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The day has finally arrived – the judges' votes are in, and we're excited to announce the winners of the Leap Motion 3D Jam. It’s been an incredible competition, and we were really blown away by the high level of quality. As a result, we’ve decided to increase our prize pool! Now, each of the top 20 semi-finalists, along with three Honorable Mentions, will receive a cash prize.

The top three winners were all VR experiences designed for the Oculus Rift – reflecting how virtual reality is opening up new possibilities for truly innovative and compelling experiences. The winners were chosen from the semi-finalists by a special jury drawn from Leap Motion and the IndieCade community.


#1: Aboard the Lookinglass

For its sci-fi atmosphere, mind-expanding puzzles, and unique game mechanics, the first prize of $5,000 and travel to IndieCade East goes to Aboard the Lookinglass – a time-bending odyssey from Henry Hoffman. 

By reaching out your left hand, you see a portal to the past. With your right hand, the future. Smashed computer monitors can be accessed in the past to open doors in the present, while obstacles can be whisked into the future.



#2: Weightless

A meditative experience set on a distant space station, Martin Schubert’s Weightless takes home second place, winning $3,000 and travel to IndieCade East. Strap into your space suit and play with objects pulled in from the void. Weightless scored high for its beautiful design aesthetic and overall experience.



#3: World of Comenius

We’ve seen two games that take you into outer space. But what about inner space? Created by Sightline developer Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík, World of Comenius is a highly experimental preview of a whole new way of learning about the universe and our place in it. As he takes the bronze with $2,000, we can’t wait to see where World of Comenius goes next.



Top 20 + Honorable Mentions

For their skill and hard work, everyone in the top 20 has been awarded cash prizes. Here are the semi-final ranking results from the judging panel, including the top 3:  

  1. Aboard the Lookinglass
  2. Weightless
  3. World of Comenius
  4. Otherworld
  5. Magicraft
  6. ElementL: Ghost Story
  7. Tran;section
  8. Hollow
  9. Soundscape VR
  10. Press Bird To Play
  1. How Does That Move?
  2. Gooze
  3. Paper Plane
  4. Q
  5. The Crow
  6. Hauhet
  7. Let’s Make Fried Rice
  8. Corridor 17
  9. Deify
  10. Observatorium

And our three Honorable Mentions:


What's Next?

The competition might be over, but the real fun is just getting started. Right now, developers are refining their apps to get them ready for the Leap Motion App Store – making them easily available for our global user community. Others are already working on their next projects, and we can’t wait to see what they build.

To celebrate the achievements of our jammers, we’re kicking off a special series this week on the Leap Motion blog. 3D Jam Spotlights will focus on game design, interaction design, and the big ideas driving our community forward.

The spotlights will end on February 13, which also marks the start of IndieCade East. There, we’ll be featuring today’s winners, plus a few other community favorites. We hope to see you there!


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