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Four people get to see another Christmas


As we continue to grapple with living in our COVID-19 world, Ana, Maria, Anina and Jose are looking forward to spending another Christmas with loved ones, enjoying good health and a brighter future. Until their heart surgery this year, none of our surgical patients knew when their life would be cut short.  Struggling with pain and exhaustion, getting through their everyday activities was all they could focus on. Making it to through another year was a risky proposition.
Ana, Maria, Anina and Jose are also somebody’s parent, partner, child and friend. If it was not for our volunteers, health partners and donors, they may not have survived this year, simply because they were born in a country in our region that doesn’t yet have the same effective heart healthcare that we take for granted. 
I can only imagine the sense of hope, happiness and gratitude they and their families will now feel when they wake up this Christmas morning and look forward to many more happy times ahead.

Many more waiting to be saved
Struggling to breathe, living with pain, lacking appetite and enduring severe fatigue is common for our heart patients. Timor-Leste has one of the world’s highest rates of rheumatic heart disease, the major cause of poor heart health for our patients. Fortunately rheumatic heart disease is treatable and often preventable as we continue to work on identifying those at risk, and providing them with early intervention including our penicillin program, before surgery becomes their only option for survival.

Before it’s too late
We continue to adapt our various services during the pandemic to improve patient access to critical heart health care during these unprecedented times. However, we cannot provide services without the generosity of supporters like you. Your gift not only enables our essential prevention and education services to continue, but ensures we will have the capacity to perform life-saving operations to meet the increasing demand as soon as we are able. Our patients on our waiting list are clinging to the hope that they too can put an end to their distress, make it to another Christmas and look forward to a long healthy future.
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Your gift delivers a significant impact
Ten years ago, our organisation was created by passionate volunteers, dedicated partners and generous donors, who united to save young heart patients in Timor-Leste. To ensure we stay true to the foundations, we recently engaged independent researchers ACIL Allen Consulting, to measure our social and economic impact of our work. Today, our positive impact shows that for every dollar invested, our programs now drive a staggering twenty dollars in benefits. Our model, which harnesses our dedicated volunteers’ expertise in cardiac care and supporting health services, ensures your donation drives quality sustainable outcomes for young heart patients in Timor-Leste.

Every life is precious. Ana, Maria, Anina and Jose are testament to how your ongoing support enables us to answer the call when our heart patients are in crisis - before it’s too late. Demand for our services continues to grow. We don’t want another family to spend next Christmas without their loved one when their life could have been saved. Your gift today helps keep people alive while strengthening communities through heart health education, prevention and clinical care.
Donate today to our Christmas appeal and help save more lives. Together, we can support our neighbours in Timor-Leste to access heart health services.

Thank you in anticipation of your support.


David Marlow
Chief Executive Officer

PS Please give from the heart this Christmas and give another person a chance at life.
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