Club Event on Friday 25 March @ 19.30

B3C member, Chris Williams will be giving a practical guide to Weather, Tides and Navigation on Friday 25 March, at the Basingstoke Canal Centre.  Chris has been a Yacht Master for many years and has planned many of our sea trips including; Isle of Wight via the Forts, and via the Needles, Berry Head, Portsea Island to name but a few.
The evening will start promptly at 7.30pm and end around 9.30pm. Spaces are limited so please contact Rick Covell in the first instance if you would like to attend. Light refreshments will be available.


Tuesday and Thursday Evening Training – New Times

Now that it not getting dark until after 6pm, the Tuesday and Thursday evening training sessions now start with a paddling session from 5.30-6pm followed by a reduced circuit training session from 6-6.45pm.  The paddling session will probably involve a 2k time trial or 2x1k time trial to cater for paddlers turning up at slightly different times.  The reduced circuit sessions will have fewer stations and concentrate on the exercises of most relevance to improving paddling technique or paddling strength
D Howie
Race Captain

New Arrivals

Earlier this year the committee agreed to increase our touring fleet by purchasing 5 new kayaks including a P&H Virgo HV, a Dagger Stratos 14.5 and a North Shore Aspect RM (pictured below).  Thanks to the hard work of Rick Covell, 3 of the boats are now in the barn with the remaining two boats, a Dagger Stratos 12.5 and a Perception 15 arriving later this year.  Five new touring paddles have also been purchased to compliment the new arrivals.  Look out for information about more new equipment in the next edition.

Boat/Equipment Repairs - Update

The Lance 42 which leaked from a hole in the bow has been repaired and is now back on the water.  Unfortunately, the Hobby which sustained serious damage to the stern and hull needed specialist report and has been taken to Marsport.
The K2's have sadly been neglected. This is mainly down to lack of bodies to help with repairs. If you think you can help please get in touch. Also, there are a couple the 'plastic ' boats that need welding. If you know of anyone who can help please let me know.
For everyone’s safety, please report any damaged boats by either contacting me by email at or by leave details on the defects list on the notice board in the barn.
Finally, we now have a number of new and refurbished spare buoyancy bags for our while water kayaks.
John Ricketts

Regional Hasler Races 2022

In order to qualify the Club for entry into the Hasler Final on 25th September, it is essential that as many paddlers as possible enter into each of the remaining qualifying races this season. 
Please enter the following dates into your diary:
  • 8 May.  BCCC Hasler
  • 29 May.  Reading Circuit Hasle
  • 26 Jun.  Falcon CC Hasler (Oxford)
  • 27 Aug (Saturday).  Longridge Hasler (Marlow)

(NB: I cannot find a date for the Southampton Hasler in the racing calendar so watch this space)
In order to maximise the points gained for the Club, it is desirable to enter in K2 where possible as entries are lower so usually more points can be gained than from two paddlers entering in singles.
Anyone entering all these races will qualify themselves individually for the Hasler Final but to qualify to paddle K1 in the final it is necessary to enter three qualifying races in K1.  This slightly conflicts with the need to enter K2 to maximise the points for the club in order to reach the final in the first place.  As a result, the following out of region Hasler events will enable paddlers to qualify themselves for a K1 in the final:
  • 24 Apr.  Wey KC (Guildford)
  • 12 Jun.   Royal Hasler (Kingston)
  • 19 Jun.   Richmond CC Hasler
  •  21 Aug.  Tonbridge CC Hasler
D Howie
Race Captain

All Paddlers - Improve your Forward Paddling Technique

Unfortunately, some paddlers are so focussed on trying to paddle “properly” that they forget what they are trying to do.
At its simplest, efficient forward paddling is about putting the blade in the water and levering yourself, and therefore your kayak, past the blade in the water on one side followed by the doing the same on the other. 
Points to note:
  • The blade must be fully submerged before leverage is applied in order to ensure that maximum resistance is created throughout the drive phase of the paddle stroke
  • The blade should enter the water at a steep angle so that it is possible to keep all four fingers wrapped round the shaft (NB: the blade should enter the water approximately alongside the footrest as any further forward is not possible without releasing the grip on the shaft).  This steep angle is only possible if the top hand is well forward and approximately above the front of the cockpit at the entry of the blade
  • The fulcrum of the lever created by the paddle with the blade in the water must be at the top hand in order for the lever to be efficient (i.e. the force created by the “pulling hand” must be between the fulcrum and the resistance (created by the paddle blade in the water).  This requires the top hand to be approximately above the front of the cockpit at the Catch (i.e. when the blade enters the water).  If the top hand is back by the head, the fulcrum will be created in the bottom hand as the top hand pushes forward and therefore the force and the fulcrum will be in the same place creating an extremely inefficient lever
  • The “pulling“ force created by the bottom hand nearest the blade in the water is generated by the rotation of the body and not by pulling using the arm and shoulder.  These should be locked during the initial leverage phase and only unlocked in the later stages of the lever phase and during the exit of the blade from the water
  • There is a glide phase during the switch from the stroke on one side to the other when the kayak is moving forward whilst both blades are clear of the water.  A good glide phase is important to ensure that the kayak moves as far forward as possible for each stroke.  This is why it is necessary to go through the set-up position, where the shaft is parallel to the water at shoulder height, during the recovery phase between each stroke.  It also ensures that the recovering arm is pushed forward to a point above the cockpit whilst driving the opposite blade into the water so that it starts in a position where the fulcrum at the top hand is possible.  In slow motion it is possible to see that all good paddlers go through this set up position
There is a myriad of minor points that can be added to explain the above in more detail but this tends to be confusing.  Concentrate on the basics.
Where the paddle has also to be used as a means of steering the kayak in a straight line, it is not always possible to apply this advice completely on every stroke. 
I am happy to conduct a video analysis of your forward paddling stroke at any time that suits you and, in a kayak, (or canoe) of your own choosing – just get in touch
D Howie
Race Captain


Storm Eunice

While Storm Eunice caused major disruption throughout the country and along the length of the canal, fallen trees didn’t deter B3C members from taking part in the Hare & Hounds on Saturday 19 February and from getting out on the water for the regular Sunday morning paddle on the 20th.


Hare & Hounds

Congratulations to Pete Absolom for winning February’s 6 mile race. Next month’s Hare & Hounds will be on Saturday 19 March 2022.  For further information, please contact Tony Gallagher at

Going, going, gone!

We have two boats, the Perception Carolina (boat #112) and the Pyranha Fusion (boat #109) up for sale to B3C members only.  Please send your sealed bid by e-mail to Rick Covell by the 25 March 2022. The winning bidder(s) will be announced on the 26 March.  There will be a reserved price on the boats so please make reasonable offers. To free up space in the barn, boats will need to be collected, or barn storage arrangements made, by no later than 1 April.

And finally ………

We would like to hear from you.  Share your B3C news by emailing with your story.
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