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WOW, what an end to July and a beginning of August. I did sell my house, had to pack everything up, gone for an advanced Access Consciousness class, come back, close and move. I am still in piles of boxes and was contemplating to skip this newsletter. That felt heavy, so it will be a short one. My aim is to have a home and not a storage place where the boxes are piled up as soon as possible. It just makes me feel better and is more joy to live in.

Now living in Santa Fe has the advantage that I am offering way more classes. These classes offer tools to create change in your life. A good way to find out is bookmarking the calendar on my website. All events listed there have a link to more explanation, especially the classes. Below I will give you a preview of what is to come.

If you live too far away to come to a class or local, I offer private coaching sessions. The first session has a 50% off coupon and, in celebration of the move, I have created a special: If you book 5 sessions by September 10th and pay at the time of booking, you get them all for 50% off ( a saving of $312.50) or you can pay in 2 installments of $165 each. The sessions have to be scheduled between the booking and mid December. 

One of the classes I attended during the past 8 weeks was an Abuse Hold class. Now what is that, you may wonder? Or even: I have not been abused! Besides what we usual consider abuse (physical and sexual abuse) there are many other forms of abuse. Were you constantly criticized? Were you told that because of you there were financial problems? Were you blamed for everything that did not go as planned? All these are forms of abuse that we tend to lock into our body. (Therapy tends to deal only with the psychological aspects of an issue and not include the body) There is a body process that will allow this to unlock in conjunction with verbal clearings. You get to let go of the remnants of that abuse and, as a result, begin to spread your wings. How might that impact your life?

Wishing you ease and joy in YOUR life

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Upcoming Classes

Access the Bars: Saturdays 10/10 and 12/5 all day; see my website for more information.

Body Process Classes: each class is 4 hours and I will teach 2 per date (it's your choice if you would like just one or both) Saturday 9/26, Monday 10/12 and Saturday 11/14, see my website for more information as to which body process I am teaching and time.

Foundation / Level 1: This 4 day class starts on Friday, November 6th and goes through Monday, November 9th from 9am to 6pm with lunch breaks. For more information see my website

I am looking at dates for free Introduction to Access Consciousness classes where I will not only answer questions, but also provide tools to create more ease in your life. These classes will not start until September and be in the evening during the week. As soon as I have the dates, I will post them on my calendar page.



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