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Partners Resource Network TEAM Project is one of three Texas Parent Training and Information Centers (PTIs) funded through the Department of Education. We provide free information, technical assistance and ARD support to parents of children with special needs.
Our mission is to empower and support Texas families and individuals impacted by disabilities or special health care needs
The presenter will address dyslexia services in a virtual learning setting. REGISTER HERE...
Are you interested in helping fellow parents navigate through the Special Education Process?
Then join us October 14 and 15 at 6pm via Zoom. To attend, please register HERE...
Join our sister project PATH for these sessions on Transitions coming in October.
Who should come? If your child is in Special Education and will need long term supports, please join us. At some point your child will become an adult and it is important to start
planning now for their future. This event is FREE to attend, but registration is required. REGISTER HERE...
Sylvia Farber owner of 101 Advocacy and Education Advocate will talk about arguments for inclusion for children with IEPs. She will also be addressing inclusion and virtual learning. Send any questions to

To view all of PRN events scheduled across Texas,  please click HERE...
We have also gathered a great number of resources/information regarding COVID-19, click  HERE... to view them.
Bridging Distance for Learners With Special Needs

Under federal law, these students are eligible for special education services designed to help them succeed in school. But those services are not always easily transferable to distance learning, or even in-person learning with social distancing.  Continue Reading...

Genetic Testing Can Make Big Difference For Individuals With Autism, Study Finds

Many families of children with autism forgo recommended genetic tests after receiving a diagnosis and that’s a mistake, researchers say.  A new study looking at medical records for 500 kids with autism ages 18 to 36 months finds that when genetic tests do yield a result, that information leads to medical recommendations the vast majority of the time.  Continue Reading...

How VR and AR Can Be Used to Support Students with Special Needs

VR and AR offer capabilities that resonate for students with special needs
In recent years, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) have helped teachers educate, motivate, and increase classroom interaction for students of all ages and abilities by making learning more accessible, memorable, practical, and engaging.  Continue Reading...

The Difference Between IEP Meetings and Parent-Teacher Conferences

If your child has an IEP, it can be confusing to have both an IEP meeting and a parent-teacher conference. It may feel like both cover the same ground.  But the reasons for each meeting aren’t the same. The people who come to the meeting are different. And the conversations focus on different aspects of your child’s education. Here are the differences between IEP meetings and parent-teacher conferences.  Continue Reading...

Five Rules for Incredibly Successful IEP Meetings During the COVID-19 Pandemic
When you receive a call, letter, or email inviting you to an IEP meeting, does your mood change? Do you get a knot in your stomach? Anxious? Confused or inadequate (the "I'm just a parent" syndrome)? Do you have a clear sense of your role in an IEP meeting? Do you have questions about what you should say? Not say? 

If you are like many parents, you don't realize that you have an essential role in developing your child's IEP. It's time to give this idea a second look.  Continue Reading...

Estudiantes universitarios con discapacidades o que pronto serán estudiantes universitarios con discapacidades o  aquellos que los están apoyando, ¡ahora es su oportunidad de hablar con un abogado de derechos de discapacidades de forma gratuita en español!

El espacio es limitado, así que llámenos lo antes posible antes del 1 de octubre al 1-800-252-9108 para registrarse.
Current or soon to be college students with disabilities or those who are supporting them, now is your chance to speak IN SPANISH with a disability rights lawyer for free!

Space is limited so call us ASAP and no later than October 1  at 1-800-252-9108 to register.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday from 10am-12pm

Starting October 13th, 2020 to Last Day on October 28th, 2020

Topics & Goals Are Individualized and Will Include:
- Job Readiness Skills
- Communiation Skills
- Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving Skills
- Managing Stress
- Social Skills in the Workplace
-Flexibility in the Workplace
- Process of Finding a Job

For further information or to make referrals, please contact: Natalie Hulsey, M.Ed-Autism at  832-229-7195

October 12th - November 5th from 4pm - 6pm

This is a 32 hours training series that lasts 4 weeks.

