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As it has been getting warmer and the clothing more formfitting, we tend to look at our bodies with judgment. In addition, the media presents us with how a great body has to look like. We use force to shape our body, to make it do what we want; yet our body is actually our best friend and it has consciousness. It does not judge us; it is there for us no matter what; it gives us awareness of what is going on around us.

What do I mean with that? Not everything you feel in your body is actually yours. Your body may give you an awareness of a 'pain' someone else may have. It may relate to you information from the Earth or a request she has. What would it take to ask a question before coming to the conclusion it is yours? For example: Recently, I had a headache. Since the pressure had changed drastically, I wrote it off as that being the reason for headache. Only, it did not subside. The next day, I asked: Who does this belong to? Me, somebody else or something else? Something else felt light and so I knew the Earth was asking for a contribution of energy (more about that on the body call) I did it and the headache was gone.

Would you be willing to check in with your body and ask it what it wants to eat, what it would like to wear? Would you be willing to establish a connection with your body? If we ask our body, it will support us in many more ways that we imagine. It's the body that needs the clothing and the food. It's the body that loves to be pampered. You, the being has no need of all that. Oh, I forgot to tell that you are not your body, didn't I. You are an infinite being and the body is within you. ;-)

During the past six months, I have begun to create a relationship with my body. The other day, I noticed, that in the past two weeks, that relationship has changed to feel incredible gratitude for my body; gratitude for it being so patient and forgiving towards me. (For example, I would ask what it would like to eat and didn't even wait to hear the answer, selecting what I felt like in the moment.) With that awareness, my relationship is beginning to change.

If you would like to learn more about creating a connection to your body, join me on July 9th for the tele-call.

Book Recommendation:

This book was a difficult read for me. Difficult in the sense that I had to stop every few pages to let the text sink in. It looks at all the ideals we have and how they can become limitations in the sense that we can no longer see what is possible that is not within the ideal. I highly recommend it.

Warriors for the Earth

The next call will be on Sunday, July 20th at 6pm. Those that register will receive the recording of the call via email within 48hours. We will look at how the Earth communicates. After having taken from her for so long and so much, is it not time to give back to her? How can we do this? What does the Earth require from us?
What does it take to have more participants than ever?

Tool of the Month

Let's stay with the body. It will help you to become fully present. When you sit, feel your feel on the floor and the floor against your feet. Feel your butt in the chair and the chair against your butt. Place you hands on your stomach or thighs and feel your body. Take a few deep breaths.

I got this exercise from Dr. Dain Heer in one of the Access Consciousness classes I took. I use it to get fully present before I listen to people or have to talk.

My July workshops:

Wednesday, July 9th, at 6:30pm (MDT)  a tele-call: Creating Your life with the focus on your body.
Monday, July 14th, at 6:30pm (MDT) a tele-call: Creating Your Life with focus on money. Information and registration
Friday, July 25th, 2pm - 6pm  Body process class in Santa Fe, NM Information and registration
 All of Life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory! ®
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