special needs, I always told her knowledge was most important. A good grade was just the icing on the cake. Read more...
Helping Students With Disabilities Understand Accommodations in College

High school educators can play an important role in preparing students to request accommodations in college.

The transition to college is a challenging time for all students, and especially for students with disabilities who need to navigate the accommodations system at their new institution. Read more...

How to Perform Routine Maintenance on Your Child’s Accommodations

Expert advice for performing regular audits on your child’s 504 Plan, and making adjustments that reflect his changing needs and grade level. Read more...
Ed Dept allots $71.6M to boost proactive school safety measures

The U.S. Department of Education on Tuesday announced $71.6 million in federal funding to improve school safety and student access to mental health resources, according to a press release. Read more...



Special Guest Presenter: Melanie J. Reese, Ph. D., Director, Center for Appropriate Dispute Resolution in Special Education (CADRE)

In this web training, participants will explore effective ways to navigate through conflict by learning the importance of framing a conflict event, identifying underlying interests, and other collaborative communication skills. Participants will have an opportunity to self-reflect on their conflict styles and biases as they learn skills and strategies for effectively managing conflict.

Partners Resource Network will be hosting a virtual focus group for the School, Family, and Community Engagement Network on October 22 at 1:15 pm. CT, immediately following Partners Resource Network’s Turning Conflict into Positive Outcomes statewide webinar.

Click HERE or the image to register.

Octubre 29, 2019 a las 12:15 p.m (hora del Centro)

Tendremos como invitado especial a la Dra. Gracie Reyes-McDonald, de Grace Psychological Services,

La Dra. Gracie Reyes-McDonald compartirá estrategias para los padres cuyos hijos con discapacidad son los responsables de acosar (bullying) a otros estudiantes en la escuela.

La Dra. Reyes-McDonald hablará sobre:

  • Las relaciones entre los compañeros durante las diferentes etapas de desarrollo y las maneras en que los padres pueden ayudar a su hijo a abordar conflictos y a construir buenas relaciones,
  • La definición de acoso y sus diferentes tipos, tales como el ciberacoso y la intimidación, entre otros puntos
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Join us on November 5 @ 12:15 p.m. as special guest speaker Dr. Malvika Behl, West Texas A&M University, discusses the emotional aspects of having a child with special needs which includes the stages of grief and the challenges of having a child with a learning disability.

Click HERE to register.

Join us on November 7 @ 12:15 pm for a tour of the Texas Legal Framework and learn how to utilize this important tool when advocating for your child.

The Legal Framework is a statewide leadership project partnering the Texas Education Agency and Region 18 Education Service Center. The project which includes contacts from each educational service center is a compilation of state and federal requirements for special education organized by topic in a user-friendly format.  Additional resources available on the Legal Framework website include the Notice of Procedural Safeguards, Parent’s Guide to the ARD Process, and the Special Education Rules and Regulations document.

Click HERE to register.

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