Topics & Goals Include:
- Career Exploration
- Job Readiness Skills
- Communication Skills
- Conflict Resolution and Problem-Solving Skills
- Managing Stress
- Social Skills in the Workplace
- Flexibility in the Workplace
- Speaking up for yourself

For further information, please contact
Roni Jo Frazier, M. Ed, CAS - Regional Director
832-477-6361 or at
Baylor College of Medicine is conducting a research study that provides free treatment for anxiety designed to fit the needs of children with Austin Spectrum Disorders  (ages 7-13) . The study would provide a treatment known as parent-led cognitive behavioral teletherapy. For more details, please contact Sara Weinzimmer at
Baylor College of Medicine and Texas Children's Hospital are conducting research on a parent-led , stepped-care cognitive-behavioral treatment protocol (SC-CBT) for Anxiety in youth with disabilities. For more details, please contact Sean Olsen at
NCWD/Youth focuses on young teens and helps them to learn how to cope with their disability and find their place in the workforce. The group also teaches kids to access the education they need. Once the young adults are able to achieve their educational and employment goals, NCWD/Youth works to assist them with living as independently as possible.

Best Buddies is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of the 200 million people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Our programs empower the special abilities of people with IDD by helping them form meaningful friendships with their peers, secure successful jobs, live independently, improve public speaking, self-advocacy and communication skills, and feel valued by society.


The Special Ed Advocate

Preparing for IEP Meetings: Organize Your Child's Special Ed File and Manage Documents. HERE

COVID-19 Support: Special Education

TEA Guidance: Compensatory Services - Summer 2020 - YouTube.  HERE


Did you know that the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) allows individualized education program (IEP) teams (in Texas, this team is called the ARD committee) to use “alternative means of meeting participation, such as video conferences and conference calls” (34 CFR §300.328)? No matter the format of the meeting, all required participants - including parents - should be present and/or appropriately excused from the meeting [if mutually agreed upon in writing; 34 CFR §300.321(e)(2)].

Download this great and useful factsheet HERE.
Do you need assistance with:
  • Learning what the ARD process is like
  • Reviewing your child’s IEP
  • Helping you determine what you want for your child and how to achieve it
  • Understanding what your rights are under IDEA
We can help with all of the above and much more. Call your Regional Coordinator today to schedule your FREE one-on-one meeting.

If you live in or around:
  • Rio Grande Valley - contact Maria Cordero at 956-477-9526
  • Corpus Christi - contact Natalie Parker at 361-445-2381
  • Victoria  - contact TEAM Project office at 281-969-5944
  • Houston - contact Ana Esparza at 832-720-2152 or  Celia Ulloa at 832-720-2369
  • San Antonio  - contact Magaly Diaz at 210-632-4045
Necesita ayuda con:
  • Saber como es el proceso de ARD
  • Revisar el IEP de su hijo
  • Ayuda para determinar lo que quiere para su hijo y cómo lograrlo
  • Entender cuáles son sus derechos bajo la ley de IDEA
Podemos ayudarle con todo lo mencionado y con mucho más! Llame hoy a su Coordinadora Regional para programar su cita. Todos nuestros servicios son GRATUITOS.

Si vive en o alrededor de:
  • Rio Grande Valley - contacte a Maria Cordero al 956-477-9526
  • Corpus Christi - contacte a las oficinas de TEAM Project al 281-969-5944
  • Victoria  - contacte a las oficinas de TEAM Project al 281-969-5944
  • Houston - contacte a Ana Esparza al 832-720-2152 o Celia Ulloa al 832-720-2369
  • San Antonio - contacte a Magaly Diaz al 210-632-4045
Your feedback is important to us.

Would you take 3 minutes to complete this survey regarding services and/or information you have received from TEAM Project?

Your input will help us improve our services and create a better experience for everyone we serve.

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