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New Arm Tracking

The latest release of our v2 tracking beta includes new tracking support for the user's physical arms. This feature is currently available in C++, C#, Java, and Python (JavaScript and Objective-C coming soon).

As always, check out our changelog on the forums, download the latest version, and let us know your thoughts!



Meetup + Music Week

Bringing the Digital Imagination Closer to Reality: API Night Highlights

The way we interact with technology is changing, and what we see as resources – wood, water, earth – may one day include digital content. At last week’s API Night at RocketSpace, Leap Motion CTO David Holz discussed our evolution over the past year and what we’re working on.  


4 Ways that Motion Control is Transforming Electronic Music

Since we released our technology to the world last year, we’ve seen an incredible evolution in UX design and musical experimentation. Here are four ways that motion control can transform how we create and perform music – in the words of the musicians themselves.  


Playing a Virtual Violin with Geco MIDI

Playability – as in play ability – means everything to composer Hagai Davidoff. Recently, he discovered a new way to play a virtual violin using a pen, a free Reaktor library, and Geco MIDI.


Tackling the Chromatic Scale with Chorlody

When we learn to play instruments with our hands, muscle memory and music theory collide. But could learning chords happen in the air without an instrument?



Upcoming Events

Michael Buckwald @ Google I/O

Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA
Wednesday, June 25 @ 12–12:30PM

Leap Motion’s CEO will be at the YouTube onsite studio to talk about his early days as a company founder, with advice for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Decoding 3D Printing Workshop

The Autodesk Gallery, San Francisco, CA
Friday, June 27, 2–7PM

Whether you’re a hobbyist looking to get your feet wet with 3D printing, or a professional wanting to know how 3D printing could help your business, this workshop is for you. We'll be there to talk about our own Sculpteo integration with Freeform.



3D Piano + Freddie MercuryWhat happens when a musical algorithm does the heavy lifting?

THREE.js Crystal CavernReach out, grab the spheres, and change the scene lighting.

Oculus Iron ManMinko brought Tony Stark's suit to life in virtual reality.

The Electric PotentialScience rules: a quick lesson in applied calculus.

Classic Bonus Tracks

Audio-Visual CanvasWhat happens when any surface can be a musical instrument?

The Musical Interface GapHow to add a new dimension to your electric guitar.

Organically Created Music Making interactions with electronic sounds feel more direct.

Drop the Bass!"You won’t leave your studio for a week."

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